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Reserve Library Materials

While you browse the online library catalogue and decide to use or borrow one particular title, you might come across the item that was already check out or borrowed by other user. You can reserve the item by following this steps.


  • You came across an item that already been borrowed or check out by observing the item status (DUE)
  • You can reserve the item by clicking the Request link at the top left of the menu

  • You have to login into your Library Account to proceed. Fill in your Login ID which is your First Name as Username & Staff/Student ID Number as password. If you forget your ID, please approach One Stop Center or Tel : 6049283628 for queries.

  • Once you login, the system will ask for your verification to proceed. Click Submit.

  • The system will ask for your confirmation from the Item Selection Form. Click Request Selected Item to proceed.

  • If successful the system will show a note that your transaction was in order and you can pick up the item when available

  • You can check the Reserve status by clicking the Request link at the left menu of your account

  • You can view the requested or reserve item including where to pick up the item and when. You can also delete the reservation if necessary by choosing the selected box and click Cancel Selected.

  • Click Log Out link to end your session.



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