Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class P (i)





Subclass P


P1‑1091                                 Philology.  Linguistics

P1‑85                                           General

P87‑96                                         Communication.  Mass media

P94.7                                                 Interpersonal communication

P95‑95.6                                            Oral communication.  Speech

P98‑98.5                                      Computational linguistics.  Natural language processing

P99‑99.4                                      Semiotics.  Signs and symbols

P99.5‑99.6                                   Nonverbal communication

P101‑410                                      Language.  Linguistic theory.  Comparative grammar

P118‑118.75                                       Language acquisition

P121‑149                                            Science of language (Linguistics)

P201‑299                                            Comparative grammar

P301‑301.5                                         Style.  Composition.  Rhetoric

P302‑302.87                                       Discourse analysis

P306‑310                                            Translating and interpreting

P321‑324.5                                         Etymology

P325‑325.5                                         Semantics

P326‑326.5                                         Lexicology

P327‑327.5                                         Lexicography

P375‑381                                            Linguistic geography

P501‑769                                      Indo‑European (Indo‑Germanic) philology

P901‑1091                                    Extinct ancient or medieval languages


Subclass PA


PA1‑199                                 Classical philology

PA201‑899                              Greek philology and language

PA1000‑1179                          Medieval and modern Greek language

PA2001‑2915                          Latin philology and language

PA3000‑3049                          Classical literature

PA3050‑4505                          Greek literature

PA3051‑3285                                Literary history

PA3300‑3516                                Collections

PA3520‑3564                                Criticism, interpretation, etc.

PA3601‑3681                                Translations

PA3818‑4505                                Individual authors


PA3825‑3849                                            Aeschylus

PA3851‑3858                                            Aesop

PA3890‑3926                                            Aristotle

PA3949‑3964                                            Demosthenes

PA3973‑3992                                            Euripedes

PA4018‑4209                                            Homer

PA4279‑4333                                            Plato

PA4367‑4389                                            Plutarch

PA4413‑4434                                            Sophocles


PA4452‑4486                                            Thucydides

PA4494‑4499                                            Xenophon

PA5000‑5660                          Byzantine and modern Greek literature

PA5301‑5638.36                           Individual authors

PA6000‑6971                          Roman literature

PA6001‑6097                                Literary history

PA6100‑6140                                Collections

PA6141‑6144                                Criticism, interpretation, etc.

PA6155‑6191                                Translations

PA6202‑6971                                Individual authors


PA6235‑6269                                            Caesar, Julius

PA6278‑6370                                            Cicero, Marcus Tullius

PA6393‑6444                                            Horace

PA6482‑6496                                            Lucretius Carus, Titus

PA6501‑6510                                            Martial

PA6519‑6553                                            Ovid

PA6568‑6609                                            Plautus, Titus Maccius

PA6611‑6637                                            Pliny, the Elder

PA6661‑6693                                            Seneca, Lucius Annaeus

PA6705‑6753                                            Tacitus, Cornelius

PA6755‑6785                                            Terentius Apher, Publius (Terence)

PA6801‑6961                                            Vergilius Maro, Publius (Virgil)

PA8001‑8595                          Medieval and modern Latin literature

PA8200‑8595                                Individual authors


Subclass PB


PB1-3029                                Modern languages.  Celtic languages

PB1-431                                       Modern languages

PB1001-3029                                Celtic languages and literature

PB1101-1200                                      Goidelic.  Gaelic

PB1201-1449                                            Irish

PB1501-1709                                            Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic, Erse)

PB1801-1867                                            Manx

PB1950                                               Pict

PB2001-3029                                      Brittanic group

PB2101-2499                                            Welsh.  Cymric

PB2501-2621                                            Cornish

PB2801-2932                                            Breton.  Armorican

PB3001-3029                                      Gaulish


Subclass PC


PC1-5498                               Romance

PC1-400                                       General

PC601-872                                    Romanian

PC901-986                                    Raeto-Romance

Including Romansh

PC1001-1977                                Italian

PC1981-1984                                Sardinian

PC2001-3761                                French

PC2700-(3708)                                    Dialects.  Provincialisms


PC2813-(2898)                                          Old French

PC3201-3366                                            Provencal (Old)

PC3371-3420.5                                         Modern patois of South France

PC3420.8-3495                                         Langue d’oc dialects

PC3721-3761                                      Slang.  Argot

PC3801-3976                                Catalan

PC4001-4977                                Spanish

PC5001-5498                                Portuguese


Subclass PD


PD1-(7159)                             Germanic

PD1-780                                       General

PD1001-1350                                Old Germanic dialects

PD1101-1211                                      Gothic

PD1501-(7159)                              North Germanic.  Scandinavian

PD2201-2393                                      Old Norse.  Old Icelandic and Old


PD2401-2446                                      Modern Icelandic

PD(2501)-2999                                    Norwegian

PD3001-3929                                      Danish

PD5001-5929                                      Swedish

PD(6000)-(7159)                                 Scandinavian dialects, Modern


Subclass PE


PE1-3729                                English

PE101-(458)                                 Anglo-Saxon.  Old English

PE501-(693)                                 Middle English

PE(814)-896                                 Early Modern English

PE1001-1693                                Modern English

PE1700-3602                                Dialects.  Provincialisms, etc.

PE3701-3729                                Slang.  Argot, etc.


Subclass PF


PF1-5999                                West Germanic

PF1-979                                       Dutch

PF1001-1184                                Flemish

PF1401-1541                                Friesian

PF3001-5999                                German

PF3801-3991                                      Old High German

PF3992-4010                                      Old Saxon

PF4043-(4350)                                    Middle High German

PF(4501)-(4596)                                 Early Modern German

PF5000-5951                                      Dialects.  Provincialism, etc.

PF5971-5999                                      Slang.  Argot, etc.


Subclass PG



PG1-9665                               Slavic.  Baltic.  Albanian


PG1-7925                                     Slavic

PG1-499                                             Slavic philology and languages (General)

PG500-585                                         Slavic literature (General)

PG601-716                                         Church Slavic

PG(771)-(799)                                    Bulgarian Church Slavic

PG801-1146                                        Bulgarian

PG1151-1199                                      Macedonian

PG1201-1749                                      Serbo-Croatian

PG1801-1962                                      Slovenian

PG2001-2826                                      Russian language

PG2830-2847                                      Belarusian

PG2900-(3698)                                   Russian literature

PG2900-3190                                            History and criticism

PG2900-2998                                                  General

PG3001-3026                                                  Special periods

PG3041-3065                                                  Poetry

PG3071-3089                                                  Drama

PG3091-3099                                                  Prose

PG(3100)-(3155)                                             Folk literature

Including texts

PG3199-3299                                            Collections

PG3199-3205                                                  General

PG(3211)-3219                                               Translations

PG3223-3229.2                                               Special periods

PG3230-3238                                                  Poetry

PG3240-3255                                                  Drama

PG3260-3299                                                  Prose

PG3300-3493.96                                       Individual authors and works

PG3300-3308                                                  Early to 1700

PG3310-3319                                                  18th century

PG3312                                                                Derzhavin

PG3314                                                                Karamzin

PG3316                                                                Lomonosov

PG3318                                                                Sumarokov

PG3320-3447                                                  1800-1870

PG3325-3328                                                        Dostoyevsky

PG3332-3335                                                        Gogol’

PG3340-3359                                                        Pushkin

PG3365-3417                                                        Tolstoi

PG3420-3445                                                        Turgenev

PG3450-3470                                                  1870-1917

PG3452                                                                Andreev

PG3455-3458                                                        Chekhov

PG3462-3465                                                        Gorky

PG3475-3476                                                  1917-1960

PG3477-3490                                                  1961-2000

PG3491.2-3493.96                                          2001-

PG3500-3505                                            Provincial, local, etc.

PG3515-3550                                            Outside the Russian Federation

PG(3651)-(3698)                                       Special subjects

PG3801-3987                                      Ukrainian

PG3990                                              Carpatho-Rusyn

PG4001-5146                                      Czech


PG5201-5546                                      Slovak

PG5631-5689                                      Sorbian (Wendic)

PG6001-7446                                      Polish

PG7900-7925                                      Lechitic dialects

PG8001-9146                                Baltic

PG8201-8208                                      Old Prussian

PG8501-8772                                      Lithuanian

PG8801-9146                                      Latvian

PG9501-9665                                Albanian


Subclass PH


PH1-5490                               Uralic.  Basque

PH1-87                                         General

PH91-98.5                                    Finnic.  Baltic-Finnic

PH101-405                                   Finnish

PH501-1109                                  Other Finnic languages and dialects

PH501-509                                         Karelian

PH521-529                                         Olonets

PH531-539                                         Ludic

PH541-549                                         Veps

PH551-559                                         Ingrian

PH561-569                                         Votic

PH581-589                                         Livonian

PH601-671                                         Estonian

PH701-735                                         Sami

PH751-785                                         Mordvin

PH801-836                                         Mari

PH1001-1079                                      Permic

PH1101-1109                                      Udmurt

PH1201-1409                                Ugric languages

PH2001-3445                                Hungarian

PH3801-3820                                Samoyedic languages

PH5001-5490                                Basque


Subclass PJ


PJ1-(9500)                             Oriental philology and literature

PJ1-489                                        General

PJ1-(195)                                           Languages

PJ306-489                                          Literature

PJ601-989                                    Special groups

PJ601-621                                          Christian Oriental

PJ701-989                                          Islamic

PJ991-995                                    Afroasiatic languages

PJ1001-1989                                 Egyptology

PJ1091-1109                                       Egyptian writing and its decipherment

PJ1111-1446                                       Language

PJ1481-1989                                       Literature.  Inscriptions

PJ2001-2199                                 Coptic

PJ2340-2399                                 Libyco-Berber languages.  Berber languages

PJ2353-2367                                       Libyan group

PJ2369-2399                                       Berber languages


PJ2401-2594                                 Cushitic languages

PJ3001-3097                                 Semitic philology and literature

PJ3101-(3971)                              Assyriology.  Akkadian

PJ3231-3595                                       Language

PJ3601-(3971)                                    Literature.  Inscriptions

PJ4001-(4091)                              Sumerian

PJ4101-4197                                 West and North Semitic languages

PJ4171-4197                                       Phoenician-Punic

PJ4501-5192                                 Hebrew

PJ4543-4937                                       Language (Biblical and modern)

PJ4951-4996                                       Medieval Hebrew

PJ5001-5060                                       Literature

PJ5050-5055.51                                        Individual authors and works

PJ5061-5192                                       Other languages used by Jews

PJ5111-5192                                             Yiddish

PJ5201-5329.5                              Aramaic

PJ5211-5289                                       West Aramaic

PJ5211-5219.5                                          Biblical (Chaldaic)

PJ5229                                                     Palmyrene inscriptions

PJ5239                                                     Nabataean inscriptions

PJ5241-5249                                             Christian Palestinian

PJ5251-5259                                             Jewish Palestinian

PJ5271-5279                                             Samaritan

PJ5281-5289                                             Neo-Aramaic

PJ5301-5329.5                                    East Aramaic

PJ5321-5329.5                                          Mandaean

PJ5401-5809                                 Syriac

PJ5414-5495                                       Language

PJ5601-5695                                       Literature

PJ5701-5709                                       East Syriac (Nestorian)

PJ5711-5719                                       West Syriac (Jacobite)

PJ5801-5809                                       Neo-Syriac dialects (Modern Syriac)

PJ5901-5909                                 South Semitic languages

PJ6001-8517                                 Arabic

PJ6073-7144                                       Language

PJ6690-6697                                             Ancient Arabic

PJ6701-6901                                             Modern Arabic dialects

PJ6950-7144                                             South Arabian

PJ6950-6981                                                   Ancient

PJ7051-7144                                                   Modern

PJ7501-8517                                       Arabic literature

PJ7695.8-7976                                          Individual authors or works

PJ8991-9348                                 Ethiopian languages

PJ9001-9101                                       Ethiopic (Geez)

PJ9201-9269                                       Amharic


Subclass PK


PK1-(9601)                             Indo-Iranian philology and literature

PK1-85                                         General

PK101-2899                                  Indo-Aryan languages

PK101-185                                          General

PK(201)-379                                       Vedic


PK401-976                                          Sanskrit

PK1001-1095                                      Pali

PK1201-1409.5                                   Prakrit

PK1421-1429.5                                   Apabhraa

PK1471-1490                                      Middle Indo-Aryan dialects

PK1501-2899                                      Modern Indo-Aryan languages

PK1550-2899                                            Particular languages and dialects

PK1550-1569                                                  Assamese

PK1651-(1799)                                                Bengali

PK1801-1831.95                                             Bihari

PK1841-1870.95                                             Gujarati

PK1931-2212                                                  Hindi, Urdu, Hindustani languages and


PK1931-1970                                                        Hindi language

PK1971-1979.5                                                     Urdu language

PK1981-2000                                                        Hindustani language

PK2030-2142                                                        Hindi, Hindustani literatures

PK2151-2212                                                        Urdu literature

PK2261-2270.9                                               Lahnd

PK2351-2418                                                  Marathi

PK2461-2479                                                  Marwari

PK2561-2579.5                                               Oriya

PK2591-2610                                                  Pahari

PK2631-2659                                                  Panjabi

PK2701-2708.9                                               Rajasthani

PK2781-2790                                                  Sindhi

PK2801-2891                                                  Sinhalese (Singhalese)

PK2892-2892.95                                             Siraiki

PK2896-2899                                                  Romani

PK(2901)-5471                              Indo-Aryan literature

PK(2901)-2979                                    General

PK3591-4485                                      Sanskrit

PK3791-3799                                            Individual authors and works

PK(3801)-(4251)                                       Special subjects

PK4471-4485                                            Translations

PK(4501)-4681                                    Pali literature

PK4990-5046                                      Prakrit literature

PK5401-5471                                      Modern Indo-Aryan literature

PK6001-6996                                Iranian philology and literature

PK6001-6099                                      General

PK6101-(6119)                                    Avestan

PK6121-6129                                      Old Persian

PK6135-6199.9                                   Middle Iranian languages

PK6141-6199.5                                         Pahlavi

PK6201-(6599.7)                                 New Persian

PK6201-6399                                            Language

PK6400-(6599.7)                                       Literature

PK6450.9-6562.35                                          Individual authors or works

PK6455-6460                                                        Firdaws

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