What are LibGuides?

If you already realize we have introduced a new guidance platform called LibGuides which is a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries. The platform allows for easy navigation through and instruction on core and relevant resources in a particular subject field, class, or assignment taught in the university. Furthermore LibGuides were tailored specifically to a certain need – like your coursework, or a particular subject area of interest. These guides will give you jump off points for diving into your research projects or simply fuelling your curiosity.

Why Use LibGuides?

  • Teaches at the point-of-need for students.
  • Information is chunked and resources presented in a linear, intuitive fashion.
  • Meets the needs of students with diverse learning styles.
  • Convenient for students who can't (or won't) come to the library.
  • Students can access from dorms, from home, and from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Beneficial for distance learners who don't need to learn the whole library.
  • Great resource for study abroad courses and domestic study tours. Students can start their preliminary research from the LibGuide on campus and continue to access the same resources while traveling.
  • Allows students to focus on the relevant and sift out the less relevant.
  • Visually demonstrates that there are great resources, in multiple formats, on even the most difficult topic. That reassurance builds the confidence of students who need to get started on their research.


All Guides – A compilation of guides available for your convenient.
Subject Guides - It provides information or resources in subjects related to the academic profiles of UUM.
A-Z Databases - A list of subscribe databases which consist of article journals, eBooks, streaming media and primary sources.
Subject Librarians – Our librarians can assist you in searching or evaluating relevant scholarly literature and other resource materials.

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