In Person Consultation

Helping Hands!

In person Consultation (IPC) is a professional service offered by the Reference and Information Service Division absolutely vary from hectic atmosphere at the Information Desk. UUM students, faculty and staff are welcome to make an appointment for a one-to-one consultation with a reference librarian. This service is intended for users who may need in-depth, advanced help with their research or to discuss a variety of library services and resources.

Our professionals will help you to speed up the information searching and retrieval, get the latest update on Library activities and services, accessing the library electronic resources and many more. Enhance your knowledge in :

  • Resource identification
  • Types of materials
  • Research Information
  • Site navigation
  • Library search tools
  • Tips and guides
  • Information on specific area of interest
  • Hands-on training on information searching and retrieval


Contact us to arrange an individual consultation :

For additional information, please contact : Information Desk - Phone : 04-9283627