Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class K (ii)





Subclass KBR


KBR2‑4090                             History of canon law

KBR2‑19                                       Bibliography

KBR21                                          Annuals. Annuaires. Yearbooks

KBR22                                          Monographic series

KBR27‑41.7                                  Official acts of the Holy See

KBR42-54.5                                  Decisions of ecclesiastical tribunals and courts, and related


KBR56                                          Encyclopedias. Law dictionaries. Terms and phrases.


KBR64                                          Directories

KBR74‑83                                     Auxiliary sciences

KBR100.A‑Z                                  Proverbia. Legal maxims. Brocardica juris. Regulae juris

KBR105.A‑Z                                  Formularies. Clauses and forms. Formularia

KBR122-124                                  Collective biography of canonists or jurists

KBR127‑129.5                               Trials

KBR130‑132                                  Legal research. Legal bibliography. Methods of bibliographic


KBR133‑134                                  Legal education. Study and teaching

KBR136‑148                                  Societies. Associations. Academies, etc.

KBR150                                        Conferences. Symposia

KBR160                                        General works

KBR190-2154.5                             Sources

KBR2155‑2157                              Canon law and other disciplines or subjects

KBR2160‑2204.5                           Canonical jurisprudence. Canonical science

KBR2205‑2206.3                           Influence of other legal systems on Canon law

KBR2207                                      Law reform and policies. Criticism

KBR2208.A‑Z                                General concepts and principles, A‑Z

KBR2224‑2295                              Ius ecclesiasticum privatum

KBR2310-3026                              Constitution of the Church

KBR3040‑3070                              The teaching office of the church. Magisterium. De ecclesiae

munere docendi

KBR3077-3165                              Sacraments. Administration of sacraments. De sacramentis

et administratione

KBR3180‑3182                              Sacramentals. Sacramentalia

KBR3184‑3256                              Other acts of divine worship. De ceteris actibus Cultus Divini

KBR3264‑3280                              Social work of the Church. Public welfare. Caritas

KBR3320‑3460                              Church property. Church economics and finance.


KBR3500‑3774                              Penal (Criminal) law. De lege poenali

KBR3780‑3983                              Judiciary. Ecclesiastical courts and procedure. De


KBR4000-4090                              Church and state relationships. De relationibus inter

ecclesiam et status. Ius publicum ecclesiae



Subclass KBU


KBU2‑4820                             Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See

KBU2‑19                                       Bibliography

KBU21                                          Annuals. Annuaires. Yearbooks

KBU22                                          Monographic series

KBU25‑26                                     Official gazette of the Holy See

KBU26.8-41.5                               Official acts of the Holy See

KBU42‑54.5                                  Decisions of ecclesiastical tribunals and courts, and related


KBU56                                          Encyclopedias

KBU56.5                                       Dictionaries. Terms and phrases. Vocabularies

KBU64                                          Directories

KBU102                                        Form books. Clauses and forms

KBU127‑129.5                               Trials

KBU130‑132                                  Legal research. Legal bibliography. Methods of bibliographic


KBU133                                        Legal education. Study and teaching

KBU136‑148                                  Societies. Associations. Academies, etc.

KBU149                                        Academies. Institutes

KBU150                                        Conferences. Symposia

KBU160                                        General works

KBU180.A‑Z                                  Works on diverse aspects of a particular subject and falling

within several branches of the law. By subject, A‑Z

KBU195-1565                                Collections. Compilations. Selections

KBU2155-2157                              Canon law and other disciplines or subjects

KBU2160‑2204                              Canonical jurisprudence. Theory and science of canon law

KBU2205‑2206                              Influence of other legal systems on canon law

KBU2207                                      Law reform and policies. Criticism

KBU2208.A‑Z                                Concepts applying to several branches of the law, A‑Z

KBU2210‑2212                              The codes of canon law

KBU2215-2308                              General norms and principles. De normis generalibus

KBU2310-3026                              Constitution of the Church

KBU3040‑3070                              The teaching office of the Church. Magisterium. De

ecclesiae munere docendi

KBU3075-3165                              Sacraments. Administration of sacraments. De sacramentis

et administratione

KBU3180‑3182                              Sacramentals. Sacramentalia

KBU3184‑3256                              Other acts of divine worship. De ceteris actibus Cultus Divini

KBU3264‑3280                              Social work of the Church. Public welfare. Caritas

KBU3282‑3310                              Medical ethics and legislation. Church policy

KBU3320‑3460                              Church property. Church economics and finance

KBU3500‑3774                              Sanctions in the Church. Criminal law. De sanctionibus in

Ecclesia. De lege poenali

KBU3780‑3985                              Courts and procedure. De processibus

KBU4000‑4097                              Church and state relationships. De relationibus inter

ecclesiam et status. Ius publicum ecclesiae

KBU4112-4820                              Local Church government



Subclass KD


KD                                         Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland

KD51‑9500                                   England and Wales

KD8850‑9312                                Local laws of England

KD9320‑9355                                Local laws of Wales

KD9400‑9500                                Wales

KDC51‑990                                   Scotland

KDE 21‑580                                  Northern Ireland

KDG26‑540                                   Isle of Man.  Channel Islands

KDK21‑1950                                 Ireland (Eire)


Subclass KDZ


KDZ1‑4999                             America.  North America

KDZ1101‑1199                              Organization of American States (OAS)

KDZ2001-2499.2                           Bermuda

KDZ3001-3499                              Greenland

KDZ4001-4499                              St. Pierre and Miquelon


Subclass KE


KE                                         Law of Canada

KE1‑9450                                     Federal law.  Common and collective provincial law

Individual provinces and territories

KEA1‑599                                           Alberta

KEB1‑599                                           British Columbia

KEM1‑599                                           Manitoba

KEN1‑599                                           New Brunswick

KEN1201‑1799                                    Newfoundland

KEN5401‑5999                                    Northwest Territories

KEN7401‑7999                                    Nova Scotia

KEO1‑1199                                         Ontario

KEP1‑599                                           Prince Edward Island

KEQ1‑1199                                         Quebec

KES1‑599                                            Saskatchewan

KEY1‑599                                           Yukon Territory

KEZ1‑9999                                    Individual cities, A‑Z


Subclass KF


KF                                         Law of the United States

KF1‑9827                                     Federal law.  Common and collective state law

Individual states

KFA1‑599                                           Alabama

KFA1201‑1799                                    Alaska

KFA2401‑2999                                    Arizona

KFA3601‑4199                                    Arkansas

KFC1‑1199                                         California

KFC1801‑2399                                    Colorado

KFC3601‑4199                                    Connecticut


KFD1‑599                                           Delaware

KFD1201‑1799                                    District of Columbia

KFF1‑599                                           Florida

KFG1‑599                                           Georgia

KFH1‑599                                           Hawaii

KFI1‑599                                            Idaho

KFI1201‑1799                                     Illinois

KFI3001‑3599                                     Indiana

KFI4201‑4799                                     Iowa

KFK1‑599                                           Kansas

KFK1201‑1799                                    Kentucky

KFL1‑599                                           Louisiana

KFM1‑599                                           Maine

KFM1201‑1799                                    Maryland

KFM2401‑2999                                    Massachusetts

KFM4201‑4799                                    Michigan

KFM5401‑5999                                    Minnesota

KFM6601‑7199                                    Mississippi

KFM7801‑8399                                    Missouri

KFM9001‑9599                                    Montana

KFN1‑599                                           Nebraska

KFN601‑1199                                      Nevada

KFN1201‑1799                                    New Hampshire

KFN1801‑2399                                    New Jersey

KFN3601‑4199                                    New Mexico

KFN5001‑6199                                    New York

KFN7401‑7999                                    North Carolina

KFN8601‑9199                                    North Dakota

KFO1‑599                                           Ohio

KFO1201‑1799                                    Oklahoma

KFO2401‑2999                                    Oregon

KFP1‑599                                           Pennsylvania

KFR1‑599                                           Rhode Island

KFS1801‑2399                                     South Carolina

KFS3001‑3599                                     South Dakota

KFT1‑599                                           Tennessee

KFT1201‑1799                                    Texas

KFU1‑599                                           Utah

KFV1‑599                                           Vermont

KFV2401‑2999                                    Virginia

KFW1‑599                                          Washington

KFW1201‑1799                                   West Virginia

KFW2401‑2999                                   Wisconsin

KFW4201‑4799                                   Wyoming

KFX1‑9999                                    Individual cities, A‑Z

KFZ1801‑2399                              Northwest Territory

KFZ8601‑9199                              Confederate States of America


Subclass KG


KG1‑999                                 Latin America (General)


KG3001‑3999                          Mexico and Central America (General)

KGA1‑9000                                   Belize

KGB1‑9000                                   Costa Rica

KGC1‑9800                                   El Salvador

KGD1‑9990                                   Guatemala

KGE1‑9990                                   Honduras

KGF1‑9900                                   Mexico

KGG1‑9800                                   Nicaragua

KGH1‑8000                                   Panama

KGH9001‑9499                             Panama Canal Zone

West Indies.  Caribbean area

KGJ1‑999                                     General

KGJ7001‑7499                              Anguilla

KGK1‑499                                     Antigua and Barbuda

KGK1001‑1499                              Aruba

KGL1‑499                                     Bahamas

KGL1001‑1499                              Barbados

KGL2001‑2499                              Bonaire

KGL3001‑3499                              British Leeward Islands

KGL4001‑4499                              British Virgin Islands

KGL5001‑5999                              British West Indies

KGL6001‑6499                              British Windward Islands

KGM1‑499                                    Cayman Islands

KGN1‑9800                                   Cuba

KGP1‑499                                     Curaçao

KGP2001‑2499                              Dominica

KGQ1‑9800                                   Dominican Republic

KGR1‑499                                     Dutch Leeward Islands (General)

KGR1001‑1499                              Dutch West Indies (Netherlands Antilles)

KGR2001‑2499                              Dutch Windward Islands (General)

KGR3001‑3499                              French West Indies (General)

KGR4001‑4499                              Grenada

KGR5001‑5499                              Guadeloupe

KGS1‑9000                                   Haiti

KGT1‑499                                     Jamaica

KGT1001‑1499                              Martinique

KGT2001‑2499                              Montserrat

KGU1‑499                                     Navassa Islands

KGV1‑8200                                   Puerto Rico

KGW1‑499                                    Saba

KGW2001‑2499                             Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts), Nevis, and Anguilla

KGW3001‑3499                             Saint Lucia

KGW5001‑5499                             Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

KGW7001‑7499                             Sint Eustatius

KGW8001‑8499                             Sint Maarten

KGX1‑499                                     Trinidad and Tobago

KGY1‑499                                     Turks and Caicos Islands

KGZ1‑499                                     Virgin Islands of the United States


Subclass KH



KH1‑999                                 South America (General)

KHA1‑9800                                   Argentina

KHC1‑8200                                   Bolivia

KHD1‑9900                                   Brazil

KHF1‑9800                                   Chile

KHH1‑9900                                   Colombia

KHK1‑9990                                   Ecuador

KHL1‑9000                                   Falkland Islands

KHM1‑9000                                   French Guiana

KHN1‑9000                                   Guyana

KHP1‑9700                                   Paraguay

KHQ1‑9800                                   Peru

KHS1‑9000                                   Surinam

KHU1‑9800                                   Uruguay

KHW1‑9900                                  Venezuela


Subclasses KJ-KKZ


KJ                                          Europe

KJ2‑1040                                      History of Law

KJ160‑1040                                  Germanic law

KJA2‑3660                                    Roman law

KJC2‑9799                                    Regional comparative and uniform law

KJE5‑7975                                    Regional organization and integration.  Comparative law

KJG1‑4999                                   Albania

KJH1‑499                                     Andorra

KJJ1‑4999                                    Austria

KJK1‑4999                                    Belgium

KJM1‑4999                                   Bulgaria

KJN1‑499                                     Cyprus

KJP1‑4999                                    Czechoslovakia

KJR1‑4999                                    Denmark

KJS1‑4985                                    Estonia

KJT1‑4999                                    Finland


KJV2‑9158                                          National laws

KJW51‑4360                                       Individual regions, provinces, departments, etc.

KJW5201‑9600                                    Individual cities


KK2‑9799.3                                        Germany and West Germany

KKA7‑9796                                         East Germany

KKB‑KKC                                            Individual states, provinces, and cities

KKE1‑4999                                   Greece

KKF1‑4999                                   Hungary

KKG1‑499                                     Iceland

KKH1‑4999                                   Italy

KKI1‑4890                                    Latvia

KKJ1‑499                                     Liechtenstein

KKJ501‑9890                                Lithuania

KKK1‑499                                     Luxembourg

KKK1001‑1499                              Malta


KKL1‑499                                     Monaco

KKM1‑4999                                   Netherlands

KKN1‑4999                                   Norway

KKP1‑4999                                   Poland

KKQ1‑4999                                   Portugal

KKR1‑4999                                   Romania

KKS1‑499                                     San Marino

KKT1‑4999                                   Spain

KKV1-4999                                   Sweden

KKW1‑4999                                  Switzerland

KKX1‑4999                                   Turkey

KKY1‑4999                                   Ukraine (1991‑    )

KKZ1‑4999                                   Yugoslavia


Subclass KL


Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica

KL2‑5915                                     History of law.  The ancient orient

KL2‑135                                             General

KL147‑177                                          Ancient legal systems compared

KL190‑420                                          Sources

KL700‑2215                                        Mesopotamia.  Assyro‑Babylonian law

KL1000‑1299                                      Sumer

KL1600‑1899                                      Assyria

KL2200‑2499                                      Babylonia

KL2800‑3099                                      Egypt

KL3500‑3799                                      Elam

KL4110‑4399                                      Greek law

KL4700‑4999                                      Hittite law

KL5300‑5599                                      Persia

KL5900‑6199                                      Phoenicia


Turkey, see KKX

KLA1‑9999                                         Russia.  Soviet Union

KLB1‑6499                                          Russia (Federation, 1992‑    )

KLD1‑490                                           Armenian S.S.R. (to 1991)

KLE1‑490                                           Azerbaijan

KLF1‑490                                           Belarus (Republic)

Estonia, see KJS

KLH1‑490                                           Georgia (Republic)

Latvia, see KKI

Lithuania, see KKJ

KLM1‑490                                           Moldova

KLN1‑489                                           Russian S.F.S.R. (to 1991)

KLP1‑4989                                          Ukraine (1919‑1991)

KLP9001‑9499                                    Zakavkazskaia Sotsialisticheskaia Federativnaia Sovetskaia

Respublika (to 1936)

KLQ1‑499                                           Bukharskaia Narodnaia Sovetskaia Respublika (to 1924)

KLR1‑490                                           Kazakhstan

KLR1001‑1499                                    Khorezmskaia Sovetskaia Sotsialisticheskaia Respublika (to 1924)

KLS1‑490                                            Kyrgyzstan


KLT1‑490                                           Tadjikistan

KLV1‑490                                           Turkmenistan

KLW1‑490                                          Uzbekistan

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