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Find Library Books/Materials

In order to search for library books/materials, use LibSearch to access our library catalogue :


  • For those who which to do in depth searching, click on the Lintas Discovery, MalCat, MalRep or WorldCat links and you will be displayed with a selections of search tools to proceed.
  • Before you key-in your search text, select your field and then fill in the relevant terms in the search box:

Keyword~Use this field to search common terms without any specific reference

Title~If you know the Title of the item, fill in the title name. It does not have to be in full title but sufficient enough with only the 3-5 words from the exact title.

Call No.~Fill in the item Call Number such as HD 66 H972t 1996 in the search box.

Author~If you try to look under Author name, enter the last name of the author name, first name such as : Huszczo, Gregory E in the search box. Important : If you don’t know the specific name of the author, just fill in the available name you have. The systems will list out the names based on the search term that you used for further selection.

Subject~Fill in the Subject of the items such as Islam, Business Analysis, Accounting etc and the systems will list out the related items or sub-subjects based on the search term that you used for further selection.

  • Select your desired collection location to specialize your search result such as Entire Collection, Sintok Campus, KL Campus or eResources
  • Select GO to proceed or complete your search. Depends on the browser, the system will ask a permission to continued, click Continue.

  • Your search result will open in new window/tab which consist of our main library catalogue system : Lintas Sierra. The result will be listed and you can choose the desired item title or for further in depth search, select any of the search result list. For example below, click on the Community development title link to proceed.

  • Item Bibliography ~ The system will show you the bibliographic data of the item and you should pay an extra attention on : The item Details, Location, Call Number and the Availability of the item.

Item Details ~ Check to ensure the item is what you seek for especially the author, title, publication and year of publish.

Location ~ Take note of the location as you will seek the item based on where it is located on the shelf physically.

Call No. ~ Take note on the Call Number as you will seek the item based on where it is located physically and by the call number arrangement on the shelf.

Availability ~ Check the availability of the item. If it is marked other than “Available” , the item is currently borrowed by other user but you can Reserve it.


  • Now that you have the Location and Call Number installed in your brain or notes somewhere, go to the respective shelf and begin searching the specific call number which mostly visible on the book spine. If the item is not available where it should be, the item might be used by other user at that moment or miss place. Asked the staff for help at the Task Force Desk or request for Unable to Locate Item on Shelf Service at the Circulation One Stop Center.

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