Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class D (ii)





DD217-231                                                           New Empire, 1871-1918

DD228.8                                                                     Period of World War I, 1914-1918

DD233-257.4                                                        Revolution and Republic, 1918-


DD253-256.8                                                              Hitler, 1933-1945.  National socialism

DD(256)                                                                           Period of World War II, 1939-1945

DD257-257.4                                                        Period of Allied occupation, 1945-

DD258-262                                   West Germany

DD280-289.5                                East Germany

DD301-454                                   Prussia

DD301-312                                         General

DD314-320                                         Description and travel

DD325-339                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DD341-454                                         History

DD701-901                                   Local history and description

DD701-788                                         North and Central, Northeast, etc. Germany

DD801                                                States, provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DD851-900                                         Berlin

DD900.2-900.76                                  Bonn

DD901                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DE


DE1-100                                 History of the Greco-Roman world

DE1-15.5                                      General

DE23-31                                       Geography

DE46-73.2                                    Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DE80-100                                     History


Subclass DF


DF10-951                               History of Greece

DF10-289                                     Ancient Greece

DF10-16                                             General

DF27-41                                             Geography.  Travel

DF75-136                                           Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DF207-241                                          History

DF207-218                                                General

DF220-241                                                By period

DF220-221                                                      Bronze Age, Minoan, and Mycenaean ages

DF221.2-224                                                   ca. 1125-500 B.C.  Age of Tyrants

DF225-226                                                      Persian wars, 499-479 B.C.

DF227-228                                                      Athenian supremacy.  Age of Pericles. 479-431 B.C.

DF229-230                                                      Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.

DF230.9-231.9                                                Spartan and Theban supremacies, 404-362 B.C.

DF232.5-233.8                                                Macedonian epoch.  Age of Philip.  359-336 B.C.

DF234-234.9                                                   Alexander the Great, 336-323 B.C.

DF235-238.9                                                   Hellenistic period, 323-146.B.C.

DF239-241                                                      Roman epoch, 140 B.C.-323/476 A.D.

DF251-289                                          Local history and description

DF501-649                                    Medieval Greece.  Byzantine Empire, 323-1453

DF501-518                                          General

DF520-542.4                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DF545-548                                          Military history.  Political history.  Empire and papacy

DF550-649                                          History


DF550-552.8                                             General

DF553-599.5                                             Eastern Empire, 323/476-1057.  Constantine the Great

DF599.8-649                                             1057-1453

DF610-629                                                      1204-1261.  Latin Empire

DF630-649                                                      1261-1453.  Palaeologi

DF645-649                                                            1453.  Fall of Constantinople

DF701-951                                    Modern Greece

DF701-720                                          General

DF720.5-728                                       Description and travel

DF741-748                                          Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DF750-854.32                                     History

DF750-760                                                General

DF765-787                                                Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DF801-854.32                                           By period

DF801-801.9                                                   Turkish rule, 1453-1821

DF802-832                                                      1821-1913

DF804-815                                                            War of Independence, 1821-1829

DF816-818                                                            Kapodistrias, 1827-1831

DF833-854.32                                                 20th century

DF848                                                                  Republic, 1924-1935

DF895-951                                    Local history and description

DF901                                                Regions, provinces, islands, etc., A-Z

DF901.C78-C88                                         Crete

DF915-936                                          Athens

DF951                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DG


DG11-999                               History of Italy

DG11-365                                     Ancient Italy.  Rome to 476

DG11-16                                             General

DG27-41                                             Geography.  Description and travel

DG51-70                                             Local history and description

DG51-55                                                   Regions in Italy, A-Z

DG59                                                       Regions outside of Italy, A-Z

DG61-69                                                   Rome (City) to 476

DG70                                                       Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DG75-190                                           Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DG201-365                                         History

DG201-215                                               General

DG221-365                                               By period

DG221-225                                                     Pre-Roman Italy.  Etruria.  Etruscans

DG231-269                                                     Kings and Republic, 753-27 B.C.

DG233-233.9                                                        Foundations and kings, 753-510

DG235-269                                                           Republic, 509-27

DG237-238                                                                 Subjection of Italy, 343-290

DG241-253                                                                 Conquest of Mediterranean world.  264-133

DG242-249.4                                                                    First and Second Punic Wars.  Illyrian

wars.  264-201

DG250-253                                                                       Wars in the East and in the West.



DG253.5-269                                                                    Fall of the Republic and establishment

of the Empire.  133-27

DG256-260                                                                       Period of Marius and Sulla (Pompey).


DG261-267                                                                       Julius Caesar.  First Triumvirate, 60

DG268-269                                                                       Second Triumvirate, 43-31

DG269.5-365                                                  Empire, 27 B.C. – 476 A.D.

DG269.5-274.3                                                     General

DG275-309.3                                                        Constitutional Empire, 27 B.C. – 284 A.D.

DG310-365                                                           284-476.  Decline and fall

DG401-583.8                                Medieval and modern Italy, 476-

DG401-421                                         General

DG421.5-430.2                                   Description and travel

DG431-457                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DG461-583.8                                      History

DG461-473                                               General

DG480-499                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DG500-583.8                                            By period

DG500-537.8                                                  Medieval, 476-1492

DG503-529                                                           476-1268

DG506-514.7                                                              489-774.  Gothic and Lombard kingdoms.

Byzantine exarchate, 553-568

DG515-529                                                                 774-1268.  Frankish and German emperors

DG530-537.8                                                        1268-1492

DG532-537.8                                                              Renaissance

DG538-583.8                                                  Modern, 1492-

DG539-545.8                                                        16th-18th centuries

DG546-549                                                           1792-1815.  Napoleonic period

DG548-549                                                                 Kingdom of Italy

DG550.5-564                                                        19th century

DG552-554.5                                                              1848-1871.  Risorgimento

DG553-553.5                                                                    1848-1849.  Austro-Sardinian War

DG555-575                                                           1871-1947.  United Italy (Monarchy)

DG571-572                                                                 1919-1945.  Fascism

DG576-583.8                                                        1948-    .  Republic

DG600-684.72                              Northern Italy

DG600-609                                         General

DG610-618.78                                    Piedmont.  Savoy

DG631-645                                         Genoa

DG651-664.5                                      Milan.  Lombardy

DG670-684.72                                    Venice

DG691-817.3                                Central Italy

DG691-694                                         General

DG731-759.3                                      Tuscany.  Florence

DG791-800                                         Papal States (States of the Church).  Holy See.  Vatican

DG                                                           City

DG803-817.3                                      Rome (Modern city)

DG819-875                                   Southern Italy

DG819-829                                         General

DG831                                                Sicily and Malta

DG840-857.5                                      Naples.  Kingdom of the Two Sicilies


DG861-875                                         Sicily

DG975                                          Other cities (non-metropolitan), provinces, etc., A-Z

DG987-999                                   Malta.  Maltese Islands


Subclass DH


DH1-925                                 History of Low Countries.  Benelux Countries

DH1-23                                        General

DH31-40                                       Description and travel

DH51-92                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DH95-207                                     History

DH95-109                                           General

DH113-137                                         Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DH141-207                                         By period

DH141-162                                               Early and medieval to 1384

DH171-184                                               1384-1555.  House of Burgundy

DH185-207                                               Wars of Independence, 1555-1648

DH401-811                                   Belgium

DH401-430                                         General

DH431-435                                         Description and travel

DH451-492                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DH503-694                                         History

DH503-527                                               General

DH540-569                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DH571-694                                               By period

DH571-584                                                     Early and medieval to 1555

DH585-619                                                     1555-1794.  Spanish and Austrian rule

DH611-619                                                           1714-1794.  Austrian Netherlands

DH620-676                                                     1794-1909

DH631                                                                  French rule, 1794-1813

DH650-652                                                           Revolution of 1830

DH677-694                                                     20th century

DH801-811                                         Local history and description

DH801                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DH802-809.95                                          Brussels

DH811                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DH901-925                                   Luxembourg


Subclass DJ   


DJ1-(500)                               History of Netherlands (Holland)

DJ1-30                                         General

DJ33-41                                       Description and travel

DJ51-92                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DJ95-292                                      History

DJ95-116                                            General

DJ124-150                                          Military, naval, and political history, etc.  Foreign relations

DJ151-292                                          By period

DJ151-152                                                Early and medieval to 1555

DJ154-210                                                1555-1795.  United provinces

DJ180-182                                                      Anglo-Dutch wars, 1652-1667


DJ190-191                                                      War with France, 1672-1678

DJ193                                                            Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674

DJ196-199.2                                                   Stadtholders, 1702-1747

DJ205-206                                                      Anglo-Dutch War, 1780-1784

DJ208-209                                                      War with France, 1793-1795

DJ211                                                      1795-1806.  Batavian Republic

DJ215-292                                                19th-20th centuries

DJ401-411                                    Local history and description

DJ411.A5-A59                                     Amsterdam


Subclass DJK  


DJK1-77                                 History of Eastern Europe (General)

DJK26-28                                     Ethnography

DJK27                                                Slavic peoples (General)

DJK30-51                                     History

DJK61-77                                     Local history and description

DJK61-66                                           Black Sea region

DJK71-76                                           Carpathian Mountain region

DJK76.2-76.8                                     Danube River Valley

DJK77                                                Pannonia


Subclass DK


DK1-949.5                              History of Russia.  Soviet Union.  Former Soviet Republics

DK33-35.5                                    Ethnography

DK36-293                                     History

DK70-112.42                                      Early to 1613

DK70-99.7                                                Rus=

DK99.8-112.42                                         Muscovy

DK112.8-264.8                                   House of Romanov, 1613-1917

DK265-265.95                                     Revolution, 1917-1921

DK266-292                                         Soviet regime, 1918-1991

DK293                                                1991-

DK500                                          Regions not limited to one Republic, A-Z

DK501-949.5                                Local history and description

DK502.3-502.75                                  Baltic States

DK503-503.95                                     Estonia

DK503.92-503.939                                    Tallinn

DK504-504.95                                     Latvia

DK504.92-504.939                                    Riga

DK505-505.95                                     Lithuania

DK505.92-505.939                                    Vilnius

DK507-507.95                                     Belarus.  Byelorussian S.S.R.  White Russia

DK507.92-507.939                                    Minsk

DK508-508.95                                     Ukraine

DK508.92-508.939                                    Kiev

DK509                                                Southern Soviet Union

DK509.1-509.95                                  Moldova.  Moldovian S.S.R.  Bessarabia

DK509.92-509.939                                    Chisinau.  Kishinev

DK510-651                                         Russia (Federation).  Russian S.F.S.R.


DK541-579                                               Saint Petersburg.  Leningrad.  Petrograd

DK588-609                                               Moscow

DK670-679.5                                      Georgia (Republic).  Georgian S.S.R.  Georgian Sakartvelo

DK679.2-679.39                                        Tbilisi.  Tiflis

DK680-689.5                                      Armenia (Republic).  Armenian S.S.R.

DK689.2-689.39                                        Yerevan.  Erevan

DK690-699.5                                      Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan S.S.R.

DK699.2-699.39                                        Baku

DK751-781                                         Siberia

DK845-860                                         Soviet Central Asia.  West Turkestan

DK901-909.5                                      Kazakhstan.  Kazakh S.S.R.

DK909.2-909.39                                        Alma Ata

DK911-919.5                                      Kyrgyzstan.  Kirghiz S.S.R.  Kirghizia

DK919.2-919.39                                        Frunze

DK921-929.5                                      Tajikistan.  Tajik S.S.R.  Tadzhikistan

DK929.2-929.39                                        Dushanbe

DK931-939.5                                      Turkmenistan.  Turkmen S.S.R.  Turkmenia

DK939.2-939.39                                        Ashkhabad

DK941-949.5                                      Uzbekistan.  Uzbek S.S.R.

DK949.2-949.39                                        Tashkent

DK4010-4800                          History of Poland

DK4120-4122                                Ethnography

DK4123-4452                                History

DK4186-4348                                      To 1795

DK4348.5-4395                                   1795-1918.  19th century (General)

DK4397-4420                                      1918-1945

DK4429-4442                                      1945-1989.  People=s Republic

DK4445-4452                                      1989-

DK4600-4800                                Local history and description

DK4610-4645                                      Warsaw (Warszawa)

DK4650-4685                                      Gdansk (Danzig)

DK4700-4735                                      Krakow (Cracow)


Subclass DL


DL1-1180                               History of Northern Europe.  Scandinavia

DL1-6.8                                        General

DL7-11.5                                      Description and travel

DL20-42.5                                    Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL43-87                                       History

DL43-49                                             General

DL52-59                                             Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL61-87                                             By period

DL61-65                                                   Earliest to 1387.  Scandinavian Empire.  Northmen.  Vikings

DL75-81                                                   1387-1900

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