Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class D (iii)





DL83-87                                                   1900-    .  Period of World War I, 1914-1918

DL101-291                                    Denmark

DL101-114.5                                       General

DL115-120                                          Description and travel

DL121-142.5                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL143-263.3                                       History


DL143-151                                                General

DL154-159.5                                             Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL160-263.3                                             By period

DL160-183.9                                                   Early and medieval to 1523

DL162-173.8                                                         750-1241.  Norwegian rule, 1042-1047

DL174-183.9                                                         1241-1523.  Union of Kalmar, 1397

DL184-263.3                                                   Modern, 1523-

DL185-192.8                                                         1523-1670

DL190                                                                        War with Sweden, 1643-1645

DL192                                                                        War with Sweden, 1657-1660

DL193-199.8                                                         1670-1808

DL196.3                                                                     Period of Northern War, 1700-1721

DL201-249                                                            1808-1906.  19th century

DL217-223                                                                  Schleswig-Holstein War, 1848-1850

DL236-239.6                                                               Schleswig-Holstein War, 1864

DL250-263.3                                                         20th century

DL269-291                                          Local history and description

DL271                                                      Counties, regions, islands, etc., A-Z

DL276                                                      Copenhagen

DL291                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DL301-398                                    Iceland

DL301-334                                          General.  Description and travel, etc.

DL335-380                                          History

DL396-398                                          Local history and description

DL401-596                                    Norway

DL401-414                                          General

DL415-419.2                                       Description and travel

DL420-442.5                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL443-537                                          History

DL443-451.5                                             General

DL453-459                                                Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL460-537                                                By period

DL460-478                                                      Early and medieval to 1387

DL480-502                                                      1387-1814.  Union of Kalmar, 1397

DL499                                                                  War of 1807-1814

DL500-502                                                            Union with Sweden, 1814

DL503-526                                                      1814-1905.  19th century

DL525                                                                  Dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union, 1905

DL527-537                                                      20th century.  Period of World War II, 1939-1945

DL576-596                                          Local history and description

DL576                                                      Counties, regions, etc., A-Z

DL581                                                      Oslo (Christiania)

DL596                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DL601-991                                    Sweden

DL601-614.5                                       General

DL614.55-619.5                                  Description and travel

DL621-642                                          Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL643-879                                          History

DL643-651                                                General

DL654-659                                                Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL660-879                                                By period


DL660-700.9                                                   Early and medieval to 1523.  Union of Kalmar, 1397

DL701-879                                                      Modern, 1523-

DL701-719.9                                                         Vasa dynasty, 1523-1654.  Gustaf II Adolf, 1611-1632

DL710-712                                                                  Wars with Denmark, Russia, Poland

DL721-743                                                            Zweibrücken dynasty, 1654-1718

DL733-743                                                                  Northern War, 1700-1721

DL747-805                                                            1718-1818

DL790                                                                        Revolution and loss of Finland, 1809

DL805                                                                        Union with Norway, 1814

DL807-859                                                            1814-1907.  19th century

DL860-879                                                            20th century

DL971-991                                          Local history and description

DL971                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DL976                                                      Stockholm

DL991                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DL1002-1180                                Finland

DL1002-1014.5                                   General

DL1015-1015.4                                   Description and travel

DL1016-1022                                      Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL1024-1141.6                                   History

DL1024-1033                                            General

DL1036-1048                                            Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL1050-1141.6                                         By period

DL1050-1052.9                                               Early to 1523

DL1055-1141.6                                               Modern, 1523-

DL1070-1078                                                        Revolution, 1917-1918.  Civil War

DL1090-1105                                                        1939-1945

DL1095-1105                                                              Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940

DL1122-1135.5                                               1945-1981

DL1140-1141.6                                               1981-

DL1170-1180                                      Local history and description

DL1170                                                    Regions, provinces, historical regions, etc., A-Z

DL1175-1175.95                                       Helsinki (Helsingfors)

DL1180                                                    Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DP   


DP1-402                                 History of Spain

DP1-27                                         General

DP27.5-43.2                                 Description and travel

DP44-53                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DP56-272.4                                  History

DP56-75                                             General

DP76-86                                             Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DP91-272.4                                        By period

DP91-96                                                   Earliest to 711

DP92-96                                                         Pre-Roman, Roman, and Gothic periods

DP97.3-160.8                                           711-1516.  Moorish domination and the Reconquest

DP100-123                                                      Moors in Spain.  Córdoba.  Kingdom of Granada

DP124-133.7                                                   Aragon (Catalonia)

DP134-143.8                                                   Castile and Leon


DP145-152.8                                                   León (Asturias)

DP153-160.8                                                   Navarre

DP161-272.4                                             Modern Spain, 1479/1516-

DP161.5-166                                                   1479-1516.  Fernando V and Isabel I

DP170-189                                                      1516-1700.  Habsburgs

DP192-200.8                                                   1700-1808.  Bourbons

DP201-232.6                                                   1808-1886.  19th century

DP204-208                                                            1808-1814.  Napoleonic period

DP212-220                                                            1814-1868.  Bourbon restoration

DP219-219.2                                                               Carlist War, 1833-1840

DP222-232.6                                                         1868-1886

DP224-226                                                                  Revolution, 1868-1870

DP230-231.5                                                               First Republic, 1873-1875

DP233-272.4                                                   20th century.  1886-

DP250-269.9                                                         Second Republic, 1931-1939

DP269-269.9                                                               Civil War, 1936-1939

DP269.97-271                                                       1939-1975

DP272-272.4                                                         1975-

DP285-402                                    Local history and description

DP285-295                                          Northern, Northwestern, Southern Spain

DP302                                                Provinces, regions, ets., A-Z

DP350-374                                          Madrid

DP402                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DP501-(900.22)                      History of Portugal

DP501-520                                    General

DP521-526.5                                 Description and travel

DP528-534.5                                 Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DP535-682.2                                 History

DP535-546                                          General

DP547-557                                          Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DP558-682.2                                       By period

DP558-618                                                Early and medieval to 1580

DP568-578                                                      House of Burgundy, 1095-1383

DP580                                                            Interregnum, 1383-1385

DP582-618                                                      House of Aviz, 1385-1580

DP620-682.2                                             1580-

DP622-629                                                      1580-1640.  Spanish dynasty (Sixty years= captivity)

DP632-644.9                                                   1640-1816.  House of Braganza

DP645-669                                                      1816-1908

DP650                                                                  Revolution of 1820

DP657                                                                  Wars of succession, 1826-1840

DP670-682.2                                                   20th century

DP674                                                                  Revolution of October 1910

DP675-682.2                                                         Republic, 1910-    .  Revolution of 1919

DP702-802                                    Local history and description

DP702                                                Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DP752-776                                          Lisbon

DP802                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DQ



DQ1-851                                 History of Switzerland

DQ1-20                                        General

DQ20.5-26                                    Description and travel

DQ30-49.5                                    Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DQ51-210                                     History

DQ51-57                                             General

DQ59-76                                             Military and political history.  Foreign relations

DQ78-210                                           By period

DQ78-110                                                 Early and medieval to 1516

DQ79-84                                                         Early to 687.  Celts and Romans.  Teutonic tribes

DQ85-87                                                         687-1291.  Carolingian and German rule

DQ88-110                                                       1291-1516.  Federation and independence

DQ111-123                                               1516-1798

DQ124-191                                               19th century

DQ131-151                                                     1789/1798-1815.  Helvetic Republic, 1798-1803

DQ154-161                                                     1815-1848.  Sonderbund, 1845-1847

DQ171-191                                                     1848-1900

DQ201-210                                               20th century

DQ301-851                                   Local history and description

DQ301-800.35                                    Cantons (and cantonal capitals)

DQ820-829                                         Alps

DQ841                                                Regions, peaks, etc., A-Z

DQ851                                                Cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DR


DR1-2285                               History of Balkan Peninsula

DR1-11                                         General

DR11.5-16                                    Description and travel

DR20-27                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR32-48.5                                    History.  Balkan War, 1912-1913

DR50-50.84                                  Thrace

DR51-98                                       Bulgaria

DR51-56.7                                          General

DR57-60.2                                          Description and travel

DR62-64.5                                          Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR65-93.47                                        History

DR65-69.5                                                General

DR70-73                                                   Military and political history.  Foreign relations

DR73.7-93.47                                           By period

DR73.7-80.8                                                   Early and medieval

DR74.5-77.8                                                         First Bulgarian Empire, 681-1018

DR79-79.25                                                          Greek rule, 1018-1185

DR80-80.8                                                            Second Bulgarian Empire, 1185-1396

DR81-84                                                         Turkish rule, 1396-1878

DR84.9-89.8                                                   1878-1944

DR89.9-93.34                                                 1944-1990

DR93.4-93.47                                                 1990-

DR95-98                                             Local history and description

DR95                                                        Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR97                                                        Sofia


DR98                                                        Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR201-296                                   Romania

DR201-206                                         General

DR207-210                                         Description and travel

DR211-214.2                                      Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR215-269.6                                      History

DR215-218                                               General

DR219-229                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR238-269.6                                            By period

DR238-240.5                                                  Early and medieval to 1601.  Roman period

DR241-241.5                                                  Phanariote regime, 1601-1822

DR242-249                                                     1822-1881.  19th century

DR250-266.5                                                  1866/1881-1944

DR267-267.5                                                  1944-1989

DR268-269.6                                                  1989-

DR279-296                                         Local history and description

DR279-280.74                                           Transylvania

DR281                                                      Other provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR286                                                      Bucharest

DR296                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR401-741                                   Turkey

DR401-419                                         General

DR421-429.4                                      Description and travel

DR431-435                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR436-605                                         History

DR436-446                                               General

DR448-479                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR481-605                                               By period

DR481                                                            Earliest to 1281/1453

DR485-555.7                                                  1281/1453-1789.  Fall of Constantinople, 1453

DR511-529                                                     1566-1640.  Period of decline

DR515-516                                                           Cyprian War, 1570-1571.  Holy League, 1571

DR531-555.7                                                  1640-1789

DR534.2-534.5                                                     War of Candia, 1644-1669

DR556-567                                                     1789-1861.  19th century

DR568-575                                                     1861-1909.  War with Russia, 1877-1878

DR576-605                                                     20th century.  Constitutional movement

DR701-741                                         Local history and description (European Turkey)

DR701                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR716-739                                               Istanbul (Constantinople)

DR741                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR901-998                                   Albania

DR901-914.5                                      General

DR915-918                                         Description and travel

DR921-926                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR927-978.52                                     History

DR927-946                                               General

DR947-953                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR954-978.52                                           By period

DR954-960.5                                                  To 1501

DR961-969                                                     1501-1912.  Turkish rule


DR969.8-978.52                                              20th century

DR996-998                                         Local history and description

DR996                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR997                                                      Tiranë

DR998                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR1202-2285                                Yugoslavia

DR1202-1218                                      General

DR1220-1224                                      Description and travel

DR1227-1231                                      Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR1232-1321                                      History

DR1232-1249                                            General

DR1250-1258                                            Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR1259-1321                                            By period

DR1259-1265                                                  Early and medieval to 1500

DR1266-1272                                                  1500-1800

DR1273-1280                                                  1800-1918

DR1281-1321                                                  1918-

DR1313-1313.8                                                     Yugoslav War, 1991-1995

DR1350-2285                                      Local history and description

DR1352-1485                                            Slovenia

DR1502-1645                                            Croatia

DR1620-1630.5                                               Dalmatia

DR1633-1636.5                                               Slavonia

DR1652-1785                                            Bosnia and Hercegovina

DR1802-1928                                            Montenegro

DR1932-2125                                            Serbia

DR2075-2087.7                                               Kosovo

DR2090-2101.5                                               Vojvodina

DR2106-2124.5                                               Belgrade

DR2152-2285                                            Macedonia


Subclass DS


DS1-937                                 History of Asia

DS5.95-10                                    Description and travel

DS11                                            Antiquities

DS13-28                                       Ethnography

DS31-35.2                                    History

DS35.3-35.77                                The Islamic World

DS36-39.2                                    Arab countries

DS36.9                                               Ethnography

DS37-39.2                                          History

DS41-66                                       Middle East.  Southwestern Asia.  Ancient Orient.  Arab East.  Near


DS51-54.95                                         Local history and description

DS54-54.95                                               Cyprus

DS58-59                                             Ethnography

DS61-66                                             History

DS67-79.9                                    Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

DS69-70.5                                          Antiquities

DS70.8                                               Ethnography


DS70.82-79.9                                      History

DS80-90                                       Lebanon (Phenicia)

DS80.5-80.55                                      Ethnography

DS80.7-87.6                                       History

DS92-99                                       Syria

DS94.7-94.8                                       Ethnography

DS94.9-98.3                                       History

DS99                                                  Provinces, regions, cities, etc.

DS101-151                                    Israel (Palestine).  The Jews

DS109-109.94                                     Jerusalem

DS111-111.9                                       Antiquities

DS113.2-113.8                                    Ethnography.  Tribes of Israel

DS114-128.2                                       History

DS133-151                                          Jews outside of Palestine

DS153-154.9                                 Jordan.  Transjordan

DS153.5-153.55                                  Ethnography

DS153.7-154.55                                  History

DS155-156                                    Asia Minor

DS161-195.5                                 Armenia

DS173-195.5                                       History

DS201-248                                    Arabian Peninsula.  Saudi Arabia

DS218-219                                          Ethnography

DS221-244.63                                     History

DS247-248                                          Local history and description

DS251-326                                    Iran (Persia)

DS260.7-262                                       Antiquities

DS268-269                                          Ethnography

DS270-318.85                                     History

DS324-326                                          Local history and description

DS327-329.4                                 Central Asia

DS331-349.9                                 Southern Asia.  Indian Ocean Region

DS349.8-349.9                                    Islands of the Indian Ocean

DS350-375                                    Afghanistan

DS354.5-354.6                                    Ethnography

DS355-371.3                                       History

DS374-375                                          Local history and description

DS376-392.2                                 Pakistan

DS380                                                Ethnography

DS381-389.22                                     History

DS392-392.2                                       Local history and description

DS393-396.9                                 Bangladesh.  East Pakistan

DS393.82-393.83                                Ethnography

DS394.5-395.7                                    History

DS396.8-396.9                                    Local history and description

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