Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class P (iii)





Subclass PS


PS1-3626                                American literature

PS126-138                                    Biography, memoirs, letters, etc.

PS147-152                                    Women authors

PS163-173                                    Treatment of special subjects, classes

PS185-231                                    By period

PS185-195                                          17th-18th centuries

PS201-217                                          19th century

PS221-228                                          20th century

PS229-231                                          21st century

PS241-286                                    Special regions, states, etc.

PS241-255                                          North

PS261-267                                          South

PS271-285                                          West and Central

PS301-326                                    Poetry

PS330-353                                    Drama

PS360-380                                    Prose

PS370-380                                          Prose fiction

PS400-408.2                                 Oratory

PS409                                           Diaries

PS410-419                                    Letters

PS420-429                                    Essays

PS430-439                                    Wit and humor.  Satire

PS(451)-478                                  Folk literature

PS490                                           Juvenile literature (General)

PS501-689                                    Collections of American literature

PS530-536.3                                       By period

PS537-574                                          By region

PS538-549                                                North

PS551-559                                                South

PS561-572                                                West and Central

PS580-619                                          Poetry

PS593                                                       By form

PS601-617                                                By period

PS623-(635)                                        Drama

PS642-659.5                                       Prose (General)

PS651-659.2                                             By period

PS660-668.2                                       Oratory

PS666-668.2                                             By period

PS669                                                 Diaries

PS670-678.2                                       Letters

PS680-689                                          Essays

PS700-3576                                  Individual authors

PS700-893                                          Colonial period (17th and 18th centuries)

PS991-(3390)                                      19th century

PS3500-3549                                       1900-1960

PS3550-3576                                       1961-2000

PS3600-3626                                       2001-

PS(8001-8599)                        Canadian  literature


Subclass PT


PT1-4897                               German literature

PT1-80                                         Literary history and criticism

PT83-(873)                                   History of German literature

PT175-230                                          Medieval

PT236-405                                          Modern

PT500-597                                          Poetry

PT605-709                                          Drama

PT711-871                                          Prose

PT(881)-(951)                               Folk literature

PT923-937                                          Faust legend

PT1100-1479                                Collections

PT1100-1141                                      General

PT1151-1241                                      Poetry

PT1251-1299                                      Drama

PT1301-1360                                      Prose

PT1371-(1374)                                    Early to 1950.  Old and Middle High German

PT1375-1479                                      Middle High German

PT1501-2688                                Individual authors or works

PT1501-1695                                      Middle High German, ca. 1050-1450/1500

PT1701-1797                                      1500-ca. 1700

PT1799-2592                                      1700-ca. 1860/70

PT1891-2239                                            Goethe

PT1891-2017                                                  Works

PT2026-(2039)                                                Translations

PT(2044)-2239                                                Biography and criticism

PT2600-2653                                      1860/70-1960

PT2660-2688                                      1961-2000

PT2700-2728                                      2001-

PT3701-3971                                Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PT3701-3746                                      East Germany

PT4801-4897                                Low German literature

PT5001-5980                          Dutch literature

PT5001-5348                                Literary history and criticism

PT5001-5112                                      General

PT5121-5185                                      Special periods

PT5201-5243                                      Poetry

PT5250-5295                                      Drama

PT5300-5348                                      Prose

PT(5351)-5395                              Folk literature

PT5398                                        Juvenile literature (General)

PT5400-5547                                Collections

PT5400-5409                                      General

PT5410-5414                                      Translations

PT5420-5460                                      Special periods

PT5470-5488                                      Poetry

PT5490-5515                                      Drama

PT5517-5547                                      Prose

PT5555-5881.36                           Individual authors or works

PT5555-5595                                      Medieval

PT5600-5739                                      16th-18th centuries

PT5620-5637                                            Cats, Jacob

PT5700-5732                                            Vondel, Joost van den

PT5800-5880                                      1800-1960


PT5881-5881.36                                 1961-2000

PT5882-5882.36                                 2001-

PT5901-5980                                Provincial, local, foreign

PT6000-6467.36                     Flemish literature since 1830

PT6000-6199                                Literary history and criticism

PT(6200)-(6230)                           Folk literature

PT6250                                        Juvenile literature (General)

PT6300-6397                                Collections

PT6400-6467.36                           Individual authors or works

PT6500-6593.36                     Afrikaans literature

PT6500-6530                                Literary history and criticism

PT(6540)-6545                              Folk literature

PT6550-6575                                Collections

PT6580                                        Local

PT6590-6593.36                           Individual authors or works

PT7001-7099                          Scandinavian literature

PT7001-7099                                General

PT7001-7087                                      Literary history and criticism

PT(7088)-(7089)                                 Folk literature

PT7090-7099                                      Collections

PT7101-7338                          Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian

PT7101-7211                                Literary history and criticism

PT7170-7176                                      Poetry

PT7177-7211                                      Prose

PT7181-7193                                            Sagas

PT7195-7211                                            Scientific and learned literature

PT7220-7262.5                             Collections

PT7230-7252                                      Poetry

PT7255-7262.5                                   Prose

PT7261-7262.5                                         Sagas

PT7263-7296                                Individual sagas and historical works

PT7298-7309                                Religious works

PT7312-7318                                Scientific and learned literature

PT7326-7338                                Individual authors or works before 1540

PT7351-7550                          Modern Icelandic literature

PT7351-7418                                Literary history and criticism

PT(7420)-(7438)                           Folk literature

PT7442                                        Juvenile literature (General)

PT7450-7495                                Collections

PT7500-7511                                Individual authors or works

PT7500-7501                                      16th-18th centuries

PT7510-7511                                      19th-20th centuries

PT7512-7513                                      21st century

PT7520-7550                                Provincial, local, foreign

PT7581-7599                          Faroese literature

PT7581-7592                                Literary history and criticism

PT7593-7596.5                             Collections

PT7597                                        Local

PT7598-7599                                Individual authors or works

PT7601-8260                          Danish literature

PT7601-7869                                Literary history and criticism

PT7721-7762                                      Special periods

PT7770-7794                                      Poetry


PT7800-7832                                      Drama

PT7835-7869                                      Prose

PT(7900)-7930                              Folk literature

PT7935                                        Juvenile literature (General)

PT7945-8046                                Collections

PT7975-7994                                      Poetry

PT7999-8020                                      Drama

PT8021-8046                                      Prose

PT8050-8177.36                           Individual authors or works

PT8050                                              Medieval

PT8060-8098                                      16th-18th centuries

PT8070-8094.5                                         Holberg, Ludvig

PT8100-8167                                      19th century

PT8102-8120                                            Andersen, Hans Christian

PT8145-8157                                            Oehlenschläger, Adam Gottlob

PT8174-8175                                      1900-1960

PT8176-8176.36                                 1961-2000

PT8177-8177.36                                 2001-

PT8205-8260                                Provincial, local, foreign

PT8301-9155                          Norwegian literature

PT8301-8574                                Literary history and criticism

PT(8420)-8456                                    Special periods

PT8460-8489                                      Poetry

PT8500-8534                                      Drama

PT8540-8574                                      Prose

PT(8600)-(8637)                           Folk literature

PT8640                                        Juvenile literature (General)

PT8650-8733                                Collections

PT8675-8695                                      Poetry

PT8699-8718                                      Drama

PT8719-8723                                      Prose

PT8750-8952.36                           Individual authors or works

PT8750-8775                                      16th-18th centuries

PT8800-8942                                      19th century

PT8851-8900                                            Ibsen, Henrik

PT8949-8950                                      1900-1960

PT8951-8951.36                                 1961-2000

PT8952-8952.36                                 2001-

PT9000-9094                                Landsmaal or New Norwegian

PT9000-9019                                      Literary history and criticism

PT9025-9055                                      Collections

PT9064-9094                                      Individual authors

PT9100-9155                                Provincial, local, foreign

PT9201-9999                          Swedish literature

PT9201-9499                                Literary history and criticism

PT9320-9370                                      Special periods

PT9375-9404                                      Poetry

PT9415-9449                                      Drama

PT9460-9499                                      Prose

PT(9509)-(9542)                           Folk literature

PT9544                                        Juvenile literature (General)

PT9547-9639                                Collections

PT9565-9570                                      Translations


PT9580-9599                                      Poetry

PT9605-9625                                      Drama

PT9626-9639                                      Prose

PT9650-9877.36                           Individual authors or works

PT9650-9651                                      Medieval

PT9674-9715                                      16th-18th centuries

PT9725-9850                                      19th century

PT9759-9771                                            Lagerlöf, Selma

PT9800-9817                                            Strindberg, Johan August

PT9820-9838                                            Tegnér, Esaias

PT9870-9875                                      1900-1960

PT9876-9876.36                                 1961-2000

PT9877-9877.36                                 2001-

PT9950-9999                                Provincial, local, foreign


Subclass PZ


PZ(1)-90                                 Fiction and juvenile belles lettres

PZ(1)-(4)                                      Fiction in English

PZ5-90                                         Juvenile belles lettres

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