Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class U



Subclass U


U1‑900 Military science (General)

U21‑22.3 War. Philosophy. Military sociology

U27‑43 History of military science

U45 Historiography

U56‑59 Army clubs

U150‑155 Military planning

U161‑163 Strategy

U164‑167.5 Tactics

U168 Logistics

U250‑255 Maneuvers (combined arms)

U260 Joint operations. Combined operations

U261 Amphibious warfare

U262 Commando tactics

U263‑264.5 Atomic warfare. Atomic weapons

U300‑305 Artillery and rifle ranges

U310‑310.2 War games

U320‑325 Physical training of soldiers

U400‑714 Military education and training

U750‑773 Military life, manners and customs, antiquities, etc.

U799‑897 History of arms and armor


Subclass UA


UA10‑997 Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation

UA21‑885 By region or country

UA910‑915 Mobilization

UA920‑925 Plans for attack and defense

UA926‑929 Civil defense

UA929.5‑929.95 War damage in industry. Industrial defense

UA940‑945 Military communication

UA950‑979 Routes of travel. Distances

UA985‑997 Military geography


Subclass UB


UB1‑900 Military administration

UB160‑165 Records, returns, muster rolls, etc.

UB170‑175 Adjutant generals’ offices

UB180‑197 Civilian personnel departments

UB250‑271 Intelligence

UB273‑274 Sabotage

UB275‑277 Psychological warfare. Propaganda

UB320‑338 Enlistment, recruiting, etc.


UB340‑345 Compulsory service. Conscription and exemption

UB356‑369.5 Provision for veterans

UB370‑375 Military pensions, etc.

UB380‑385 Soldiers’ and sailors’ homes

UB407‑409 Warrant officers. Noncommissioned officers

UB410‑415 Officers

UB416‑419 Minorities, women, etc. in armed forces

UB420‑425 Furloughs

UB440‑449.5 Retired military personnel


Subclass UC


UC10‑780 Maintenance and transportation

UC20‑258 Organization of the service. By region or country

UC260‑267 Supplies and stores

UC270‑360 Transportation

UC400‑440 Barracks. Quarters. Camps

UC460‑535 Clothing and equipment

UC540‑585 Equipage. Field kits

UC600‑695 Horses. Mules. Remount service

UC700‑780 Subsistence


Subclass UD


UD1‑495 Infantry

UD157‑302 Tactics. Maneuvers. Drill regulations

UD320‑325 Manual of arms

UD330‑335 Firing. Military sharpshooting

UD340‑345 Bayonet drill

UD380‑425 Small arms. Swords, etc.

UD450‑455 Mounted infantry

UD460‑464 Mountain troops

UD470‑475 Ski troops

UD480‑485 Airborne troops. Parachute troops

UD490‑495 Airmobile operations


Subclass UE


UE1‑500 Cavalry. Armor

Including horse cavalry, armored cavalry, mechanized cavalry

UE144‑145 Horse cavalry

UE147 Armored cavalry

UE157‑302 Tactics. Maneuvers. Drill regulations

UE420‑425 Cavalry sword exercises

UE460‑475 Horses


Subclass UF


UF1‑910 Artillery

UF157‑302 Tactics. Maneuvers. Drill regulations


UF400‑405 Field artillery

UF450‑455 Seacoast artillery

UF460‑465 Siege artillery

UF470‑475 Howitzer artillery. Mortar batteries

UF480‑485 Garrison artillery

UF500‑515 Weapons systems

UF520‑537 Ordnance and small arms

UF540‑545 Arsenals, magazines, armories, etc.

UF560‑780 Ordnance material (Ordnance proper)

UF820‑830 Ballistics. Velocities and motions of projectiles

UF848‑856 Artillery instruments. Fire control, etc.


Subclass UG


UG1‑620 Military engineering

UG160‑302 Tactics and regulations

UG335 Bridges

UG340 Tunnels

UG360‑390 Field engineering

UG400‑442 Fortification

UG443‑449 Attack and defense. Siege warfare

UG470‑474 Military surveying, topography, and mapping

UG490 Land mines, etc.

UG500‑565 Technical troops and other special corps

UG570‑582 Military signaling

UG590‑613.5 Military telegraphy and telephony

UG614‑614.5 Military electric lighting

UG615‑620 Military motor vehicles

UG622‑1435 Air forces. Air warfare

UG633‑635 By region or country

UG637‑639 Education and training

UG640‑645 Military aeronautical research

UG700‑705 Tactics

UG730‑735 Air defenses

UG760‑765 Aerial reconnaissance

UG770‑1045 Organization. Personnel management

UG1097 Air bases

UG1100‑1435 Equipment and supplies

UG1500‑1530 Military astronautics. Space warfare. Space surveillance

UG1523‑1525 By region or country


Subclass UH


UH20‑910 Other services

UH20‑25 Chaplains

UH201‑515 Medical and sanitary services

UH520‑(560) Care of sick and wounded. Relief societies

UH600‑629.5 Military hygiene and sanitation

UH700‑705 Public relations. Press. War correspondents

UH750‑769 Military social work. Social welfare services


UH800‑910 Recreation and information services