Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class S





Subclass S


S1-(972)                                 Agriculture (General)

S21-400.5                                     Documents and other collections

S403                                            Agricultural missions, voyages, etc.

S419-482                                      History

S530-559                                      Agricultural education

S539.5-542.3                                      Research.  Experimentation

S544-545.53                                       Agricultural extension work

S548-548.6                                         Historic farms

S550-559                                            Exhibitions.  Fairs

S560-571.5                                   Farm economics.  Farm management.  Agricultural mathematics

Including production standards, record keeping, farmwork

rates, marketing

S583-587.73                                 Agricultural chemistry.  Agricultural chemicals

S588.4-589.6                                Agricultural physics

Including radioisotopes in agriculture

S589.7                                         Agricultural ecology (General)

S589.75-589.76                            Agriculture and the environment

S589.8-589.87                              Plant growing media.  Potting soils

S590-599.9                                   Soils.  Soil science

Including soil surveys, soil chemistry, soil structure,

soil-plant relationships

S600-600.7                                   Agricultural meteorology.  Crops and climate

S602.5-604.37                              Methods and systems of culture.  Cropping systems

Including fallowing, rotation of crops, plowing

S604.5-604.64                              Agricultural conservation

S604.8-621.5                                Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation,

etc., of lands

S605.5                                               Organic farming.  Organiculture

S606-621.5                                         Special classes of lands and reclamation methods

Including woodlands, burning of lands, deserts, saline

environments, moors

S622-627                                      Soil conservation and protection

S631-667                                      Fertilizers and improvement of the soil

S671-760.5                                   Farm machinery and farm engineering

S770-790.3                                   Agricultural structures.  Farm buildings

S900-(972)                                   Conservation of natural resources

Including land conservation


Subclass SB


SB1-1110                                Plant culture

SB39                                            Horticultural voyages, etc.

SB71-87                                        History


SB107-109                                    Economic botany

SB109.7-111                                 Methods for special areas

Including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture

SB112                                           Irrigation farming

SB113.2-118.46                            Seeds.  Seed technology

SB118.48-118.75                           Nurseries.  Nursery industry

SB119-124                                    Propagation

Including breeding, selection, grafting, air layering

SB125                                           Training and pruning

SB126                                           Artificial light gardening

SB126.5-126.57                            Hydroponics.  Soilless agriculture

SB127                                           Forcing

SB128                                           Growth regulators

SB129-130                                    Harvesting, curing, storage

SB169-172.5                                 Tree crops

SB175-177                                    Food crops

SB183-317                                    Field crops

Including cereals, forage crops, grasses, legumes, root crops,

sugar plants, textile plants, alkaloidal plants, medicinal


SB317.5-319.864                           Horticulture.  Horticultural crops

SB320-353.5                                 Vegetables

SB354-402                                    Fruit and fruit culture

SB381-386                                          Berries and small fruits

SB387-399                                          Grape culture.  Viticulture

SB401                                                 Nuts

SB403-450.87                               Flowers and flower culture.  Ornamental plants

SB406.7-406.83                                  Plant propagation

SB409-413                                          Culture of individual plants

SB414                                                 Forcing

SB414.6-417                                       Greenhouses and greenhouse culture

SB418-418.4                                       Container gardening

SB419-419.3                                       Indoor gardening and houseplants

SB419.5                                              Roof gardening.  Balcony gardening

SB421-439.8                                       Classes of plants

Including annuals, climbers, ferns, lawns, perennials,


SB441-441.75                                     Flower shows.  Exhibitions

SB442.5                                              Care and preparation of cut flowers and ornamental plants for


SB442.8-443.4                                    Marketing.  Cut flower industry.  Florists

SB446-446.6                                       Horticultural service industry

SB447                                                 Preservation and reproduction of flowers, fruits, etc.

SB447.5                                              Bonkei.  Tray landscapes

SB449-450.87                                     Flower arrangement and decoration

SB450.9-467.8                              Gardens and gardening

SB469-(476.4)                               Landscape gardening.  Landscape architecture

SB481-486                                    Parks and public reservations

Including theory, management, history

SB599-990.5                                 Pests and diseases


SB608                                                 Individual or types of plants or trees

SB610-615                                          Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.

SB617-618                                          Poisonous plants

SB621-795                                          Plant pathology

SB818-945                                          Economic entomology

SB950-990.5                                       Pest control and treatment of diseases.  Plant protection

SB950.9-970.4                                          Pesticides

SB973-973.5                                             Soil disinfection

SB974-978                                                Organic plant protection.  Biological control

SB979.5-985                                             Inspection.  Quarantine

SB992-998                                    Economic zoology applied to crops.  Agricultural zoology

Including animals injurious and beneficial to plants


Subclass SD


SD1-669.5                              Forestry

SD11-115                                      Documents

SD119                                          Voyages, etc.

SD131-247.5                                 History of forestry.  Forest conditions

SD250-363.3                                 Forestry education

SD388                                          Forestry machinery and engineering

SD388.5                                       Tools and implements

SD389                                          Forest roads

SD390-390.43                               Forest soils

SD390.5-390.7                              Forest meteorology.  Forest microclimatology

SD391-410.9                                 Sylviculture

SD411-428                                    Conservation and protection

Including forest influences, damage by elements, fires,

forest reserves

SD430-(559)                                 Exploitation and utilization

Including timber trees, fuelwood, logging, transportation,


SD561-669.5                                 Administration.  Policy


Subclass SF


SF1-1100                                Animal culture

SF41-55                                        History

SF84-84.64                                   Economic zoology

SF84.82-85.6                                Rangelands.  Range management.  Grazing

SF87                                            Acclimatization

SF89                                            Transportation

SF91                                            Housing and environmental control

SF92                                            Equipment and supplies

SF94.5-99                                     Feeds and feeding.  Animal nutrition

SF101-103.5                                 Brands and branding, and other means of identifying

SF105-109                                    Breeding and breeds

SF111-113                                    Cost, yield, and profit.  Accounting

SF114-121                                    Exhibitions

SF170-180                                    Working animals


SF191-275                                    Cattle

SF221-250                                          Dairying

SF250.5-275                                       Dairy processing.  Dairy products

SF277-360.4                                 Horses

SF294.2-297                                       Horse sports.  Horse shows

SF304.5-307                                       Driving

SF308.5-310.5                                    Horsemanship.  Riding

SF311-312                                          Draft horses

SF315-315.5                                       Ponies

SF321-359.7                                       Racing

SF360-360.4                                       Feral horses.  Wild horses

SF361-361.73                               Donkeys

SF362                                           Mules

SF371-379                                    Sheep.  Wool

SF380-388                                    Goats

SF391-397.83                               Swine

SF402-405                                    Fur-bearing animals

SF405.5-407                                 Laboratory animals

SF408-408.6                                 Zoo animals

SF409                                           Small animal culture

SF411-459                                    Pets

SF421-440.2                                       Dogs.  Dog racing

SF441-450                                          Cats

SF451-455                                          Rabbits and hares

SF456-458.83                                     Fishes.  Aquariums

SF459                                                 Other animals

SF461-473                                    Birds.  Cage birds

SF481-507                                    Poultry.  Eggs

SF508-(510.6)                               Game birds

SF511-511.5                                 Ostrich

SF512-513                                    Ornamental birds

SF515-515.5                                 Reptiles

SF518                                           Insect rearing

SF521-539.8                                 Bee culture

SF541-560                                    Sericulture.  Silk culture

SF561                                           Lac-insects

SF600-1100                                  Veterinary medicine

SF756.5-769.5                                    Special preclinical sciences

Including veterinary genetics, ethology, anatomy,

physiology, embryology, pathology

SF780.2-780.7                                    Veterinary microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology

SF780.9                                              Veterinary epidemiology.  Epizootiology

SF781-809                                          Communicable diseases of animals (General)

SF810                                                 Veterinary parasitology

SF810.5-810.7                                    Predatory animals and their control

SF811-909                                          Veterinary medicine of special organs, regions, and systems

SF910                                                 Other diseases and conditions

SF910.5                                              Veterinary orthopedics

SF911-914.4                                       Veterinary surgery

SF914.3-914.4                                          Veterinary traumatology.  Veterinary emergencies


SF914.5                                              Veterinary acupuncture

SF915-919.5                                       Veterinary pharmacology

SF925                                                 Veterinary physical medicine

SF951-997.5                                       Diseases of special classes of animals


Subclass SH


SH1-691                                 Aquaculture.  Fisheries.  Angling

SH20.3-191                                  Aquaculture

SH33-134.6                                        By region or country

SH138                                                Mariculture

SH151-179                                          Fish culture

SH171-179                                                Diseases and adverse factors

SH185-191                                          Frogs, leeches, etc.

SH201-399                                    Fisheries

SH213-216.55                                     By oceans and seas

SH219-321                                          By region or country

SH327.5-327.7                                    Fishery resources.  Fishery conservation

SH328-329                                          Fishery management.  Fishery policy

SH334                                                Economic aspects.  Finance

SH334.5-334.7                                    Fishery technology

SH334.9-336.5                                    Fishery processing

SH337                                                Packing, transportation, and storage

SH337.5                                             Fishing port facilities

SH343.2-343.3                                    Fishery oceanography.  Fishery meteorology

SH343.4                                             Fishery research vessels

SH343.5                                             Exploratory fishing

SH343.8                                             Navigation

SH343.9                                             Safety measures

SH344-344.8                                       Methods and gear.  Catching of fish

SH346-351                                          Fishery for individual species

SH360-363                                          Seal fisheries.  Fur sealing

SH364                                                Sea otter

SH365-380.92                                     Shellfish fisheries.  Shellfish culture

SH381-385                                          Whaling

SH387                                                Porpoises.  Dolphins

SH388.7-391.5                                    Algae culture

SH393                                                Seagrasses

SH396                                                Sponge fisheries

SH400-400.8                                 Seafood gathering

SH401-691                                    Angling

Including tackle, casting, methods of angling, angling for

special kinds of fish


Subclass SK


SK1-664                                 Hunting sports

SK37-39.5                                    Shooting

SK40-268                                      By country

SK281-293                                    Special methods and types of hunting


Including bolos, game calling, tracking, trapping, dressing

SK284-287                                          Fox hunting

SK291-292                                          Coursing

SK293                                                Ferreting

SK295-305                                    Big game

SK311-335                                    Bird hunting.  Fowling

SK336                                          Varmint hunting (General)

SK337                                          Predator hunting

SK341                                          Other game

SK351-579                                    Wildlife management.  Game protection

Including annual reports of game commissioners

SK590-593                                    Wild animal trade

SK650-664                                    Wildlife-related recreation

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