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There's a better way to research your assignment than by putting the whole question into Google.

By using Library resources, you'll get direct access to millions of high quality books, journal articles and other resources that you can use in your assignment. This guide will step you through the process you should take when finding resources for your assignment; from understanding how to search our resources to creating your reference list.

A. Planning Your Search

Before you start searching for information, it is important to make sure you understand your assignment question, and to develop a search strategy.


B. Types of Resources to Use

Once you have analysed your question and identified the key concepts you need to identify what sources of information to use.

C. Finding High Quality Resources

Finding high quality resources for your assignment gives your work authority and shows your understanding of the topic.

D. Evaluating Your Resources

Not all information is credible or true, and sources vary widely in their relevance, currency, authority, and accuracy.

E. Writing Your Reference List

Compile your references the correct way.

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