General Collection

The Library General Collection is the main collection of the Library as its compiled a vast printed materials such as books in various subjects. The collection is located at the Level 1 (Ground Floor), PSB New Building and arranged on shelves according to the classification standard that the Library used which is Library of Congress Classification System. see Materials Arrangement

The users can borrow the items base on their eligibility and free to be browse for reading or copying inside library premises. The general collection covers the broadest spectrum of subject matter and strives to represent the best authorities in all fields taught in the university as well as general topics such as history, religion, arts, fiction etc.

It does not include highly specialized or technical materials suggested by the lecturers such as statistics data, text books etc (see Red Spot Collection), rare materials such as theses, research reports, dissertation etc (see Special Collection), archive items such as rare historical books, declaration etc (see Archive Collection), reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedia, glossary, indexes etc (see Reference Collection), legislative materials such as court reports, applicable administrative material, case law etc (see Law Collection) or children materials such as story books, pictorial books, comics etc (see Children's Collection).