Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class D (i)





Subclass D


D1-2027                                 History (General)

D1-24.5                                        General

D25-27                                         Military and naval history

D31-34                                         Political and diplomatic history

D51-90                                         Ancient history

D101-110.5                                  Medieval and modern history, 476-

D111-203                                     Medieval history

D135-149                                           Migrations

D151-173                                           Crusades

D175-195                                           Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.  Latin Orient, 1099-1291

D200-203                                           Later medieval.  11th-15th centuries

D(204)-(475)                                Modern history, 1453-

D219-234                                           1453-1648

D242-283.5                                        1601-1715.  17th century

D251-271                                                 Thirty Years= War, 1618-1648

D274.5-6                                                  Anglo-French War, 1666-1667

D275-276                                                 War of Devolution, 1667-1668

D277-278.5                                              Dutch War, 1672-1678

D279-280.5                                              War of the Grand Alliance, 1688-1697

D281-283.5                                              War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1714

D284-297                                           1715-1789.  18th century

D291-294                                                 War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748

D297                                                        Seven Years= War, 1756-1763

D299-(475)                                         1789-

D301-309                                                 Period of the French Revolution

D351-400                                                 19th century.  1801-1914/1920

D371-(379)                                                     Eastern question

D383                                                              1815-1830.  Congress of Vienna

D385-393                                                       1830-1870

D394-400                                                       1871-    .  Later 19th century

D410-(475)                                               20th century

D461-(475)                                                     Eastern question

D501-680                                                 World War I (1914-1918)

D720-728                                                 Period between World Wars (1919-1939)

D731-838                                                 World War II (1939-1945)

D839-860                                                 Post-war history (1945-    )

D880-888                                                 Developing countries

D890-893                                                 Eastern Hemisphere

D900-2009                                                Europe (General)

D901-980                                                       Description and travel

D1050-2027                                                    History


Subclass DA


DA1-995                                 History of Great Britain

DA10-18.2                                    British Empire.  Commonwealth of Nations.  The Commonwealth

DA20-690                                     England

DA20-27.5                                          General

DA28-592                                           History

DA28-35                                                   General

DA40-89.6                                                Political, military, naval, and Air Force history.

Foreign relations

DA90-125                                                 Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DA129-592                                               By period

DA129-260                                                     Early and medieval to 1485

DA140-199                                                           Celts.  Romans.  Saxons.  Danes.  Normans

DA200-260                                                           1154-1485.  Angevins.  Plantagenets.  Lancaster-York

DA300-592                                                     Modern, 1485-

DA310-360                                                           Tudors, 1485-1603

DA350-360                                                                 Elizabeth I, 1558-1603.  Elizabethan age

DA385-398                                                           Early Stuarts, 1603-1642

DA400-429                                                           Civil War and Commonwealth, 1642-1660

DA430-463                                                           Later Stuarts

DA498-503                                                           1714-1760

DA505-522                                                           George III, 1760-1820

DA550-565                                                           Victorian era, 1837-1901

DA566-592                                                           20th century

DA600-667                                         Description and travel.  Guidebooks

DA670-690                                         Local history and description

DA670                                                      Counties, regions, etc., A-Z

DA675-689                                               London

DA690                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DA700-745                                   Wales

DA700-713                                         General

DA714-722.1                                      History

DA725-738                                         Description and travel

DA740-745                                         Local history and description

DA750-890                                   Scotland

DA750-757.7                                      General

DA757.9-826                                      History

DA757.9-763                                            General

DA765-774.5                                            Political and military history.  Antiquities, etc.

DA774.8-826                                            By period

DA777-790                                                     Early and medieval to 1603

DA783.2-783.45                                                    War of Independence, 1285-1371

DA783.5-790                                                        Stuarts, 1371-1603

DA800-814.5                                                  1603-1707/1745

DA807                                                                  The Union, 1707

DA813-814.5                                                        1707-1745.  Jacobite movements

DA815-826                                                     19th-20th centuries

DA850-878                                         Description and travel

DA880-890                                         Local history and description

DA900-995                                   Ireland

DA900-908.7                                      General

DA909-965                                         History


DA909-916.8                                            General

DA920-927                                               Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DA930-965                                               By period

DA930-937.5                                                  Early and medieval to 1603

DA933.3                                                               English conquest, 1154-1189

DA938-966.2                                                  Modern, 1603-

DA949.5                                                               The Union, 1800

DA949.7-965                                                        19th-20th centuries.  Irish question

DA963                                                                        1922-    .  Republic of Ireland.  Irish Free State

DA966-966.2                                                        21st century

DA969-988                                         Description and travel

DA990-995                                         Local history and description

DA990.U45-U46                                        Northern Ireland (Ulster)


Subclass DAW 


DAW1001-1051                       History of Central Europe

DAW1001-1028                             General

DAW1031-1051                             History


Subclass DB


DB1-3150                               History of Austria.  Liechtenstein.  Hungary.  Czechoslovakia

DB1-879                                       Austria.  Austro-Hungarian Empire

DB1-20.5                                            General

DB21-27.5                                          Description and travel

DB29-34.5                                          Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DB35-99.2                                          History

DB35-40.5                                                General

DB42-49                                                   Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DB51-99.2                                                By period

DB51-64                                                         Early and medieval to 1521

DB60-64                                                               Wars with the Turks

DB65-99.2                                                      1521-

DB65.2-65.9                                                         1521-1648

DB66-69.5                                                            1648-1740

DB69.7-77                                                            1740-1815

DB80-99.2                                                            19th-20th centuries

DB83                                                                          Revolution, 1848

DB96-99.2                                                                  Republic, 1918-

DB99-99.1                                                                        1938-1955.  German annexation.

Allied occupation

DB99.2                                                                             1955-

DB101-879                                          Local history and description

DB101-785                                                Provinces, regions, etc.

DB841-860                                                Vienna

DB879                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DB881-898                                    Liechtenstein

DB901-999                                    Hungary

DB901-906.7                                       General

DB906.9-920.5                                    Description and travel.  Antiquities.  Ethnography


DB921-958.6                                       History

DB927-958.6                                             By period

DB927-932.9                                                   Early to 1792

DB929-929.8                                                         Árpád dynasty, 896-1301

DB929.95-931.9                                                    Elective kings, 1301-1526

DB932.95-945                                                 1792-1918.  19th century

DB934.5-939.5                                                      Revolution of 1848-1849

DB940-945                                                            1849-1918

DB946-958.6                                                   20th century

DB955-955.8                                                         1918-1945.  Revolution of 1919-1920

DB955.9-957.5                                                      1945-1989.  Revolution of 1956

DB957.9-958.6                                                      1989-

DB974.9-999                                       Local history and description

DB974.9-975                                             Counties, regions, etc.

DB981-997                                                Budapest

DB2000-3150                                Czechoslovakia

DB2000-2035                                      General.  Description and travel.  Antiquities.  Social

life and customs

DB2040-2043                                      Ethnography

DB2044-2247                                      History

DB2080-2247                                            By period

DB2080-2133                                                  Early and medieval to 1526

DB2135-2182                                                  Hapsburg rule, 1526-1918

DB2185-2241                                                  Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-1992

DB2242-2247                                                  1993-    .  Independent Czech Republic

DB2300-2650                                      Local history and description of Czech lands

DB2300-2421                                            Moravia

DB2600-2649                                            Prague (Praha)

DB2700-3150                                      Slovakia

DB3100-3139                                            Bratislava (Pressburg)


Subclass DC   


DC1-947                                 History of France

DC1-20.5                                      General

DC21-29.3                                    Description and travel

DC30-34.5                                    Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DC35-424                                     History

DC35-41                                             General

DC44-59.8                                          Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DC60-424                                           By period

DC60-109                                                 Early and medieval to 1515

DC62-64                                                         Gauls.  Celts.  Franks

DC64.7-94                                                      476-1328.  Merovingians.  Carlovingians.  Capetians

DC95-109                                                       1328-1515

DC96-101.7                                                          Hundred Years= War, 1339-1453

DC101.9-109                                                        15th century.  Jeanne d=Arc, Saint

DC110-433                                               Modern, 1515-

DC111-120                                                     1515-1589.  16th century

DC118                                                                  Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1572

DC120.8-130                                                  1589-1715.  Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV


DC131-138                                                     1715-1789.  18th century.  Louis XV, Louis XVI

DC139-249                                                     Revolutionary and Napoleonic period, 1789-1815

DC251-354.9                                                  19th century

DC256-260                                                           Restoration, 1815-1830

DC261-269                                                           July Revolution of 1830.  July Monarchy, 1830-1848

DC270-274.5                                                        February Revolution and Second Republic

DC275-280.5                                                        Second Empire, 1852-1870

DC281-326.5                                                        Franco-German or Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

DC330-354.9                                                        Later 19th century

DC361-424                                                     20th century

DC397                                                                  1940-1946

DC398-409                                                           Fourth Republic, 1947-1958

DC411-424                                                           Fifth Republic, 1958-

DC425-433                                                     21st century

DC600-801                                   Local history and description

DC601.1-609.83                                  North, East, etc. France

DC611                                                Regions, provinces, departments, etc., A-Z

DC701-790                                         Paris

DC801                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DC921-930                                   Andorra

DC941-947                                   Monaco


Subclass DD


DD1-(905)                              History of Germany

DD1-21                                         General

DD21.5-43                                    Description and travel

DD51-78                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DD84-257.4                                  History

DD84-96                                             General

DD99-120                                           Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DD121-257.4                                      By period

DD121-124                                               Earliest to 481

DD125-174.6                                            Early and medieval to 1519

DD126-155                                                     Medieval Empire, 481-1273

DD127-135                                                           481-918.  Merovingians.  Carolingians

DD136-144                                                           919-1125.  Houses of Saxony and Franconia

DD145-155                                                           1125-1273.  Hohenstaufen period

DD156-174.6                                                  1273-1519.  Houses of Habsburg and Luxemburg

DD175-257.4                                            Modern, 1519-

DD176-189                                                     1519-1648.  Reformation and Counter-reformation

DD181-183                                                           Peasants= War, 1524-1525

DD184-184.7                                                        Schmalkaldic League and War, 1530-1547

DD189                                                                  Period of Thirty Years= War, 1618-1648

DD190-199                                                     1648-1815.  18th century.  French Revolutionary

and Napoleonic period

DD201-257.4                                                  19th-20th centuries

DD206-216                                                           1815-1871

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