Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class K (i)



Subclass K


K1‑7720 Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence

K1‑36.5 Periodicals

K37‑44 Bibliography

K46 Monographic series

K48 Encyclopedias

K50‑54 Dictionaries. Words and phrases

K58 Maxims. Quotations

K(64) Yearbooks

K68‑70 Directories

K85‑89 Legal research

K94 Legal composition and draftsmanship

K100‑103 Legal education

K109‑110 Law societies. International bar associations

K115‑130 The legal profession

K133 Legal aid. Legal assistance to the poor

K140‑165 History of law

K170 Biography

K(175) Congresses

K(176)‑(177) Collected works (nonserial)

K(179) Addresses, essays, lectures

K181‑184.7 Miscellany

K190‑195 Ethnological jurisprudence. Primitive law

K201‑487 Jurisprudence. Philosophy and theory of law

K202 Periodicals

K212‑213 Methodology

K215‑218 History

K236 Universality and non‑universality of law

K237‑264 The concept of law

K270‑274 Acts and events

K280‑286 Sources of law

K288‑296 Interpretation and construction of law. Lacunae in law

K300‑304 Classification of law. Typology

K321‑474 Schools of legal theory

K325‑328 Historical jurisprudence

K330‑344 Positivism

K366‑380 Sociology of law. Sociological jurisprudence

K400‑474 Natural law

K486‑487 Relation of law to other topics

K(520)‑5582 Comparative law. International uniform law

K524‑525 Treaties and other international agreements

K540‑546 Trials

K578‑579 Concepts applying to several branches of law

K583‑(591) Legal systems compared

K592‑597 Regional divisions. Interregional comparative law

K600‑615 Private law


K605‑615 Unification

K623‑968 Civil law

K625‑709 Persons

K670‑709 Domestic relations. Family law

K720‑792 Property

K795‑798 Trusts and trustees

K805‑821 Succession upon death

K830‑968 Obligations

K840‑917 Contracts

K920 Restitution. Quasi contracts. Unjust enrichment

K923‑968 Torts

K970 Compensation to victims of crime. Reparation

K1000‑1395 Commercial law

K1010‑1014 The merchant. Business enterprises

K1021‑1022 Commercial agency

K1024‑1132 Commercial contracts

K1026‑1045 Sale of goods

K1054‑1065.5 Negotiable instruments

K1066‑1089 Banking

K1094‑1096 Loan of money

K1100‑1109 Secured transactions

K1112‑1116 Investments

K1130‑1132 Carriage of goods and passengers. Carriers

K1150‑1231 Maritime law

K1195‑1223 Maritime social legislation

K1226‑1231 Marine insurance

K1241‑1287 Insurance

K1301‑1366 Business associations

K1370‑1395 Insolvency and bankruptcy. Creditors’ rights

K1401‑1578 Intellectual property

K1411‑1485 Copyright

K1500‑1578 Industrial property

K1700‑1973 Social legislation

K1701‑1841 Labor law

K1861‑1929 Social insurance

K1960‑1973 Public welfare. Public assistance

K2100‑2385 Courts. Procedure

K2110‑2155 Court organization and procedure

K2201‑2385 Civil procedure

K2390 Negotiated settlement. Compromise

K2400‑2405 Arbitration and award

K3150 Public law

K3154‑3370 Constitutional law

K3161 Constitutional history

K3169 The state

K3171‑3179 Constitutional principles

K3184‑3188 Form and structure of government

K3195 National territory

K3201 Foreign relations administration

K3220 Public policy

K3224‑3278 Individual and state


K3280‑3282 Church and state

K3289‑3367 Organs of government

K3290‑3304 The people. Election law

K3310‑3329 The legislature

K3332‑3363 Heads of state and the central government

K3367 The judiciary

K3370 Constitutional courts and procedure

K3375 Colonial law

K3400‑3431 Administrative law

K3402‑3417 The administrative process

K3420‑3431 Administrative organization

K3440‑3460 Civil service. Government officials and employees

K3476‑3560 Public property. Public restraint on private property

K3566‑3578 Public health

K3581‑(3598) Environmental law

K3601‑3611 Medical legislation

K3615‑3622 Veterinary laws. Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Prevention

of cruelty to animals

K3625‑3649 Food. Drugs. Cosmetics

K3651‑3654 Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages

K3661‑3674 Public safety

K3700‑3705 Control of social activities

K3740‑3762 Education

K3770‑3795 Science and arts. Research

K3820‑3836 Economic constitution, policy, planning, and development

K3840‑4375 Regulation of industry, trade, and commerce. Occupational law

K3842‑3862 Trade regulations. Control of trade practices

K3870‑3918 Primary production. Extractive industries

K3921‑3925 Manufacturing industries

K3926‑3935 Food processing industries

K3941‑3974 Trade and commerce

K3978‑3992 Public utilities

K4011‑4343 Transportation and communication

K4360‑4375 Professions and occupations

K4430‑4675 Public finance

K4453‑4640 National revenue

K4650‑4675 State and local finance

K4700‑4705 Government measures in time of war, national emergency, or

economic crisis

K4720‑4780 National defense. Military law

K4725‑4734 The military establishment. Armed forces

K4740‑4760 Military criminal law and procedure

K5000‑5582 Criminal law and procedure

K5015.4‑5350 Criminal law

K5401‑5570 Criminal procedure

K5575‑5582 Juvenile criminal law and procedure

K7000‑7720 Private international law. Conflict of laws

K7051‑7054 International unification, approximation, and harmonization

K7060‑7081 Choice of law

K7085 Retroactive law. Intertemporal law

K7090 Juristic acts


K7120‑7197 Persons

K7125‑7140 Natural persons

K7145‑7148 Juristic persons. Associations

K7155‑7197 Domestic relations. Family law

K7157‑7179 Marriage. Husband and wife

K7181‑7197 Parent and child. Guardian and ward

K7200‑7218 Property

K7222 Trust and trustees

K7230‑7245 Succession upon death

K7260‑7338 Obligations

K7265‑7305 Contracts

K7310 Restitution. Quasi contracts. Unjust enrichment

K7315‑7338 Torts

K7340‑7512 Commercial law

K7350‑7444 Commercial contracts

K7449‑7460 Maritime law

K7470 Insurance

K7485‑7495 Business associations. Business corporations

K7510‑7512 Insolvency and bankruptcy. Creditors’ rights

K7550‑7582 Intellectual property

K7555‑7557 Copyright

K7570‑7582 Industrial property

K7585‑7595 Social legislation

K7611‑7688 Civil procedure. International civil procedure

K7690 Arbitration and award

K7720 Recognition of foreign administrative acts


Subclass KB


KB1-4855 Religious law in general. Comparative religious law.


KB2-4 Bibliography

KB7-68 Periodicals

KB68 Annuals. Annuaires

KB70.A-Z Monographic series. By title, A-Z

KB73 Collections. Compilations (General and comprehensive)

KB74-78 Auxiliary sciences

KB90.A-Z Encyclopedias. Law dictionaries. Terms and phrases.

Vocabularies. By author or title, A-Z

KB100.A-Z Proverbia. Legal maxims. Brocardica juris. Regulae juris. By author or title, A-Z

KB122 Biography (Collective)

KB130 Legal research. Legal bibliography. Methods of

bibliographic research

KB150 Conferences. Symposia

KB160 General works. Treatises

KB162-250 Legal systems compared

KB270-280 Theory, philosophy, and science of religious law

KB400-4855 Interdisciplinary discussion of subjects

KB400 Ritual law. Religious observances and rituals


KB410 Law reform and policies. Criticism

KB479 Private law (General)

KB480‑482 Private international law. Conflict of laws

KB491 Civil law (General)

KB524‑530 Persons

KB531‑619 Domestic relations. Family law

KB622‑628.5 Guardianship. Guardian and ward

KB632‑636.2 Inheritance and succession

KB636.3 Gifts. Charitable gifts. Donations

KB640‑726 Property. Res in commercio

KB810‑962.8 Obligations. Contracts and transactions

KB1270‑1278 Labor laws and legislation

KB1468‑1550 Social laws and legislation. Welfare. Charities

KB1572‑1690 Courts and procedure

KB2000‑2035 Public law. The State

KB2101‑2862 Constitutions and religion. Constitutional and

administrative law

KB2870 Civil service. Employees of state, communal agencies,

and religious corporations

KB3000‑3034 Police and public safety

KB3040.5‑3056 Public property. Government property

KB3075‑3096.5 Public health

KB3098‑3121.7 Medical legislation

KB3122 Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Veterinary public health KB3123‑3123.5 Animal protection. Animal welfare. Animal rights

KB3124‑3125 Birth control. Family planning

KB3127‑3135 Environmental law

KB3137‑3183 Cultural affairs

KB3190‑3429 Economic law

KB3440-3500.7 Transportation and communication

KB3515‑3522 Professions. Intelligentsia

KB3526‑3694 Public finance

KB3709‑3726 Government measures in time of war, national emergency,

or economic crisis

KB3735‑3780 Military law

KB3790‑4855 Criminal law and procedure


Subclass KBM


KBM1-4855 Jewish law. Halakah


KBM523.6 Even ha‑#ezer law (General)

KBM523.72 oshen mishpa law (General)

KBM523.8‑4855 Mishpat Ivri

KBM523.8 Bibliography

KBM523.82 Monographic series

KBM523.9 Legal education. Study and teaching

KBM524 General works


KBM524.12‑524.26 The concept of Jewish law

KBM524.3 Sources of Jewish law (Mishpat Ivri)

KBM524.32‑.34 Methodology of law development

KBM524.36 Influence of other legal systems on Jewish law

KBM524.38 Law reform and policies. Criticism

KBM524.4.A‑Z Concepts applying to several branches of the law, A‑Z

KBM524.42 Private law

KBM524.43 Conflict of laws. Plurality of laws conflict

KBM524.5 Assistance in emergencies

KBM524.6‑530 Persons

KBM531‑619 Domestic relations. Family law

KBM622‑628.5 Guardian and ward. Apotropos

KBM632‑636.2 Inheritance and succession

KBM636.3 Gifts. Charitable gifts. Donations

KBM639‑1424 Dinei mamonot

KBM1468‑1547 Social laws and legislation

KBM1572‑1942 Courts and procedure

KBM2000‑2024 Public law. The state and the Jewish community. Kehillah

KBM2070‑2614 Constitutional law. Constitutional principles of the Jewish


KBM2711‑2840 Administrative law and process of communal agencies

KBM2970 Civil service. Employees of communal agencies

KBM3000‑3036.5 Police and public safety

KBM3040.5‑3073 Public property. Communal property. Restraints on private


KBM3075‑3097 Public health

KBM3098‑3122 Medical legislation

KBM3124‑3125 Birth control. Family planning

KBM3127‑3134 Environmental law

KBM3137‑3183 Cultural affairs

KBM3190‑3436 Economic law

KBM3440‑3504.5 Transportation and communication

KBM3515‑3519 Professions

KBM3526‑3695 Public finance

KBM3709‑3729 Measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic


KBM3738‑3785 Community defense. Military law

KBM3790‑4855 Criminal law and procedure


Subclass KBP


KBP1-4860 Islamic law. Shar§#ah. Fiqh

KBP2.2‑8 Bibliography

KBP9.5 Monographic series

KBP10‑14.5 Societies. Associations

KBP15 Congresses. Conferences

KBP18 Academies. Institutes

KBP40 Encyclopedias. Dictionaries


KBP40.2 Maxims. Quotations

KBP40.5 Directories

KBP41 Legal research

KBP42‑43 Legal education. Study and teaching

KBP50‑69 History, development and application of Islamic law

KBP70-75.4 Biography

KBP100‑136.8 Sources

KBP144 General works

KBP173.25‑.6 Islamic law and other disciplines or subjects

KBP174‑190.5 Observances and practice of Islam

KBP250‑420 Schools of thought. Islamic legal schools. Madh~hib

KBP425‑466.3 Uãl al‑fiqh. Jurisprudence and theory of law. Science of

legal reasoning

KBP469 Influence of other legal systems on Islamic law

KBP470 Law reform. Criticism. Tan§m

KBP480‑485 Conflict of laws. Tan~zu’ al‑qaw~n§n

KBP490‑4860 Furã# al‑fiqh. Substantive law. Branches of law

KBP490.2‑.95 General works. Treatises

KBP491‑497.95 Particular genres

KBP500‑509.8 General concepts

KBP524‑638 Aw~l shakh§yah

KBP639‑1154 Mu#~mal~t

KBP1155‑1194 Intellectual and industrial property

KBP1234‑1259 Unfair competition

KBP1270‑1467 Labor laws and legislation

KBP1468‑1569 Social laws and legislation

KBP1572‑1942 Courts and procedure

KBP2000‑2035 Public law. The state and Islam

KBP2101‑2612 Constitution of the state. Constitutional law

KBP2730‑2968 Government and administration. Siy~sah. Administrative


KBP2970 Civil service. Employees of communal agencies

KBP3000‑3037 Police and public safety

KBP3040.5‑3072 Public property. Government property

KBP3075‑3096.5 Public health

KBP3098‑3121.5 Medical legislation

KBP3122 Veterinary medicine and hygiene. Veterinary public health

KBP3123‑3123.5 Animal protection. Animal welfare. Animal rights

KBP3124‑3125 Birth control. Family planning

KBP3127‑3135 Environmental law

KBP3137‑3183.3 Cultural affairs

KBP3190‑3437 Economic law

KBP3440‑3512 Transportation and communication

KBP3515‑3521 Professions. Intelligentsia

KBP3526‑3705 Public finance

KBP3709‑3727 Government measures in time of war, national emergency,

or economic crisis

KBP3738‑3785 Military law


KBP3790‑4860 Criminal law and procedure