Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class C





Subclass C


C1-51                                     Auxiliary Sciences of History (General)


Subclass CB


CB3-482                                 History of Civilization

CB156                                          Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages

CB158-161                                    Forecasts of future progress

CB195-281                                    Civilization and race

CB305-430                                    By period

CB440-482                                    Relation to special topics

CB450                                                Geography and civilization

CB478                                                Technology

CB481                                                War and civilization

CB482                                                Water and civilization


Subclass CC


CC1-960                                 Archaeology

CC72-81                                       Philosophy.  Theory

CC73-81                                             Methodology

CC83-97                                       Study and teaching.  Research

CC135-137                                   Preservation, restoration, and conservation of antiquities.

Antiquities and state

CC140                                          Forgeries of antiquities

CC200-260                                   Bells.  Campanology.  Cowbells

CC300-350                                   Crosses

CC600-605                                   Boundary stones

CC700-705                                   Stone heaps, cairns, etc., of unknown purpose

CC710                                          Hill figures

CC960                                          Lanterns of the dead


Subclass CD


CD1-6471                               Diplomatics.  Archives.  Seals

CD1-511                                       Diplomatics

CD70-79                                             Practice of special chancelleries

CD80-81                                             Formularies

CD87                                                  Forgeries of documents

CD91-392                                           Collection of documents, facsimiles, etc., for study

CD501-511                                         Study and teaching

CD921-4280                                  Archives

CD995-4280                                        History and statistics


CD997                                                      Biography of archivists

CD1000-4280                                            By region or country

CD5001-6471                                Seals

CD5191                                              Iconography

CD5201-5391                                      Ancient

CD5501-5557                                      Medieval

CD5561                                              Renaissance

CD5575-6471                                      Modern


Subclass CE


CE1-97                                   Technical Chronology.  Calendar

CE21-46                                       Ancient

CE51-85                                       Medieval and modern

CE91-92                                       Perpetual calendars.  Century calendars, etc.


Subclass CJ


CJ1-6661                                Numismatics

CJ1-4625                                      Coins

CJ153                                                Finds of coins

CJ161                                                Symbols, devices, etc.

CJ201-1397                                        Ancient

CJ1509-4625                                      Medieval and modern

CJ4801-5450                                Tokens

CJ4861-4889                                      By period

CJ4901-5336                                      By region or country

CJ5350-5450                                      Special uses of tokens

CJ5501-6661                                Medals and medallions

CJ5581-5690                                      Ancient

CJ5723-5793                                      Medieval and modern

CJ5795-6661                                      By region or country


Subclass CN


CN1-1355                               Inscriptions.  Epigraphy

CN120-740                                   Ancient inscriptions

CN750-753                                   Early Christian inscriptions

CN755                                          Medieval inscriptions (General)

CN760                                          Modern inscriptions (General)

CN805-865                                   By language

CN870-1355                                  By region or country


Subclass CR


CR1-6305                               Heraldry

CR51-79                                       Crests, monograms, devices, badges, mottoes, etc.

CR91-93                                       Shields and supporters

CR101-115                                   Flags, banners, and standards


CR191-1020                                  Public and official heraldry

CR1101-1131                                Ecclesiastical and sacred heraldry

CR1179-3395                                Family heraldry

CR3499-4420                                Titles of honor, rank, precedence, etc.

CR4480-4485                                Royalty.  Insignia.  Regalia, crown and coronets, etc.

CR4501-6305                                Chivalry and knighthood (Orders, decorations, etc.)

CR4547-4553                                      Ceremonials, pageants, tournaments, etc.

CR4571-4595                                      Duels and dueling

CR4651-6305                                      Orders, etc.


Subclass CS


CS1-3090                                Genealogy

CS23-35                                       Genealogical lists, etc., covering more than one country or continent

CS38-39                                       Family history covering more than one country

CS42-2209                                    By region or country

CS2300-3090                                Personal and family names


Subclass CT


CT21-9999                             Biography

CT21-22                                       Biography as an art or literary form

CT31-83                                       History of biographical literature.  Lives of biographers

CT93-206                                     General collective biography

CT206                                                Portraits

CT210-3150                                  National biography

CT3200-9999                                Biography.  By subject

CT3200-3830                                      Biography of women (Collective)

CT3990                                              Academicians.  Scholars. Savants

CT9960-9998                                      Other miscellaneous groups

Including adventurers, eccentrics, misers, etc.

CT9999                                              Blank books for personal records, diaries, etc.

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