2020 Library Website Survey Assessment

Covering the period from January – December 2020, we have conducted a User’s Satisfaction Survey on the Performance of Library Website. The survey was held to explore four main targets :

  • to observe user opinion on the accuracy of information provided
  • to identify user satisfaction level on library website services
  • to detect the behavior of user attachment to library website pages
  • to ascertain whether library website is user-friendly enough to be used

The survey covered only on the main library website or portal at : https://library.uum.edu.my/ and its related pages and does not include other library websites which facilitate other services such as Library System - Sierra, eResources, Repository, eThesis, Past Exam Papers etc. Meanwhile the data were harvested through online survey tool which can be access by link at : https://library.uum.edu.my/customer-satisfaction-survey/  or automatically generated by the system as a popup message. The survey consist of 12 questions with a multi choice selection of answer, straight forward question and Likert Scale Questions such as Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied and Very Dissatisfied responses.

The survey has managed to get a total of 250 respondents which consisting of 173 students, 44 general visitors, 18 UUM academic staffs, 9 UUM administration staffs and 6 UUM alumni as pictured in the pie chart below.

Accuracy of Information

Based on the data generated, it shows that most of the information provided in library website pages was accurate and these were observed from the level of satisfaction among the respondents which covers a total of 180 out of 250 (72%). The respondents were asked whether they are satisfied with the accuracy of the content found inside the pages.

Satisfaction Level

In term of overall user's satisfaction on the library website performance, the survey showed that the level of satisfaction was quite high with an average of 200 out of 250 respondents satisfied with the performance of library website. Overall 80% of them were satisfied with the library website performance compared to 33 respondents felt that they were somewhat satisfied and 17 respondents were not satisfied.

User's Attachment

This objective is formed to detect the behavior of user's attachment to library website pages by looking  at the frequency of their visits to library websites. The survey indicated that most of the user's visited library website regularly with 103 of them visit on a weekly basis, 59 respondents visit on a monthly basis, 32 visit everyday and 56 of them were first timer visitors.

User Friendly

The survey indicated that most of respondents found that the library website was easy to navigated based on the tools/services indicate in the question below :

Very Difficult Difficult Not Bad Easy Very Easy
LibSearch 2 15 49 138 47
Guidance Tools - How Do I? 1 10 57 144 39
Library Orientation Guide 2 14 64 138 33
Quick Links 1 14 46 128 62
Subject Guides 3 21 4
FAQ's 4 23 1
Events Calendar 1 3 23 1

In conclusion the survey manage to discover a very interesting result on the behavior of library website user's in terms of satisfaction, attachment, their opinion on the accuracy of the information provided and the comfort they feel while  accessing library website. The survey will continue in 2021 and beyond.

If you would like to contribute your opinion on this matter, please do not hesitate to join our survey and for those who has already participate, thank you so much for your patronage.


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