Get Started in the Library

Need to get started in the library?  Here's a quick guide for staff and students and if you need more in-depth inquiries, the Librarian at the Information Desk can assist you. Or use our Contact Us online service or reach our social media platform to send us your questions.

Find Your Reading

Alternatively use LibSearch to find your reading materials. Find out more on how to search the wealth of library materials and how to request access to more resources.

  • Tips on How to Find Library Books/Materials and familiar with the materials arrangement on shelves.
  • Get help from our Librarians through In Person Consultation which will help you to speed up the information searching and retrieval.
  • Find core texts books and items in high demand in our Red Spot collection on fifth floor at the Main Building.
  • Complete your assignment with a help of understanding the steps involved.
  • Find out about borrowing, reservation and fines.

Manage Your Research Streamline

Streamline your research process with the right tools and related resources.

  • Get research support to retrieve research material and information you need, managing citation and publication.
  • Need help from our Librarians? Reserve yourself for In Person Consultation to help you speed up the information searching and retrieval process.
  • Finish your writing on Proposal, Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper? Time to get your academic works for a Plagiarism Detection as it is compulsory.
  • Familiar with the Referencing Styles that the most effective and in used by the University .
  • Know about Plagiarism and distance your self from the bad habit.

Explore Our Spaces

Explore what the Library has to offer to make your studying experience in the premises goes smoothly. We have a variety of study environments to support your learning and research, providing space for independent and collaborative working. As well as the Main Library you will find spaces across the premise and also in the New Building.

  • Be familiar with your selection of areas for reading and study.
  • Need extra space for special needs? Reserve our Auditoriums for special event such as seminar, talks, briefing etc.
  • Want a personal room or group discussion space for your academic work? Why not reserve for carrel room or discussion room instead.
  • If you were unable to sign up to one of our guided workshop at the start of the academic year, why not take our self-guided tour at a pace that suits you and familiarize yourself with the floors of the Library.

Get Involved

Get involved in our information and resources gathering skill workshops or library activities.

  • Get connected with reading or information activities such as reading campaign initiative, volunteer in children's day activities, writing competition, book fest, exhibition etc
  • Donate books or reading materials to the library so that the sharing attitude keep alive.

Access to Various Resources

Don't let yourself stuck with limited resources, be creative! The Library offers various resources for your convenience.

Evolved Teaching Approach

Have a strategic teaching activities and develop your students' skills in finding or evaluating information based on the Library services, resources or tools.

  • See what your privileges as an academic patrons in the Library environment.
  • Help us in suggesting an academic materials for purchasing and build our collections more for the purpose of teaching, learning and research.
  • Get involve in building your publication profile through UUM Repository account as it served as a primary reference on academic publications by UUM patrons.

Stay Connected

Keep track on your library account or login credentials to access any of our online resources.

Get Help

Find out where to get help in the Library including how to contact our Librarians.