Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class D (iv)





DS401-(486.8)                              India (Bharat)

DS430-432                                          Ethnography.  Sects

DS433-481                                          History

DS483-(486.8)                                    Local history and description

DS488-490                                    Sri Lanka

DS489.2-489.25                                  Ethnography

DS489.5-489.86                                  History


DS491-492.9                                 Bhutan

DS493-495.8                                 Nepal

DS498-498.8                                 Goa.  Portuguese in India

DS501-518.9                                 East Asia.  The Far East

DS518.15-518.9                                  Relation of individual countries to East Asia

DS520-560.72                               Southeast Asia

DS524-526.7                                       History

DS527-530.9                                       Burma

DS531-560.72                                     French Indochina

DS541-553.7                                             History

DS554-554.98                                           Cambodia

DS555-555.98                                           Laos

DS556-559.93                                           Vietnam.  Annam

DS557-559.9                                                   Vietnamese Conflict

DS560-560.72                                           Democratic Republic (North Vietnam), 1945-

DS561-589                                          Thailand (Siam)

DS569-570                                                Ethnography

DS570.95-586                                           History

DS588-589                                                Local history and description

DS591-599                                          Malaysia.  Malay Peninsula.  Straits Settlements

DS595-595.2                                             Ethnography

DS595.8-597.215                                      History

DS597.22-599                                           Local history and description

DS597.33-597.34                                            Sabah.  British North Borneo

DS597.36-597.39                                            Sarawak

DS600-605                                          Malay Archipelago

DS608-610.9                                       Singapore

DS611-649                                          Indonesia (Dutch East Indies)

DS631-632                                                Ethnography

DS633-644.46                                           History

DS646.1-646.15                                        Sumatra

DS646.17-646.29                                      Java

DS646.3-646.34                                        Borneo.  Kalimantan, Indonesia

DS646.4-646.49                                        Celebes.  Sulawesi

DS646.5-646.59                                        Timor

DS646.6-646.69                                        Moluccas.  Maluku

DS650-650.99                                     Brunei

DS651-689                                          Philippines

DS665-666                                                Ethnography

DS667-686.62                                           History

DS688-689                                                Local history and description

DS701-799.9                                 China

DS730-731                                          Ethnography

DS733-779.32                                     History

DS781-796                                          Local history and description

DS781-784.2                                             Manchuria

DS785-786                                                Tibet

DS796.H7                                                 Hong Kong

DS798                                                Outer Mongolia.  Mongolian People’s Republic

DS798.92-799.9                                  Taiwan

DS801-897                                    Japan


DS833-891.5                                       History

DS894.215-897                                   Local history and description

DS901-937                                    Korea

DS904.8-922.4642                               History

DS918-921.8                                             War and intervention, 1950-1953

DS924-925                                          Local history and description

DS930-937                                          Democratic People’s Republic, 1948-



Subclass DT


DT1-3415                               History of Africa

DT7-12.25                                    Description and travel

DT15-16                                       Ethnography

DT17-39                                       History

DT43-154                                     Egypt

DT56.8-69.5                                       Antiquities

DT63-63.5                                                Pyramids

DT68-68.8                                                Religious antiquities

DT71-72                                             Ethnography

DT73                                                  Local antiquities

DT74-107.87                                      History

DT115-154                                         Local history and description

DT139-153.5                                            Cairo

DT154.1-159.9                             Sudan.  Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

DT154.8                                             Antiquities

DT155-155.2                                      Ethnography

DT155.3-157.67                                  History

DT159.6-159.9                                   Local history and description

DT160-177                                   North Africa

DT167-176                                         History

DT168-169.5                                            Carthaginian period

DT179.2-179.9                             Northwest Africa

DT181-346                                   Maghrib.  Barbary States

DT211-239                                         Libya

DT223-223.2                                            Ethnography

DT223.3-236                                            History

DT238-239                                               Local history and description

DT241-269                                         Tunisia (Tunis)

DT253-253.2                                            Ethnography

DT253.4-264.49                                        History

DT268-269                                               Local history and description

DT271-299                                         Algeria

DT283-283.6                                            Ethnography

DT283.7-295.55                                        History

DT298-299                                               Local history and description

DT301-330                                         Morocco

DT313-313.6                                            Ethnography

DT313.7-325.92                                        History

DT328-329                                               Local history and description

DT330                                                      Spanish Morocco


DT331-346                                         Sahara

DT348-363.3                                Central Sub-Saharan Africa

DT365-469                                   Eastern Africa

DT365.5-365.78                                  History

DT367-367.8                                      Northeast Africa

DT371-390                                         Ethiopia (Abyssinia)

DT380-380.4                                            Ethnography

DT380.5-390                                            History

DT391-398                                         Eritrea

DT401-409                                         Somalia.  Somaliland and adjacent territory

DT402.3-402.45                                        Ethnography

DT402.5-407.3                                         History

DT409                                                      Local history and description

DT411-411.9                                      Djibouti.  French Territory of the Afars and Issas.  French


DT411.42-411.45                                      Ethnography

DT411.5-411.83                                        History

DT411.9                                                   Local history and description

DT421-432.5                                      East Africa.  British East Africa

DT433.2-433.29                                  Uganda

DT433.242-433.245                                  Ethnography

DT433.252-433.287                                  History

DT433.29                                                 Local history and description

DT433.5-434                                      Kenya

DT433.542-433.545                                  Ethnography

DT433.552-433.584                                  History

DT436-449                                         Tanzania.  Tanganyika.  German East Africa

DT443-443.3                                            Ethnography

DT443.5-448.25                                        History

DT449.Z2                                                 Zanzibar

DT450-450.49                                     Rwanda.  Ruanda-Urundi

DT450.24-450.25                                      Ethnography

DT450.26-450.437                                    History

DT450.49                                                 Local history and description

DT450.5-450.95                                  Burundi

DT450.64-450.65                                      Ethnography

DT450.66-450.855                                    History

DT450.95                                                 Local history and description

DT468-469                                         Islands (East African coast)

DT469.M21-.M38                                       Madagascar

DT469.M39                                               Mascarene Islands

DT469.M4-.M495                                       Mautitius (Ile de France)

DT469.M4975                                           Mayotte

DT469.R3-.R5                                           Reunion

DT469.S4-.S49                                          Seychelles

DT470-671                                   West Africa.  West Coast

DT477                                                Upper Guinea

DT479                                                Lower Guinea

DT491-516.9                                      British West Africa

DT507                                                      Ashanti Empire

DT509-509.9                                            Gambia


DT509.42-509.45                                            Ethnography

DT509.5-509.83                                              History

DT509.9                                                         Local history and description

DT509.97-512.9                                        Ghana (Gold Coast)

DT510.42-510.43                                            Ethnography

DT510.5-512.34                                              History

DT512.9                                                         Local history and description

DT515-515.9                                            Nigeria

DT515.42-515.45                                            Ethnography

DT515.53-515.842                                          History

DT515.9                                                         Local history and description

DT516-516.9                                            Sierra Leone

DT516.42-516.45                                            Ethnography

DT516.5-516.82                                              History

DT516.9                                                         Local history and description

DT521-555.9                                      French West Africa.  French Sahara.  West Sahara.  Sahel

DT541-541.9                                            Benin.  Dahomey

DT541.42-541.45                                            Ethnography

DT541.5-541.845                                            History

DT541.9                                                         Local history and description

DT543-543.9                                            Guinea

DT543.42-543.45                                            Ethnography

DT543.5-543.827                                            History

DT543.9                                                         Local history and description

DT545-545.9                                            Côte d’Ivoire.  Ivory Coast

DT545.42-545.45                                            Ethnography

DT545.52-545.83                                            History

DT545.9                                                         Local history and description

DT546.1-546.49                                        French-speaking Equatorial Africa

DT546.1-546.19                                              Gabon (Gaboon, Gabun)

DT546.142-546.145                                              Ethnography

DT546.15-546.183                                                History

DT546.19                                                             Local history and description

DT546.2-546.29                                              Congo (Brazzaville).  Middle Congo

DT546.242-546.245                                              Ethnography

DT546.25-546.283                                                History

DT546.29                                                             Local history and description

DT546.3-546.39                                              Central African Republic.  Central African Empire.


DT546.342-546.345                                              Ethnography

DT546.348-546.3852                                             History

DT546.39                                                             Local history and description

DT546.4-546.49                                              Chad (Tchad)

DT546.442-546.445                                              Ethnography

DT546.449-546.483                                              History

DT546.49                                                             Local history and description

DT547-547.9                                            Niger

DT547.42-547.45                                            Ethnography

DT547.5-547.83                                              History

DT547.9                                                         Local history and description

DT548                                                      West Sahara


DT549-549.9                                            Senegal

DT549.42-549.45                                            Ethnography

DT549.47-549.83                                            History

DT549.9                                                         Local history and description

DT551-551.9                                            Mali.  Mali Federation.  Sudanese Republic.  French Sudan

DT551.42-551.45                                            Ethnography

DT551.5-551.82                                              History

DT551.9                                                         Local history and description

DT554-554.9                                            Mauritania

DT554.42-554.45                                            Ethnography

DT554.52-554.83                                            History

DT554.9                                                         Local history and description

DT555-555.9                                            Burkina Faso.  Upper Volta

DT555.42-555.45                                            Ethnography

DT555.517-555.837                                        History

DT555.9                                                         Local history and description

DT561-581                                         Cameroon (Cameroun, Kamerun)

DT570-571                                               Ethnography

DT572-578.4                                            History

DT581                                                      Local history and description

DT582-582.9                                      Togo.  Togoland

DT582.42-582.45                                      Ethnography

DT582.5-582.82                                        History

DT582.9                                                   Local history and description

DT591-615.9                                      Portuguese-speaking West Africa

DT613-613.9                                            Guinea-Bissau.  Portuguese Guinea

DT613.42-613.45                                            Ethnography

DT613.5-613.83                                              History

DT613.9                                                         Local history and description

DT615-615.9                                            Sao Tome and Principe

DT615.42-615.45                                            Ethnography

DT615.5-615.8                                               History

DT615.9                                                         Local history and description

DT619-620.9                                      Spanish West Africa

DT620-620.9                                            Equatorial Guinea (Spanish Guinea)

DT620.42-620.45                                            Ethnography

DT620.46-620.83                                            History

DT620.9                                                         Local history and description

DT621-637                                         Liberia

DT630-630.5                                            Ethnography

DT630.8-636.53                                        History

DT639                                                Congo (Kongo) River region

DT641-665                                         Zaire.  Congo (Democratic Republic).  Belgian Congo

DT649.5-650                                            Ethnography

DT650.2-663                                            History

DT665                                                      Local history and description

DT669-671                                         Islands

DT671.C2                                                 Cape Verde

DT1001-1190                                Southern Africa

DT1054-1058                                      Ethnography

DT1062-1182                                      History


DT1190                                              Local history and description

DT1251-1465                                Angola

DT1304-1308                                      Ethnography

DT1314-1436                                      History

DT1450-1465                                      Local history and description

DT1501-1685                                Namibia.  South-West Africa

DT1554-1558                                      Ethnography

DT1564-1651                                      History

DT1670-1685                                      Local history and description

DT1701-2405                                South Africa

DT1754-1770                                      Ethnography

DT1757                                                    Apartheid

DT1758-1760                                            Blacks

DT1772-1974                                      History

DT1991-2054                                      Cape Province.  Cape of Good Hope

DT2075-2145                                      Orange Free State.  Oranje Vrystaat

DT2181-2278                                      KwaZulu-Natal.  Natal

DT2291-2378                                      Transvaal.  South African Republic

DT2421-2525                                Botswana.  Bechuanaland

DT2454-2458                                      Ethnography

DT2464-2502                                      History

DT2541-2686                                Lesotho.  Basutoland

DT2592-2596                                      Ethnography

DT2604-2660                                      History

DT2680-2686                                      Local history and description

DT2701-2825                                Swaziland

DT2744-2746                                      Ethnography

DT2754-2806                                      History

DT2820-2825                                      Local history and description

DT2831-2864                                British Central Africa.  Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

DT2871-3025                                Zimbabwe.  Southern Rhodesia

DT2910-2913                                      Ethnography

DT2914-3000                                      History

DT3020-3025                                      Local history and description

DT3031-3145                                Zambia.  Northern Rhodesia

DT3054-3058                                      Ethnography

DT3064-3119                                      History

DT3140-3145                                      Local history and description

DT3161-3257                                Malawi.  Nyasaland

DT3189-3192                                      Ethnography

DT3194-3237                                      History

DT3252-3257                                      Local history and description

DT3291-3415                                Mozambique

DT3324-3328                                      Ethnography

DT3330-3398                                      History

DT3410-3415                                      Local history and description



Subclass DU


DU1-950                                 History of Oceania (South Seas)


DU28.11-68                                  History

DU80-398                                     Australia

DU108-117.2                                      History

DU120-125                                         Ethnography

DU125                                                      Australian aborigines

DU145                                                Australian Capital Territory.  Canberra

DU150-180                                         New South Wales

DU170-172                                               History

DU178-180                                               Local history and description

DU182-198                                         Tasmania.  Van Diemen’s Land

DU190-195.3                                            History

DU200-230                                         Victoria

DU220-222                                               History

DU228-230                                               Local history and description

DU250-280                                         Queensland

DU270-272                                               History

DU278-280                                               Local history and description

DU300-330                                         South Australia

DU320-322                                               History

DU328-330                                               Local history and description

DU350-380                                         Western Australia

DU370-372                                               History

DU378-380                                               Local history and description

DU390                                                Central Australia

DU391                                                Northern Australia

DU392-398                                         Northern Territory of Australia

DU400-430                                   New Zealand

DU419-422                                         History

DU422.5-424.5                                   Ethnography

DU422.8-424                                            Maoris

DU428-430                                         Local history and description

DU490                                          Melanesia (General)

DU500                                          Micronesia (General)

DU510                                          Polynesia (General)

DU520-950                                   Smaller island groups

DU620-629                                         Hawaiian Islands.  Hawaii

DU739-747                                         New Guinea

DU810-819                                         Samoan Islands



Subclass DX


DX101-301                              History of Romanies

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