Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class B (ii)





Subclass BS


BS1-2970                                The Bible

BS11-115                                      Early versions

BS125-355                                    Modern texts and versions

BS125-198                                          English

BS199-313                                          Other European languages


BS315-355                                          Non-European languages

BS315                                                       Asian languages

BS325                                                       African languages

BS335                                                       Languages of Oceania and Australasia

BS345                                                       American Indian languages

BS350                                                       Mixed languages

BS355                                                       Artificial languages

BS410-680                                    Works about the Bible

BS500-534.8                                       Criticism and interpretation

BS535-537                                          The Bible as literature

BS546-558                                          Bible stories.  Paraphrases of Bible stories.  The Bible story

BS569-580                                          Men, women, and children of the Bible

BS580                                                       Individual Old Testament characters

BS585-613                                          Study and teaching

BS647-649                                          Prophecy

BS650-667                                          Bible and science

BS670-672                                          Bible and social sciences

BS701-1830                                  Old Testament

BS705-815                                          Early versions

BS825-1013                                        Modern texts and versions

BS1091-1099                                       Selections.  Quotations

BS1110-1199                                       Works about the Old Testament

BS1160-1191.5                                          Criticism and interpretation

BS1200-1830                                       Special parts of the Old Testament

BS1901-2970                                 New Testament

BS1937-2020                                       Early texts and versions

BS2025-2213                                       Modern texts and versions

BS2260-2269                                       Selections.  Quotations

BS2280-2545                                       Works about the New Testament

BS2350-2393                                             Criticism and interpretation

BS2415-2417                                             The teachings of Jesus

BS2430-2520                                             Men, women, and children of the New Testament

BS2525-2544                                             Study and teaching

BS2547-2970                                       Special parts of the New Testament

BS2640-2765.6                                          Epistles of Paul


Subclass BT


BT10-1480                              Doctrinal Theology

BT19-37                                       Doctrine and dogma

BT93-93.6                                    Judaism

BT95-97.2                                    Divine law.  Moral government

BT98-180                                     God

BT109-115                                          Doctrine of the Trinity

BT117-123                                          Holy Spirit.  The Paraclete

BT126-127.5                                       Revelation

BT130-153                                          Divine attributes

BT198-590                                    Christology

BT296-500                                          Life of Christ

BT580                                                Miracles.  Apparitions.  Shrines, sanctuaries, images,

processions, etc.


BT587                                                Relics

BT595-680                                    Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.  Mariology

BT650-660                                          Miracles.  Apparitions.  Shrines, sanctuaries, images,

processions, etc.

BT695-749                                    Creation

BT750-811                                    Salvation.  Soteriology

BT819-891                                    Eschatology.  Last things

BT899-940                                    Future state.  Future life

BT960-985                                    Invisible world (saints, demons, etc.)

BT990-1010                                  Creeds, confessions, covenants, etc.

BT1029-1040                                Catechisms

BT1095-1255                                Apologetics.  Evidences of Christianity

BT1313-1480                                History of specific doctrines and movements.  Heresies and schisms


Subclass BV


BV1-5099                               Practical Theology

BV5-530                                       Worship (Public and private)

BV30-135                                           Times and seasons.  The Church year

BV43-64                                                   Feast days

BV65-70                                                   Saints= days

BV80-105                                                 Fasts

BV107-133                                                Lord=s Day.  Sunday.  Sabbath

BV150-168                                          Christian symbols and symbolism

BV169-199                                          Liturgy and ritual

BV200                                                Family worship

BV205-287                                          Prayer

BV301-530                                          Hymnology

BV360-465                                                Denominational and special types of hymnbooks in English

BV467-510                                                Hymns in languages other than English

BV590-1652                                  Ecclesiastical theology

BV598-603                                          The Church

BV629-631                                          Church and state

BV637-637.5                                       City churches

BV638-638.8                                       The rural church.  The church and country life

BV646-651                                          Church polity

BV652-652.9                                       Church management.  Efficiency

BV652.95-657                                     Mass media and telecommunication in religion

BV659-683                                          Ministry.  Clergy.  Religious vocations

BV700-707                                          Parish.  Congregation.  The local church

BV770-777                                          Church finance.  Church property

BV800-873                                          Sacraments.  Ordinances

BV803-814                                                Baptism

BV823-828                                                Holy Communion.  Lord=s Supper.  Eucharist

BV835-838                                                Marriage

BV840-850                                                Penance

BV895-896                                          Shrines.  Holy places

BV900-1450                                        Religious societies, associations, etc.

BV950-1280                                              Religious societies of men, brotherhoods, etc.

BV1000-1220                                                  Young Men=s Christian Associations

BV1300-1395                                            Religious societies of women


BV1300-1393                                                  Young Women=s Christian Associations

BV1460-1615                                      Religious education (General)

BV1620-1652                                      Social life, recreation, etc., in the church

BV2000-3705                                Missions

BV2123-2595                                      Special churches

BV2130-2300                                            Roman Catholic Church

BV2350-2595                                            Protestant churches

BV2610-2695                                      Special types of missions

BV2750-3695                                      Missions in individual countries

BV3750-3799                                Evangelism.  Revivals

BV4000-4470                                Pastoral theology

BV4019-4180                                      Education

BV4019-4167                                            Training for the ordained ministry

BV4168-4180                                            Training for lay workers

BV4200-4317                                      Preaching.  Homiletics

BV4239-4317                                            Sermons

BV4390-4399                                      Personal life of the clergy

BV4400-4470                                      Practical church work.  Social work.  Work of the layman

BV4485-5099                                Practical religion.  The Christian life

BV4520-4526.2                                   Religious duties

BV4625-4780                                      Moral theology

BV4625-4627                                            Sins and vices

BV4630-4647                                            Virtues

BV4650-4715                                            Precepts from the Bible

BV4720-4780                                            Precepts of the Church.  Commandments of the Church

BV4800-4897                                      Works of meditation and devotion

BV4900-4911                                      Works of consolation and cheer

BV4912-4950                                      Conversion literature

BV5015-5068                                      Asceticism

BV5070-5095                                      Mysticism

BV5099                                              Quietism


Subclass BX


BX1-9999                                Christian Denominations

BX1-9.5                                        Church unity.  Ecumenical movement.  Interdenominational


BX100-189                                    Eastern churches.  Oriental churches

BX100-107                                          General

BX120-129                                          Armenian Church

BX130-139                                          Coptic Church

BX140-149                                          Ethiopic or Abyssinian Church

BX150-159                                          Nestorian, Chaldean, or East Syrian Church

BX160-169                                          St. Thomas Christians.  Malabar Christians.  Mar Thoma Syrian


BX170-179                                          Syrian or Jacobite Church

BX180-189                                          Maronite Church

BX200-756                                    Orthodox Eastern Church

BX200-395                                          General

BX400-756                                          Divisions of the church

BX400-440                                                Patriarchates of the East.  Melchites


BX450-450.93                                           Church of Cyprus

BX460-605                                                Russian Church

BX610-620                                                Church of Greece

BX630-639                                                Orthodox Church in Austria and Hungary

BX650-659                                                Bulgarian Church

BX660-669                                                Georgian Church

BX670-679                                                Montenegrin Church

BX690-699                                                Romanian Church

BX710-719                                                Serbian Church.  Yugoslav Church

BX720-729                                                Orthodox Eastern Church, Macedonian

BX729.5                                                   Orthodox Eastern Church, Ukrainian

BX729.9-755                                             Orthodox Church in other regions or countries

BX800-4795                                  Catholic Church

BX800-839                                          Periodicals.  Societies, councils, congresses, etc.

BX840                                                Museums.  Exhibitions

BX841                                                Dictionaries.  Encyclopedias

BX845                                                Directories.  Yearbooks

BX847                                                Atlases

BX850-875                                          Documents

BX880-891                                          General collected works

BX895-939                                          Study and teaching

BX940-1745                                        History

Including lives of popes

BX1746-1755                                      Theology.  Doctrine.  Dogmatics

BX1756                                               Sermons

BX1760-1779.5                                   Controversial works

BX1781-1788                                      Catholic Church and other churches

BX1790-1793                                      Catholic Church and the state

BX1800-1920                                      Government and organization

BX1958-1968                                      Creeds and catechisms

BX1969                                               Forms of worship.  Catholic practice

BX1970-2175                                      Liturgy and ritual

BX2050-2175                                            Prayers and devotions

BX2177-2198                                      Meditations.  Devotional readings.  Spiritual exercises, etc.

BX2200-2292                                      Sacraments

BX2295-2310                                      Sacramentals

BX2312                                               Images

BX2315-2324                                      Relics.  Shrines.  Pilgrimages.  Processions

BX2325-2333                                      Saints.  Hagiology

BX2347-2377                                      Practical religion.  Christian life

BX2380-2386                                      Religious life.  Religious state

BX2400-4563                                      Monasticism.  Religious orders

BX2890-4192                                            Religious orders of men

BX4200-4563                                            Religious orders of women

BX4600-4644                                      Churches, cathedrals, abbeys (as parish churches), etc.

BX4650-4705                                      Biography and portraits

BX4650-4698                                            Collective

BX4654-4662                                                  Saints and martyrs

BX4700-4705                                            Individual

BX4700                                                           Saints

BX4710.1-4715.95                               Eastern churches in communion with Rome.  Catholics of the


Oriental rites.  Uniats

BX4716.4-4795                                   Dissenting sects other than Protestant

BX4718.5-4735                                         Jansenists

BX4737                                                     French schisms of the 19th century

BX4740                                                     German Catholics

BX4751-4793                                            Old Catholics

BX4793.5-4794.25                                     Independent Catholic Churches

BX4795                                                     Other

BX4800-9999                                Protestantism

BX4800-4861                                      General

BX4872-4924                                      Pre-Reformation

BX4872-4893                                            Waldenses and Albigenses

BX4900-4906                                            Lollards.  Wycliffites

BX4913-4924                                            Hussites

BX4920-4924                                                  Bohemian Brethren

BX4929-4951                                      Post-Reformation

BX4929-4946                                            Anabaptists

BX4950-4951                                            Plain People

BX5001-5009                                      Anglican Communion (General)

BX5011-5207                                      Church of England

BX5011-5050                                            General

BX5051-5110                                            History.  Local divisions

BX5115-5126                                            Special parties and movements

BX5127-5129.8                                         Church of England and other churches

BX5130-5132                                            General

BX5133                                                     Sermons.  Tracts.  Addresses.  Essays

BX5135-5136                                            Controversial works

BX5137-5139                                            Creeds and catechisms, etc.

BX5140.5-5147                                         Liturgy and ritual

BX5148-5149                                            Sacraments

BX5150-5182.5                                         Government.  Organization.  Discipline

BX5183-5187                                            Religious communities.  Conventual life.  Religious


BX5194-5195                                            Cathedrals, churches, etc. in England and Wales

BX5197-5199                                            Biography

BX5200-5207                                            Dissent and nonconformity

BX5210-5395                                            Episcopal Church in Scotland

BX5410-5595                                            Church of Ireland

BX5596-5598                                            Church in Wales

BX5600-5740                                            Church of England outside of Great Britain

BX5601-5620                                                  Anglican Church of Canada

BX5800-5995                                      Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America

BX5996-6030                                      Protestant Episcopal Church outside the United States

BX6051-6093                                      Reformed Episcopal Church

BX6101-9999                                      Other Protestant denominations

Alphabetical; only larger denominations listed

The subarrangement is essentially the same for

each sect, the primary features being

indicated by way of example under Baptists

BX6101-6193                                            Adventists.  AMillerites@

BX6195-6197                                            Arminians.  Remonstrants


BX6201-6495                                            Baptists

BX6201-6227                                                  General

BX6231-6328                                                  History.  Local divisions

BX6329                                                           Baptists and other churches

BX6330-6331.2                                               Doctrine

BX6333                                                           Sermons.  Tracts

BX6334                                                           Controversial works

BX6335-6336                                                  Creeds.  Catechisms

BX6337                                                           Service.  Ritual.  Liturgy

BX6338-6339                                                  Sacraments

BX6340-6346.3                                               Government.  Discipline

BX6349-6470                                                  Individual branches

BX6480-6490                                                  Individual Baptist churches

BX6493-6495                                                  Biography

BX6551-6593                                            Catholic Apostolic Church.  Irvingites

BX6651-6693                                            Christadelphians.  Brothers of Christ

BX6751-6793                                            Christian Church

See also Disciples of Christ

BX6801-6843                                            Christian Reformed Church

BX6901-6997                                            Christian Science

BX7003                                                     Christian Union

BX7020-7060                                            Church of God

BX7079-7097                                            Churches of God

BX7101-7260                                            Congregationalism

BX7301-7343                                            Disciples of Christ.  Campbellites

BX7401-7430                                            Dowieism.  Christian Catholic Church

BX7451-7493                                            Evangelical and Reformed Church

BX7556                                                     Evangelical United Brethren Church

BX7580-7583                                            Free Congregations (Germany).  Freie Gemeinden

BX7601-7795                                            Friends.  Society of Friends.  Quakers

BX7801-7843                                            German Baptist Brethren.  Church of the Brethren.


BX7850-7865                                            German Evangelical Protestant Church of North America.

Evangelical Protestant Church of North America

BX7901-7943                                            German Evangelical Synod of North America

BX7990.H6-.H69                                       Holiness churches

BX8001-8080                                            Lutheran churches

BX8101-8144                                            Mennonites

BX8201-8495                                            Methodism

BX8525-8528                                            Millennial Dawnists.  Jehovah=s Witnesses

BX8551-8593                                            Moravian Church.  United Brethren.  Unitas Fratrum.


BX8601-8695                                            Mormons.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

BX8701-8749                                            New Jerusalem Church.  New Church.  Swedenborgianism

BX8762-8785                                            Pentecostal churches

BX8799-8809                                            Plymouth Brethren.  Darbyites

BX8901-9225                                            Presbyterianism.  Calvinistic Methodism

BX9301-9359                                            Puritanism

BX9401-9640                                            Reformed or Calvinistic Churches

BX9675                                                     River Brethren.  Brethren in Christ

BX9701-9743                                            Salvation Army


BX9751-9793                                            Shakers.  United Society of Believers.  Millennial Church

BX9801-9869                                            Unitarianism

BX9875-9877.1                                         United Brethren in Christ.  Church of the United Brethren in


BX9881-9882.95                                        United Church of Canada

BX9884-9886                                            United Church of Christ

BX9887                                                     United Evangelical Church

BX9889                                                     United Missionary Church

BX9901-9969                                            Unviersalism.  Universalists

BX9975                                                     Volunteers of America

BX9980                                                     Walloon Church

BX9998                                                     Other beliefs and movements akin to Christianity

BX9999                                                     Independent churches, parishes, societies, etc.

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