MidSem Break : What You Should Do?

As the UUM MidSem Break is around the corner from 27th March - 4th April 2020 (one week exactly), you must be keen to return home to take a breath for a while from the study excitement. Due to that we would like to give a friendly reminder before you leave :

  • Return any library materials before leaving if the due dates happen during the midsem break or just Renew them online. (Make sure it is not overdue or you might get a fines!)
  • If you decide to stay on campus, remember that the library will be opened from 8 a.m to 5 p.m only. See the Opening Hours to make sure!
  • Make sure to finish your assignment on time before we change our opening hours during the break time.
  • Arrange your study in the library accordingly as the peak time may occurs during the end of the week before MidSem break.
  • Keep your belongings in safer places such as your room, dormitory rooms, library lockers etc.
  • Keep your health and yourself healthy. Enjoy your break!
  • Do come back!
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