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Borrowing Library Materials

Once you have retrieve library materials from the shelf, rather than use it in the library premises you might want to borrow and use it later in your room, at home or office. Based on your privileges of the total of materials you can borrow, this guide will help you to do that in 2 (two) ways :


Step 1 : Using Self Check Machines

  • Take the books to any Self Check Machines available in your zone. see Location of Self Check Machine
  • Touch you Staff/Student card on the Smart Card Reader icon to proceed.

  • Key-In your Password (Your Student/Staff Number – Ex: 1234)

  • Select your desired Language : English , Malay, Arabic or Chinese

  • Choose Borrow Books to proceed. You can check your current status by select the Member Details.

  • Place the books/items on the scanner one by one as the system detect and show the progress. The system will display a “Succeed” message if the items are successfully recorded. Select “End” to end your session.

  • Retrieve the Due Date Reminder if available for your keep.


Step 2 : Using the Circulation One Stop Center Desk

  • Bring the books/items to the desk and ask the staff  to checkout the items on your behalf. Submit your Staff/Student card for verification.
  • The staff will proceed to checkout the items using the system in no time and you can take the items with you when finish.

Reminder : You can only use this method if :

  1. The self check machines is unavailable to use because of system error or broke down.
  2. Electricity power outage
  3. You have a large amount of unsettle fines
  4. The items bar code and rfid chip are broken
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