Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class B (i)





Subclass B


B1-5802                                 Philosophy (General)

B69-99                                         General works

B108-5802                                    By period

Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy

B108-708                                            Ancient

B720-765                                            Medieval

B770-785                                            Renaissance

B790-5802                                          Modern

B808-849                                                  Special topics and schools of philosophy

B850-5739                                                By region or country

B5800-5802                                              By religion


Subclass BC


BC1-199                                 Logic

BC11-39                                       History

BC25-39                                             By period

BC60-99                                       General works

BC171-199                                    Special topics


Subclass BD


BD10-701                               Speculative philosophy

BD10-41                                       General philosophical works

BD95-131                                     Metaphysics

BD143-237                                    Epistemology.  Theory of knowledge

BD240-260                                    Methodology

BD300-450                                    Ontology

Including being, the soul, life, death

BD493-701                                    Cosmology

Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter,

plurality of worlds


Subclass BF


BF1-990                                 Psychology

BF38-64                                       Philosophy.  Relation to other topics

BF173-175.5                                 Psychoanalysis

BF176-176.5                                 Psychological tests and testing

BF180-198.7                                 Experimental psychology

BF203                                          Gestalt psychology

BF207-209                                    Psychotropic drugs and other substances

BF231-299                                    Sensation.  Aesthesiology

BF309-499                                    Consciousness.  Cognition


Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory,

imagination, genius, intelligence, thought and

thinking, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue

BF501-505                                    Motivation

BF511-593                                    Affection.  Feeling.  Emotion

BF608-635                                    Will.  Volition.  Choice.  Control

BF636-637                                    Applied psychology

BF638-648                                    New Thought.  Menticulture, etc.

BF660-685                                    Comparative psychology.  Animal and human psychology

BF692-692.5                                 Psychology of sex.  Sexual behavior

BF697-697.5                                 Differential psychology.  Individuality.  Self

BF698-698.9                                 Personality

BF699-711                                    Genetic psychology

BF712-724.85                               Developmental psychology

Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence,


BF725-727                                    Class psychology

BF795-839                                    Temperament.  Character

BF839.8-885                                 Physiognomy.  Phrenology

BF889-905                                    Graphology.  Study of handwriting

BF908-940                                    The hand.  Palmistry

BF1001-1389                          Parapsychology

BF1001-1045                                Psychic research.  Psychology of the conscious

BF1048-1108                                Hallucinations.  Sleep.  Dreaming.  Visions

BF1111-1156                                Hypnotism.  Suggestion.  Mesmerism.  Subliminal projection

BF1161-1171                                Telepathy.  Mind reading.  Thought transference

BF1228-1389                                Spiritualism

Including mediumship, spirit messages, clairvoyance

BF1404-2055                          Occult sciences

BF1444-1486                                Ghosts.  Apparitions.  Hauntings

BF1501-1562                                Demonology.  Satanism.  Possession

BF1562.5-1584                             Witchcraft

BF1585-1623                                Magic.  Hermetics.  Necromancy

BF1651-1729                                Astrology

BF1745-1779                                Oracles.  Sibyls.  Divinations

BF1783-1815                                Seers.  Prophets.  Prophecies

BF1845-1891                                Fortune-telling

BF2050-2055                                Human-alien encounters.  Contact between humans and



Subclass BH


BH1-301                                 Aesthetics

BH81-208                                     History

BH301                                          Special topics


Subclass BJ


BJ1-1725                                Ethics

BJ71-1185                                    History and general works

Including individual ethical philosophers


BJ1188-1295                                 Religious ethics

BJ1298-1335                                 Evolutionary and genetic ethics

BJ1365-1385                                 Positivist ethics

BJ1388                                         Socialist ethics

BJ1390-1390.5                              Communist ethics

BJ1392                                         Totalitarian ethics

BJ1395                                         Feminist ethics

BJ1518-1697                                 Individual ethics.  Character.  Virtue

Including practical and applied ethics, conduct of life, vices,

success, ethics for children

BJ1725                                         Ethics of social groups, classes, etc.  Professional ethics

BJ1801-2195                           Social usages.  Etiquette

BJ2021-2078                                 Etiquette of entertaining

BJ2139-2156                                 Etiquette of travel

BJ2195                                         Telephone etiquette


Subclass BL


BL1-2790                                Religions.  Mythology.  Rationalism

BL1-50                                         Religion (General)

BL51-65                                       Philosophy of religion.  Psychology of religion.  Religion

in relation to other subjects

BL70-71                                       Sacred books (General)

BL71.5-73                                    Biography

BL74-99                                       Religions of the world

BL175-265                                    Natural theology

BL175-190                                          General

BL200                                                Theism

BL205-216                                          Nature and attributes of Deity

BL217                                                Polytheism

BL218                                                Dualism

BL220                                                Pantheism

BL221                                                Monotheism

BL224-227                                          Creation.  Theory of the earth

BL239-265                                          Religion and science

BL270                                          Unity and plurality

BL290                                          The soul

BL300-325                                    The myth.  Comparative mythology

BL350-385                                    Classification of religions

BL410                                          Religions in relation to one another

BL425-490                                    Religious doctrines (General)

BL430                                                Origins of religion

BL435-457                                          Nature worship

BL458                                                Women in comparative religion

BL460                                                Sex worship.  Phallicism

BL465-470                                          Worship of human beings

BL473-490                                          Other

BL500-547                                    Eschatology

BL550-619                                    Worship.  Cultus

BL624-629.5                                 Religious life

BL630-(632.5)                              Religious organization


BL660-2680                                  History and principles of religions

BL660                                                Indo-European.  Aryan

BL685                                                Ural-Altaic

BL687                                                Mediterranean region

BL689-980                                          European.  Occidental

BL700-820                                                Classical (Etruscan, Greek, Roman)

BL830-875                                                Germanic and Norse

BL900-980                                                Other European

BL1000-2370                                      Asian.  Oriental

BL1000-1035                                            General

BL1050                                                     Northern and Central Asia

BL1055                                                     Southern and Eastern Asia

BL1060                                                     Southwestern Asia.  Asia Minor.  Levant

BL1100-1295                                            Hinduism

BL1100-1107.5                                               General

BL1108.2-1108.7                                            Religious education

BL1109.2-1109.7                                            Antiquities.  Archaeology.  Inscriptions

BL1111-1143.2                                               Sacred books.  Sources

BL1112.2-1137.5                                                  Vedic texts

BL1140.2-1140.4                                                  Pur~as

BL1141.2-1142.6                                                  Tantric texts

BL1145-1146                                                  Hindu literature

BL1153.7-1168                                               By region or country

BL1212.32-1215                                              Doctrines.  Theology

BL1216-1225                                                  Hindu pantheon.  Deities

BL1225.2-1243.58                                           Religious life

BL1243.72-1243.78                                         Monasteries.  Temples, etc.

BL1271.2-1295                                               Modifications.  Sects

BL1284.5-1289.592                                               Vaishnavism

BL1300-1380                                            Jainism

BL1310-1314.2                                               Sacred books.  Sources

BL1315-1317                                                  Jain literature

BL1375.3-1375.7                                            Jaina pantheon.  Deities

BL1376-1378.85                                              Forms of worship

BL1379-1380                                                  Modifications, etc.

BL1500-1590                                            Zoroastrianism (Mazdeism).  Parseeism

BL1595                                                     Yezidis

BL1600-1695                                            Semitic religions

BL1600-1605                                                  General

BL1610                                                           Aramean

BL1615-1616                                                  Sumerian

BL1620-1625                                                  Assyro-Babylonian

BL1630                                                           Chaldean

BL1635                                                           Harranian.  Pseudo-Sabian

BL1640-1645                                                  Syrian.  Palestinian.  Samaritan

BL1650                                                           Hebrew

For Judaism, see subclass BM

BL1660-1665                                                  Phoenician.  Carthaginian, etc.

BL1670-1672                                                  Canaanite

BL1675                                                  Moabite.  Philistine

BL1680-1685                                                  Arabian (except Islam)


BL1695                                                           Druses

BL1710                                                     Ethiopian

BL1750-2350                                            By region or country

BL1790-1975                                                  China

BL1830-1883                                                        Confucianism

BL1899-1942.85                                                    Taoism

BL2000-2032                                                  India

BL2017-2018.7                                                     Sikhism

BL2195-2228                                                  Japan

BL2216-2227.8                                                     Shinto

BL2230-2240                                                  Korea

BL2390-2490                                      African

BL2420-2460                                            Egyptian

BL2500-2592                                      American

For American Indians, see classes E-F

BL2600-2630                                      Pacific Ocean islands.  Oceania

BL2670                                               Arctic regions

BL2700-2790                                Rationalism


Subclass BM


BM1-990                                 Judaism

BM1-449                                       General

BM70-135                                           Study and teaching

BM150-449                                         History

BM201-449                                               By region or country

BM480-488.8                                Pre-Talmudic Jewish literature (non-Biblical)

BM495-532                                   Sources of Jewish religion.  Rabbinical literature

BM497-509                                         Talmudic literature

BM497-497.8                                            Mishnah

BM498-498.8                                            Palestinian Talmud

BM499-504.7                                            Babylonian Talmud

BM507-507.5                                            Baraita

BM508-508.5                                            Tosefta

BM510-518                                         Midrash

BM520-523.7                                      Halacha

BM525-526                                         Cabala

BM529                                                Jewish tradition

BM534-538                                   Relation of Judaism to special subject fields

BM534-536                                         Religions

BM545-582                                   Principles of Judaism (General)

BM585-585.4                                Controversial works against the Jews

BM590-591                                   Jewish works against Christianity and Islam

BM600-645                                   Dogmatic Judaism

BM646                                          Heresy, heresies

BM648                                          Apologetics

BM650-747                                   Practical Judaism

BM651-652.7                                      Priests, rabbis, etc.

BM653-653.7                                      Congregations.  Synagogues

BM654-655.6                                      The tabernacle.  The temple

BM656-657                                         Forms of worship


BM660-679                                         Liturgy and ritual

BM690-695                                         Festivals and fasts

BM700-720                                         Rites and customs

BM723-729                                         Jewish way of life.  Spiritual life.  Mysticism.  Personal

religion.  Moral theology

BM730-747                                         Preaching.  Homiletics

BM750-755                                   Biography

BM900-990                                   Samaritans


Subclass BP


BP1-610                                 Islam.  Bahai Faith.  Theosophy, etc.

BP1-253                                       Islam

BP1-68                                               General

BP42-48                                                   Study and teaching

BP50-68                                                   History

BP70-80                                             Biography

BP75-77.75                                               Muammad, Prophet, d. 632

BP87-89                                             Islamic literature

BP100-(157)                                       Sacred books

BP100-134                                                Koran

BP128.15-129.83                                            Special parts and chapters

BP130-134                                                      Works about the Koran

BP135-136.9                                             Hadith literature.  Traditions.  Sunna

BP137-137.5                                             Koranic and other Islamic legends

BP160-165                                          General works on Islam

BP165.5                                             Dogma (>Aq~=id)

BP166-166.94                                     Theology (Kal~m)

BP167.5                                             Heresy, heresies, heretics

BP168                                                Apostasy from Islam

BP169                                                Works against Islam and the Koran

BP170                                                Works in defense of Islam.  Islamic apologetics

BP170.2                                             Benevolent work.  Social work.  Welfare work, etc.

BP170.3-170.5                                    Missionary work of Islam

BP171-173                                          Relation of Islam to other religions

BP173.25-173.45                                Islamic sociology

BP174-190                                          The practice of Islam

BP176-181                                                The five duties of a Moslem.  Pillars of Islam

BP182                                                      Jihad (Holy War)

BP184-184.9                                             Religious ceremonies, rites, etc.

BP186-186.97                                           Special days and seasons, fasts, feasts,

festivals, etc.  Relics

BP187-187.9                                             Shrines, sacred places, etc.

BP188-190                                                Islamic religious life

BP188.2-188.3                                                Devotional literature

BP188.45-189.65                                            Sufism.  Mysticism.  Dervishes

BP189.68-189.7                                              Monasticism

BP191-253                                          Branches, sects, etc.

BP192-194.9                                             Shiites

BP221-223                                                Black Muslims

BP232                                                      Moorish Science Temple of America


BP251-253                                                Nurculuk

BP300-395                                    Bahai Faith

BP500-585                                    Theosophy

BP595-597                                    Anthroposophy

BP600-610                                    Other beliefs and movements


Subclass BQ


BQ1-9800                               Buddhism

BQ1-10                                         Periodicals.  Yearbooks (General)

BQ12-93                                       Societies, councils, associations, clubs, etc.

BQ96-99                                       Financial institutions.  Trusts

BQ100-102                                   Congresses.  Conferences (General)

BQ104-105                                   Directories (General)

BQ107-109                                   Museums.  Exhibitions

BQ115-126                                   General collections.  Collected works

BQ128                                          Encyclopedias (General)

BQ130                                          Dictionaries (General)

BQ133                                          Terminology

BQ135                                          Questions and answers.  Maxims (General)

BQ141-209                                   Religious education (General)

BQ210-219                                   Research

BQ221-249                                   Antiquities.  Archaeology

BQ240-244                                         Literary discoveries

BQ246-249                                         Inscriptions, etc.

BQ251-799                                   History

BQ800-829                                   Persecutions

BQ840-999                                   Biography

BQ840-858                                         Collective

BQ860-999                                         Individual

BQ860-939                                               Gautama Buddha

BQ940-999                                               Other

BQ1001-1045                                Buddhist literature

BQ1100-3340                                Tripiaka (Canonical literature)

BQ4000-4060                                General works

BQ4061-4570                                Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism

BQ4180-4565                                      Special doctrines

BQ4570                                              Special topics and relations to special subjects

BQ4600-4610                                Relation to other religious and philosophical systems

BQ4620-4905                                Buddhist pantheon

BQ4911-5720                                Practice of Buddhism.  Forms of worship

BQ4965-5030                                      Ceremonies and rites.  Ceremonial rules

BQ5035-5065                                      Hymns.  Chants.  Recitations

BQ5070-5075                                      Altar, liturgical objects, ornaments, memorials, etc.

BQ5080-5085                                      Vestments, altar cloths, etc.

BQ5090-5095                                      Liturgical functions

BQ5100-5125                                      Symbols and symbolism

BQ5130-5137                                      Temple.  Temple organization

BQ5140-5355                                      Buddhist ministry.  Priesthood.  Organization

BQ5251-5305                                            Education and training

BQ5310-5350                                            Preaching


BQ5360-5680                                      Religious life

BQ5485-5530                                            Precepts for laymen

BQ5535-5594                                            Devotional literature.  Meditations.  Prayers

BQ5595-5633                                            Devotion.  Meditation.  Prayer

BQ5635-5675                                            Spiritual life.  Mysticism.  Englightenment.  Perfection

BQ5700-5720                                      Festivals.  Days and seasons

BQ5725-5845                                      Folklore

BQ5821-5845                                            Miracle literature

BQ5851-5899                                      Benevolent work.  Social work.  Welfare work, etc.

BQ5901-5975                                      Missionary work

BQ6001-6160                                      Monasticism and monastic life  Sagha (Order)

BQ6200-6240                                      Asceticism.  Hermits.  Wayfaring life

BQ6300-6388                                      Monasteries.  Temples.  Shrines.  Sites

BQ6400-6495                                      Pilgrims and pilgrimages

BQ7001-9800                                      Modifications, schools, etc.

BQ7100-7285                                            Therav~da (Hinayana) Buddhism

BQ7300-7529                                            Mahayana Buddhism

BQ7530-7950                                            Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism)

BQ7960-7989                                            Bonpo (Sect)

BQ8000-9800                                            Special modifications, sects, etc.

BQ8500-8769                                                  Pure Land Buddhism

BQ8900-9099                                                  Tantric Buddhism

BQ9250-9519                                                  Zen Buddhism


Subclass BR


BR1-1725                               Christianity

BR60-67                                       Early Christian literature.  Fathers of the Church, etc.

BR115                                          Christianity in relation to special subjects

BR130-133.5                                 Christian antiquities.  Archaeology.  Museums

BR140-1510                                  History

BR160-481                                          By period

BR160-275                                                Early and medieval

BR280                                                      Renaissance.  Renaissance and Reformation

BR290-481                                                Modern period

BR323.5-334.2                                                Luther, Martin

BR500-1510                                        By region or country

BR1600-1609                                Persecution.  Martyrs

BR1609.5                                     Dissent

BR1610                                        Tolerance and toleration

BR1615-1617                                Liberalism

BR1620                                        Sacrilege (History)

BR1690-1725                                Biography

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