Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class J





Subclass J


J(1)‑981                                 General legislative and executive papers

J(1)‑(9)                                        Gazettes

The Library of Congress now classes this

material in K

J80‑87                                         United States

J80‑82                                               Presidents’ messages and other executive


J100‑981                                      Other regions and countries


Subclass JA


JA1‑92                                         Political science (General)

JA1‑26                                               Periodicals

JA27‑34                                             Societies

JA35.5                                               Congresses

JA60‑64                                             Dictionaries and encyclopedias

JA71‑80                                             Theory.  Relations to other subjects

JA81‑84                                             History

JA86‑88                                             Study and teaching.  Research

JA92                                                  Collective biography of political scientists


Subclass JC


JC11‑605                                Political theory.  The state.  Theories of the state

JC47                                            Oriental state

JC49                                            Islamic state

JC51‑93                                       Ancient state

JC109‑121                                    Medieval state

JC131‑273                                    Modern state

JC177‑178                                          Thomas Paine

JC311‑314                                    Nationalism.  Nation state

JC319‑323                                    Political geography

JC327                                          Sovereignty

JC328.2                                       Consensus.  Consent of the governed

JC328.6‑.65                                 Violence.  Political violence

JC329                                          Patriotism

JC345‑347                                    Symbolism

JC348‑497                                    Forms of the state

JC571‑605                                    Purpose, functions, and relations of the state


Subclass JF


JF20‑2112                              Political institutions and public administration


JF20‑1177                                    General.  Comparative government

JF51‑56                                              General works.  History

JF225‑619                                          Organs and functions of government

JF251‑289                                                Executive.  Heads of state

JF331‑341                                                Parliamentary government

JF491‑619                                                Legislation.  Legislative process.  Law‑making

JF799‑1177                                       Political rights.  Political participation

JF1338‑2112                                 Public administration

JF1501‑1521                                       Civil service

JF2011‑2112                                       Political parties


Subclass JJ


JJ1000‑1019                           Political institutions and public administration

(North America)


Subclass JK


JK1‑9993                                Political institutions and public administration

(United States)

JK1‑9593                                      United States

JK404‑1685                                        Government.  Public administration

JK501‑868                                                Executive branch

JK631‑868                                                      Civil Service.  Departments and agencies

JK1012‑1432                                            Congress.  Legislative branch

JK1154‑1276                                                  Senate

JK1308‑1432                                                  House of Representatives

JK1606‑1683                                            Capital.  Public buildings.  Government

property.  Government purchasing

JK1717‑2217                                      Political rights.  Practical politics

JK1758‑1761                                            Citizenship

JK1846‑1929                                            Suffrage

JK1965‑2217                                            Electoral system

JK2255‑2391                                      Political parties

JK2403‑9593                                      State government

JK9663‑9993                                Confederate States of America


Subclass JL


JL1‑3899                                Political institutions and public administration

(Canada, Latin America, etc.)

JL1‑500                                        Canada

JL599.5‑839                                 West Indies.  Caribbean Area

JL1200‑1299                                 Mexico

JL1400‑1679                                 Central America

JL1850‑3899                                 South America


Subclass JN


JN1‑9689                                Political institutions and public administration (Europe)


JN1‑97                                         General

JN101‑1371                                  Great Britain

JN1187‑1371                                      Scotland

JN1395‑1571.5                             Ireland

JN1601‑2191                                Austria‑Hungary.  Austria.  Hungary

JN2210‑2229                                Czech Republic.  Czechoslovakia

JN2240                                         Slovakia

JN2301‑3007                                France

JN3201‑4944                                Germany

JN5001‑5191                                Greece

JN5201‑5690                                Italy

JN5701‑5999                                Netherlands

JN6101‑6371                                Belgium

JN6500‑6598                                Soviet Union.  Russia.  Former Soviet Republics

JN6615                                         Estonia

JN6630‑6639                                Ukraine

JN6640‑6649                                Belarus

JN6680‑6689                                Moldova

JN6690‑6699                                Russia (Federation)

JN6730‑6739                                Latvia

JN6745                                         Lithuania

JN6750‑6769                                Poland

JN7011‑7066                                Scandinavia.  Northern Europe

JN7101‑7367                                Denmark

JN7370‑7379                                Greenland

JN7380‑7389                                Iceland

JN7390‑7399                                Finland

JN7401‑7695                                Norway

JN7721‑7995                                Sweden

JN8101‑8399                                Spain

JN8423‑8661                                Portugal

JN8701‑9599                                Switzerland

JN9600‑9689                                Balkan States


Subclass JQ


JQ21‑6651                              Political institutions and public administration (Asia,

Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)

JQ21‑1852                                    Asia

JQ200‑620                                          India

JQ1070‑1199                                      Central Asia

Including former republics of the Soviet


JQ1499‑1749                                      East Asia

Including China, Japan, Korea

JQ1758‑1852                                      Middle East

Including Turkey, Iran, Israel, Arabian


JQ1850                                                    Arab countries

JQ1852                                                    Islamic countries

JQ1870‑3981                                Africa


JQ3981.5‑3986.7                          Atlantic Ocean islands

JQ3995‑6651                                Australia.  New Zealand.  Pacific Ocean islands


Subclass JS


JS39‑8500                              Local government.  Municipal government

JS55‑68                                        History

JS141‑163                                    Executive branch.  Mayor

JS171                                           Legislative branch

JS221‑227                                    Elections.  Local elections.  Municipal elections

JS241‑271                                    Local government other than municipal

JS300‑1583                                   United States

JS1701‑1800                                 Canada

JS1840‑2058.9                              West Indies.  Caribbean Area

JS2101‑2143                                 Mexico

JS2145‑2219                                 Central America

JS2300‑2778                                 South America

JS3000‑6949.89                            Europe

JS6950‑7520                                 Asia

JS7510                                               Arab countries

JS7520                                               Islamic countries

JS7525‑7819.9                              Africa

JS7820‑7827.9                              Atlantic Ocean islands

JS7900‑7906.9                              Indian Ocean islands

JS8001‑8490.9                              Australia.  New Zealand.  Pacific Ocean islands


Subclass JV


JV1‑9480                                Colonies and colonization.  Emigration and

immigration.  International migration

JV1‑5397                                      Colonies and colonization

JV1‑9                                                 Periodicals.  Serials

JV10‑19                                             Societies

JV61‑152                                            History

JV412‑461                                          Administration

JV500‑5397                                        Colonizing nations

JV6001‑9480                                Emigration and immigration.  International


JV6001‑6006                                      Periodicals.  Serials

JV6021‑6033                                      History

JV6091‑6124                                      Emigration

JV6201‑6347                                      Immigration

JV6403‑7127                                      United States

JV7200‑7539                                      Canada, Latin America, etc.

JV7590‑8339.7                                   Europe

JV8490‑8758                                      Asia

JV8760                                               Arab countries

JV8762                                               Islamic countries

JV8790‑9024.5                                   Africa

JV9029‑9036                                      Atlantic Ocean islands

JV9040‑9047                                      Indian Ocean islands


JV9100‑9269                                      Australia.  New Zealand

JV9290‑9470                                      Pacific Ocean islands


Subclass JX (obsolete)


JX(1)‑(6650)                           International law, see JZ and KZ

JX(63)‑(191)                                 Collections.  Documents.  Cases

JX(220)‑(1195)                             Collections, cases, etc.  By country

JX(1261)‑(1283)                            Codification of international law

JX(1305)‑(1598)                            Foreign relations

JX(1621)‑(1896)                            Diplomacy

JX(1901)‑(1995)                            International arbitration, organization, etc.

JX(2001)‑(6650)                            International law


Subclass JZ


JZ5‑6530                                International relations

JZ5.5‑18                                      Periodicals

JZ24‑38                                        Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc.,

for the study of international relations

JZ63‑1153                                    Sources

JZ221‑1153                                        By region or country

JZ1249‑1254                                 Relation to other disciplines and topics

JZ1305‑2060                                 Scope of international relations. Political theory.


JZ1329.5‑1395                                    By period

JZ1400‑1454                                       Diplomatic and consular service

JZ1464‑2060                                       Scope of international relations with regard to

countries, territories, regions, etc.

JZ3674‑3875                                 State territory and its parts

JZ3685                                               Boundaries

JZ3686‑3875                                       International waters

JZ4835‑5490                                 International organizations and associations

JZ4841‑4848                                       Political non‑governmental organizations.


JZ4850‑5490                                       Intergovernmental organizations.  IGOs

JZ4853‑4934                                             League of Nations

JZ4935‑5160                                             United Nations

JZ5511.2‑6300                              Promotion of peace.  Peaceful change

JZ5514‑5526                                       Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc.,

for peace promotion, research and education

JZ5527‑5532                                       Congresses and conferences

JZ5587‑6009                                       International security.  Disarmament.  Global survival

JZ6010‑6060                                       Pacific settlement of international disputes

JZ6360‑6377                                 Non‑military coercion

JZ6385‑6405                                 The armed conflict.  War and order

JZ6422‑6422.5                              Neutrality.  Non‑participation in wars.  Norms of


JZ6530                                         Humanitarian aspects of war

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