Library of Congress Classification Outline – Class Z






Subclass Z


Z4‑115.5                                Books (General).  Writing.  Paleography

Z4‑8                                             History of books and bookmaking

Z40‑104.5                                    Writing

Z41‑42.5                                            Autographs.  Signatures

Z43‑45                                               Calligraphy.  Penmanship

Z48                                                    Duplicating processes.  Copying services

Including mimeographing, multilithing

Z49‑51.5                                            Typewriters.  Typewriting.  Keyboards.  Keyboarding

Z52‑52.5                                            Word processing

Z53‑102                                             Shorthand.  Stenography.  Phonography

Z102.5‑104.5                                     Cryptography.  Ciphers.  Invisible writing

Z105‑115.5                                   Manuscripts.  Paleography

Z116‑659                                Book industries and trade

Z116.A2                                       Treatises on the modern printed book

Z116.A3                                       Book design

Z116.A5‑265.5                              Printing

Z124‑228                                            History

Z231‑234                                            Printers and printing establishments

Z234                                                        Medallic history of printing.  Tokens

Z235‑236                                            Printer’s marks, mottoes, etc.

Z237                                                  Paper.  Watermarks, etc.

Z240‑241.5                                         Incunabula.  Block books

Including broadsides, playing cards

Z242.9‑264.5                                      Practical printing

Including printing as a business, layout, paper and ink,

machinery, type and type founding, electrotyping,

desktop publishing, typesetting, presswork

Z265‑265.5                                         Representation or reproduction of books, documents,

etc., by photography, microphotography, or other


Z266‑276                                      Bookbinding.  Book decoration

Z278‑549                                      Bookselling and publishing

Z551‑656                                      Copyright

Z657‑659                                      Freedom of the press.  Censorship

Z662‑1000.5                           Libraries

Z662‑664                                      Collections

Z665‑718.8                                   Library science.  Information science

Z668‑669.7                                         Library education.  Research

Z672‑Z672.13                                     Library cooperation and coordination

Z674.7‑674.83                                    Library information networks

Z675                                                  Classes of libraries

Z678‑678.88                                       Library administration and organization.  Constitution

Z678.89‑678.892                                Library service agencies


Z678.9‑Z678.93                                  Automation

Z679‑680                                            Library buildings.  Library architecture

Including planning, space utilization, security, safety,

lighting, etc.

Z680.3‑680.6                                      Library communication systems

Z681‑681.3                                         Reproduction of library materials.  Storage media of

library materials

Z681.5‑681.7                                      Trustees.  Library boards, committees, etc.

Z682‑682.4                                         Personnel

Z683‑683.5                                         Finance.  Insurance

Z684‑685                                            Supplies.  Shelving.  Bookstacks

Z686                                                  Branches.  Delivery stations.  Bookmobiles

Z687‑718.85                                       The collections.  The books

Z688                                                        Special collections

Z688.5‑Z688.6                                          Processing

Z689‑689.8                                               Acquisition (selection, purchase, gifts, duplicates)

Z690                                                        Exchanges

Z691‑692                                                  Special classes of materials

Including manuscripts, maps, microforms, serials

Z693‑695.83                                             Cataloging

Z695.85                                                   Library handwriting

Z695.87                                                   Printing of catalogs

Z695.9‑695.94                                          Indexing.  Abstracting

Z695.95                                                   Alphabetizing.  Filing

Z695.98                                                   Recataloging.  Reclassification

Z696‑697                                                  Classification and notation

Z698                                                        Shelflisting.  Author notation

Z699‑699.5                                               Machine methods of information and retrieval.

Mechanized bibliographic control

Z699.7                                                     Physical processing.  Shelf preparation

Z700                                                        Bookbinding

Z700.9‑701.5                                            Physical parameters, preservation, conservation and

restoration of books and other library materials

Z702                                                        Thefts and losses of books and other library materials

Z703.5                                                     Stack management. Disposition of books on shelves,


Z703.6                                                     Discarding.  Weeding

Z711‑711.95                                       Public services.  Reference services

Z712‑714                                            Circulation.  Loans.  Charging systems

Z716‑716.15                                       Library extension.  Library commissions.  Traveling


Z716.2‑718.85                                    Libraries in relation to special topics

Including libraries and community, libraries and

television, children’s libraries, libraries and


Z719‑723                                      Libraries (General)

Z729‑875                                      Library reports.  History.  Statistics

Z881‑977                                      Library catalogs and bulletins

Z987‑996.3                                   Book collecting

Including bibliophilism, bookplates

Z997-997.2                                   Private libraries


Z999‑1000.5                                 Booksellers’ catalogs

Z1001‑1121                            General bibliography

Z1001                                          Introduction to bibliography. Theory, philosophy,

psychology. Bibliography. Documentation

Z1003‑1003.5                               Choice of books.  Books and reading.  Book reviews

Z1003.8‑Z1004                             Biography of bibliographers

Z1011‑1017                                  General bibliographies

Z1019‑1033                                  Special classes of books

Including prohibited books, rare books, paperbacks,


Z1035‑1035.9                               Best books

Z1036                                          Booksellers’ general catalogs of modern books

Z1037‑1039                                  Books for special classes of persons, institutions, etc.

Z1041‑1107                                  Anonyms and pseudonyms

Z1201‑4980                            National bibliography

Z1201‑1946                                  America

Z1215‑1363                                        United States

Z1365‑1401                                        Canada.  British North America

Z1411‑1939                                        Mexico.  Central America.  West Indies.  South America

Z1975                                          Eastern Hemisphere

Z2000‑2959                                  Europe

Z3001‑3496                                  Asia

Z3501‑3975                                  Africa

Z4001‑4980                                  Australia.  Oceania

Z5051‑7999                            Subject bibliography

Subjects arranged in alphabetical sequence

Z8001‑8999                            Personal bibliography

Names of individuals arranged in alphabetical sequence


Subclass ZA


ZA3038‑5190                          Information resources (General)

ZA3150‑3159                                Information services. Information centers

ZA3201‑3250                                Information superhighway

ZA4050‑4775                                Information in specific formats or media

ZA4050‑4480                                      Electronic information resources

ZA4150‑4380                                            Computer network resources

ZA4450‑4460                                            Databases

ZA4550‑4575                                      Motion pictures. Video recordings

ZA4650‑4675                                      Pictures. Photographs

ZA4750‑4775                                      Sound recordings

ZA5049‑5190                                Government information

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