Covid 19 Preventive Measures

The Coronavirus diseases (Covid 19) are still at large and all library users are advise to take extra precaution to prevent themselves from getting infected. As mention by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, "...advised the public to avoid going to crowded places and to distance themselves at least one meter away when dealing with other individuals. They should also not disseminate unverified news or information relating to Covid-19, such as on places purportedly infected by the virus. The public should maintain a high level of hygiene, such as washing their hands with water and soap, or using hand sanitizer often."

Please make yourself aware of the virus symptoms and their preventive measures as described below (click on images to enlarge):

If you like to know more on the virus or current situation, visit these website :

  1. Ministry of Health Malaysia
  2. World Health Organization
  3. BERNAMA News

Please take care of yourself and make our campus free of the virus!

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