Emergency Procedures

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide!

This procedures was prepared to serve as a general guide for library staff and users in emergency situations that happens in library premises or its surrounding. You should familiarize yourself with these procedures before an emergency situation occurs.

During an emergency, observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not use elevators. If you are on an elevator, get off at the next floor immediately.
  • Keep calm, do not show panic or agitation.
  • Do not run.
  • Issue directions calmly but firmly.

Familiarize yourself with all emergency exits in all areas where you work. If you are within the library premises, follow the appropriate emergency procedures for exiting the building. In the event of emergency, it is the primary responsibility of the library staff present to do whatever is necessary to insure the safety of the library patrons and the remainder of the staff. The secondary responsibility of the library staff is to minimize the damaging effect of the emergency to property only if it poses no threat to anyone’s personal safety.

Although there are many types of emergencies, we have designated 4 types of emergencies that require procedures within the Library premises which are fire, power failure, threatening behavior/condition, severe weather and other emergencies.

Type of Emergencies

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of fire extinguishers and alarm pulls before a problem occurs.
  • If you detect a fire before an alarm is activated automatically, activate the alarm and evacuate the building. Do not use the elevators. Move to a safe distance or at assembly point.
  • You may attempt to extinguish a small fire with an extinguisher yourself after an alarm has been activated, but be careful not to place yourself in danger.
  • Persons with disabilities, that cannot use the stairs, should wait for library staffs for assistance.
  • Take your belongings IF only they are nearby. Once outside, never re-enter until you are told to do so.
  • Do not obstruct the fire fighters access to the building. Assemble away from where they will be operating.
  • Should a power outage occur in the library premises, the emergency lights will be activated. Both library buildings has auxiliary power source which will provide adequate lighting for safe evacuation as you should be aware that you may need to leave the building.
  • The staffs on duty will attempt to determine cause of failure and if necessary then consult with the Head of Services regarding evacuation. If the building is to be evacuated, the same evacuation routes established for Fire should be used.
  • The Library Security will prevent anyone from entering the building.
  • Library staff will assist library patrons by directing them with flashlights which are kept on hand in each office area. They will also assist with the evacuation of any handicapped individuals who require assistance.

Elevator failure

  • Elevators are equipped with telephones to enable passengers to request assistance should they become trapped in the event of an elevator or power failure.
  • If you receive a request for assistance or you hear people trapped in an elevator, notify immediately the library staff on duty.
  • Keep reassuring the passengers that help is on its way.

Bomb Threat
If you receive a call regarding a bomb threat, do not panic. Calm down and try to :

  • Get Information - Keep the caller on the telephone if possible without endangering yourself and occupants of the building. Listen carefully to the details of the threat and try to keep the caller talking until you are able to get the information on :
    • When is the bomb going to explode?
    • Where is it right now?
    • What does it look like?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • What will cause it to explode?
    • Did you place the bomb?
    • Why?
    • What is your name?
  • Call the UUM Security Department or the police immediately. Remain quiet about the threat and notify the library staff on duty for further assistance.
  • The police will conduct a search with the assistance of emergency departments who are familiar with the area or situation. If a suspicious object or potential bomb is located, the area will be immediately evacuated.

Suspicious Package

If you found a suspicious package such as irregular shape, soft spots or bulges, make a buzzing or ticking noise or sloshing sound or strange odor in library premises especially in odd places, do not touch it and please notify our staff for further inspection.

  • Do not handle the package. Immediately report to the library staff on duty and provide the following information:
    - your name
    - description of the object
    - location of the object
  • If necessary, the library staff will:
    - notify the UUM Security Department or the police for further assistance
    - evacuate the immediate area if necessary
    - make sure no one goes near or attempts to move the object
    - have someone meet the response unit and direct them to the object

Drug & Psychiatric Emergencies
Don’t argue with anyone who appears to be experiencing a drug or psychiatric crisis. Be alert to the possibility of violence and do not provoke or upset the person. Our staff on duty will try to engage the person in conversation and patiently listen while another calls the police and the security. They will attempt to continue talking with the person until help arrives.

Tornado / Heavy Rain / Storm

  • When a warning is issued by sirens or other means of tornado warning :
    -Move quickly to lowest level, interior space (hallway, basement, restroom)
    -Get low or sit down
    -Cover back of head
    - Monitor news
    - Stay in shelter until warning expires
  • Remain sheltered until the tornado threat is announced to be over.


  • Do not immediately enter a flooded area; there may be danger of electrical shock or heavy current.
  • Do not attempt to walk through flood waters. It only takes six inches of moving water to knock you off your feet. Water may be deeper than it appears and can hide many hazards (i.e. sharp objects, washed out road surfaces, electrical wires, chemicals, etc).
  • Follow instruction for evacuation if necessary.


  • If you’re inside the library premises, stay inside until the situation calm down.
  • Outdoor - When you hear thunder, go inside a nearest building or a vehicle and stay inside for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder. If you are caught outside, avoid open areas and never stand under a tall, isolated tree.
E. Other Emergencies

First Aid
Get the assistance of one of the persons from your area who has taken a first aid training course. If you do not know how to administer first aid, you may do more harm than good. An injured person should not be moved except by trained rescue/medical personnel unless the victim is in danger of further physical injury or death by remaining in his/her original location.

Unconscious Person
Never presume that death has occurred. Get assistance from one who know CPR or call UUM Emergency Department (049284444). Look for MEDIC ALERT tag with standard physician's symbol. This tag may be located around the arm, the neck, or in a wallet. The presence of this tag indicates special medical problems.

Keep calm. Do not run or panic. Remain where you are. If you are outdoors, stay outside; if you are indoors, stay inside. If you are indoors sit or stand against an inside wall or in a doorway; or else take cover under a desk or table. Stay away from windows and outside doors. If you are outdoors, stay away from buildings, overhead electrical wires, poles, or anything else that may shake loose and fall.

Electric Shock
Do not approach the victim if the hazard of shock is still present. Secure the area. Attempt to remove the source of the shock if possible with insulated material (dry, wooden broom handle, etc.) or open the electrical circuit at the main breaker. Start CPR and summon ambulance.

Attempt to establish the source of the poison and follow any immediate corrective action printed on the label. Additional information may be obtained by calling the UUM Health Center. Summon an ambulance and retain the suspected source of the poison for the emergency personnel. Notify the library staffs for assistance.

Damage to or Malfunction of Library Property
Should you discover any damage to a library building (windows, walls, doors, etc.) or malfunction to physical services (lights, toilets, water taps or fountains, etc.) report this finding to the library staff on duty as soon as possible. Do not attempt to fix the malfunction property to avoid injury.



Different emergencies require different protective actions to keep people safe. The unpredictable nature of emergency situations requires quick action and clear thinking to avoid injury. These are the guidelines for protecting yourself during most emergencies, but will not provide an absolute solution for every circumstance. During an actual emergency the university and first responders may supplement these procedures with detailed instructions via our emergency communications protocols. Any specific instructions given during an incident are to take precedence.

Hot Lines!

U-ASSIST - 04 928 7777
Library Security - 6049283631
UUM Security - 6049283333/2416
UUM Clinic Emergency - 6049284444
UUM Clinic (after 11 PM) - 013 593 0028
Security - 04 928 3333
Ambulance (UUM) - 04 928 4444
Ambulance (Jitra) - 04 917 4333
Police Station (Changlun) - 04 924 1222
Police Station (Bukit Kayu Hitam) - 04 922 2230
Police Station (Jitra) - 04 917 2222

Emergency Responsive Team
Mohd Amirul Kasyful Nur Zulkifli
Airuzaidi Abdul Razak
Mohd Iruan Hussin
Ajmal Afif Abdul Rais

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