Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class P (ii)



PK6465 fi

PK6475 Ibn Yamn, Fakhr al-Dn Mamd

PK6478-6482 Jall al-Dn Rm Maulana

PK6490 Jm


PK6501 Nim Ganjav

PK6510-6525 Omar Khayyam

PK6540-6546 Sa#d

PK6701-6821 Afghan (Pashto, Pushto, Pushtu, etc.)

PK7001-7075 Dardic (Pisacha)

PK7021-7037 Kashmiri

PK7040-7045 Kohistani

PK7050-7065 Nuristani (Kafiri) group

PK8001-8832 Armenian

PK8001-8496 Language

PK8501-8832 Literature

PK9001-9201 Caucasian languages

PK9101-9169 Georgian

Subclass PL


PL1-8844 Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

PL1-481 Ural-Altaic languages

PL21-396 Turkic languages

PL400-431 Mongolian languages

PL450-481 Tungus Manchu languages

PL(490)-495 Far Eastern languages and literature

PL501-889 Japanese language and literature

PL501-699 Japanese language

PL700-889 Japanese literature

PL700-751.5 History and criticism

PL752-783 Collections

PL784-866 Individual authors and works

PL885-889 Local literature

PL901-998 Korean language and literature

PL901-949 Korean language

PL950-998 Korean literature

PL950.2-969.5 History and criticism

PL969.8-985 Collections

PL986-993 Individual authors and works

PL997-998 Local literature

PL1001-3208 Chinese language and literature

PL1001-1960 Chinese language

PL2250-3208 Chinese literature

PL2250-2443 History and criticism

PL2450-2659 Collections

PL2661-2979 Individual authors and works

PL3030-3208 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PL3301-3311 Non-Chinese languages of China

PL3501-3509 Non-Aryan languages of India and Southeastern Asia in


PL3512 Malaysian literature

PL3515 Singapore literature

PL3518 Languages of the Montagnards

PL3521-4001 Sino-Tibetan languages

PL3551-4001 Tibeto-Burman languages

PL3561-3801 Tibeto-Himalayan languages

PL3601-3775 Tibetan

PL3781-3801 Himalayan languages


PL3851-4001 Assam and Burma

PL4051-4054 Karen languages

PL4070-4074 Miao-Yao languages

PL4281-4587 Austroasiatic languages

PL4301-4470 Mon-Khmer (Mon-Anam) languages

PL4371-4379 Vietnamese. Annamese

PL4423-4470 Bru, Chrau, Khasi, Muong, etc.

PL4471-4471.5 Nicobarese

PL4490-4498 Chamic languages

PL4501-4587 Munda languages (Kolarian languages)

PL4601-(4890) Dravidian languages

PL5001-7511 Languages of Oceania

PL5001-7101 Austronesian, Papuan, and Australian languages

PL5051-5497 Malayan (Indonesian) languages

PL5501-6135 Philippine languages

PL6145-6167 Taiwan languages

PL6191-6341 Micronesian and Melanesian languages

PL6401-6551 Polynesian languages

PL6601-6621 Papuan languages

PL7001-7101 Australian languages

PL8000-8844 African languages and literature

PL8000-8009 Languages

PL8009.5-8014 Literature

PL8015-8021 Languages. By region or country

PL8024-8027 Special families of languages

PL8035-8844 Special languages (alphabetically)


Subclass PM


PM1-9021 Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages

PM1-94 Hperborean languages of Arctic Asia and America

PM101-2711 American languages (Aboriginal)

PM231-355 American languages of British North America

PM(401)-501 American languages of the United States (and Mexico)

PM549-2711 Special languages of the United States and Canada


PM3001-4566 Languages of Mexico and Central America

PM5001-7356 Languages of South America and the West Indies

PM7801-7895 Mixed languages

PM7831-7875 Creole languages

PM8001-8995 Artificial languages–Universal languages

PM8201-8298 Esperanto

PM8999 Picture languages

PM9001-9021 Secret languages


Subclass PN


PN1-6790 Literature (General)

PN1-9 Periodicals

PN20-30 Societies

PN45-57 Theory. Philosophy. Esthetics

PN59-72 Study and teaching

PN80-99 Criticism


PN101-245 Authorship

PN172-239 Technique. Literary composition, etc.

PN241-241.5 Translating as a literary pursuit

PN441-1009.5 Literary history

PN451-497 Biography

PN500-519 Collections

PN597-605 Special relations, movements, and currents of literature

PN610-779 By period

PN611-649 Ancient

PN661-694 Medieval (to 1500)

PN683-687 Legends

PN688-691 Poetry

PN692-693 Prose. Prose fiction

PN695-779 Modern

PN715-749 Renaissance (1500-1700)

PN801-820 Romance literature

PN821-840 Germanic literature

PN841 Black literature (General)

PN842 Jewish literature in various languages

PN851-(884) Comparative literature

PN(905)-1008 Folk literature

PN980-995 Fables

PN1008.2-1009.5 Juvenile literature

PN1010-1525 Poetry

PN1031-1049 Theory, philosophy, relations, etc.

PN1065-1085 Relations to, and treatment of, special subjects

PN1110-1279 History and criticism

PN1301-1333 Epic poetry

PN1341-1347 Folk poetry

PN1351-1389 Lyric poetry

PN1530 The monologue

PN1551 The dialogue

PN1560-1590 The performing arts. Show business

PN1585-1589 Centers for the performing arts

PN1600-3307 Drama

PN1635-1650 Relation to, and treatment of, special subjects

PN1660-1693 Technique of dramatic composition

PN1720-1861 History

PN1865-1988 Special types

PN1990-1992.92 Broadcasting

PN1991-1991.9 Radio broadcasts

PN1992-1992.92 Television broadcasts

PN1992.93-19 92.95 Nonbroadcast video recordings

PN1993-1999 Motion pictures

PN1997-1997.85 Plays, scenarios, etc.

PN2000-3307 Dramatic representation. The theater

PN2061-2071 Art of acting

PN2085-2091 The stage and accessories

PN2131-2193 By period

PN2131-2145 Ancient

PN2152-2160 Medieval

PN2171-2179 Renaissance

PN2181-2193 Modern


PN2219.3-3030 Special regions or countries

PN3035 The Jewish theater

PN3151-3171 Amateur theater

PN3175-3191 College and school theatricals

PN3203-3299 Tableaux, pageants, “Happenings,” etc.

PN3311-3503 Prose. Prose fiction

PN3329-3352 Philosophy, theory, etc.

PN3355-3383 Technique. Authorship

PN3427-3448 Special kinds of fiction. Fiction genres

PN3451-3503 History

PN4001-4355 Oratory. Elocution, etc.

PN4071-4095 Study and teaching

PN4177-4191 Debating

PN4199-4321 Recitations (in English)

PN4331-4355 Recitations in foreign languages

PN4390 Diaries

PN4400 Letters (Literary history)

PN4500 Essays (Literary history)

PN4699-5650 Journalism. The periodical press, etc.

PN4735-4748 Relation to the state. Government and the press. Liberty of the


PN4775-4784 Technique. Practical journalism

PN4825-4830 Amateur journalism

PN4832-4836 Magazines and other periodicals

PN4840-5648 By region or country

PN5650 The Jewish press

PN6010-6790 Collections of general literature

PN6066-6069 Special classes of authors

PN6080-6095 Quotations

PN6081-6084 English

PN6086-6089 French

PN6090-6110 German

PN6099-6110 Poetry

PN6110.5-6120 Drama

PN6120.15-6120.95 Fiction

PN6121-6129 Orations

PN6130-6140 Letters

PN6141-6145 Essays

PN6146.5-6231 Wit and humor

PN6157-6222 By region or country

PN6233-6238 Anacreontic literature

PN6244-6246 Literary extracts. Commonplace books

PN6249-6258 Ana

PN6259-6268 Anecdotes. Table talk

PN6269-6278 Aphorisms. Apothegms

PN6279-6288 Epigrams

PN6288.5-6298 Epitaphs

PN6299-6308 Maxims

PN6309-6318 Mottoes

PN6319-6328 Sayings, bon mots, etc.

PN6329-6338 Thoughts

PN6340-6348 Toasts

PN6348.5-6358 Emblems, devices


PN6361 Paradoxes

PN6366-6377 Riddles, acrostics, charades, conundrums, etc.

PN6400-6525 Proverbs

PN6700-6790 Comic books, strips, etc.

Subclass PQ


PQ1-3999 French literature

PQ1-771 History and criticism

PQ1-150 General

PQ151-221 Medieval. Old French

PQ226-317 Modern

PQ400-491 Poetry

PQ500-591 Drama

PQ601-771 Prose and prose fiction

PQ(781)-(841) Folk literature

PQ845 Juvenile literature

PQ1100-1297 Collections

PQ1100-1145 General

PQ1160-1193 Poetry

PQ1211-1241 Drama

PQ1243-1297 Prose

PQ1300-1595 Old French literature

Class here Old French literature

to ca. 1500/1550

PQ1300-1391 Collections

Individual authors and works

PQ1411-1545 To 1350/1400

PQ1551-1595 (14th-) 15th century (to ca. 1525)

PQ1600-2726 Modern literature

Individual authors

PQ1600-1709 16th century

PQ1710-1935 17th century

PQ1947-2147 18th century

PQ2149-2551 19th century

PQ2600-2651 1900-1960

PQ2660-2686 1961-2000

PQ2700-2726 2001-

PQ3800-3999 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PQ4001-5999 Italian literature

PQ4001-4199.5 History and criticism

PQ4001-4063 General

PQ4064-4075 Early to 1500

PQ4077-4088 Modern

PQ4091-(4131) Poetry

PQ4133-4160 Drama

PQ4161-4185 Prose

PQ(4186)-(4199) Folk literature

PQ4199.5 Juvenile literature (General)

PQ4201-4263 Collections

PQ4201-4204 General

PQ4205-4206 Translations

PQ4207-4225 Poetry


PQ4227-4245 Drama

PQ4247-4263 Prose

PQ4265-4556 Individual authors and works to 1400

PQ4561-4664 Individual authors, 1400-1700

PQ4675-4734 Individual authors, 1701-1900

PQ4800-4851 Individual authors, 1900-1960

PQ4860-4886 Individual authors, 1961-2000

PQ4900-4926 Individual authors, 2001-

PQ5901-5999 Regional, provincial, local, etc.

PQ6001-8929 Spanish literature

PQ6001-6168 History and criticism

PQ6001-6056 General

PQ6056 Moorish-Spanish literature

PQ6058-6060 Early to 1500

PQ(6061)-6073 Modern

PQ6075-6098 Poetry

PQ6098.7-6129 Drama

PQ6131-6153 Prose

PQ(6155)-(6167) Folk literature

PQ6168 Juvenile literature (General)

PQ6170-6269 Collections

PQ6170-6174.9 General

PQ6174.95-6215 Poetry

PQ6217-(6241) Drama

PQ6247-6264 Prose

PQ(6265)-6269 Translations

PQ6271-6498 Individual authors and works to 1700

PQ6500-6576 Individual authors, 1700-ca. 1868

PQ6600-6647 Individual authors, 1868-1960

PQ6650-6676 Individual authors, 1961-2000

PQ6700-6726 Individual authors, 2001-

PQ7000-8929 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PQ7081-8560 Spanish America

PQ9000-9999 Portuguese literature

PQ9000-9129 History and criticism

PQ9000-9034 General

PQ9035-9055 Special periods

PQ9061-9081 Poetry

PQ9083-9095 Drama

PQ9097-9119 Prose

PQ(9121)-(9128) Folk literature

PQ9129 Juvenile literature (General)

PQ9131-9188 Collections

PQ9131-9144 General

PQ9137 Translations

PQ9149-9163 Poetry

PQ9164-9170 Drama

PQ9172-9188 Prose

PQ9189 Individual authors and works to 1500

PQ9191-9255 Individual authors and works, 1500-1700

PQ9261 Individual authors, 1701-1960

PQ9262-9288 Individual authors, 1961-2000

PQ9300-9326 Individual authors, 2001-


PQ9400-9999 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PQ9500-9698.436 Brazil


Subclass PR


PR1-9680 English literature

PR1-56 Literary history and criticism

PR57-78 Criticism

PR111-116 Women authors

PR125-(138.5) Relations to other literatures and countries

PR161-488 By period

PR171-236 Anglo-Saxon (Beginnings through 1066)

PR251-369 Medieval. Middle English (1066-1500)

PR401-488 Modern

PR421-(429) Elizabethan era (1550-1640)

PR431-(439) 17th century

PR441-(449) 18th century

PR451-(469) 19th century

PR471-(479) 20th century

PR481-488 21st century

PR500-614 Poetry

PR521-614 By period

PR621-744 Drama

PR641-744 By period

PR750-890 Prose

PR767-818 By period

PR821-890 Prose fiction. The novel

PR901-907.2 Oratory

PR908 Diaries

PR911-918 Letters

PR921-928 Essays

PR931-938 Wit and humor

PR(951)-981 Folk literature

PR1098-1369 Collections of English literature

PR1110 Special classes of authors

PR1119-1151 By period

PR1170-1228 Poetry

PR1241-1273 Drama

PR1281-1309 Prose (General)

PR1321-1329 Oratory

PR1330 Diaries

PR1341-1349 Letters

PR1361-1369 Essays

PR1490-1799 Anglo-Saxon literature

PR1803-2165 Anglo-Norman period. Early English. Middle

PR English

PR2199-3195 English renaissance (1500-1640)

PR3291-3785 17th and 18th centuries (1640-1770)

PR3991-5990 19th century, 1770/1800-1890/1900

PR6000-6049 1900-1960

PR6050-6076 1961-2000

PR6100-6126 2001-

PR8309-9680 English literature: Provincial, local, etc.

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