Library Learning Spaces

A special space or room also available for users who need a separate area without any disturbance from general study areas and can serve their academic needs at anytime or anywhere.

Library Auditoriums

Status : Public Use

Currently the library has 2 (two) auditoriums that facilitate activities such as seminars, talks, briefings, yearly meeting, lecturers etc for all UUM patrons.

  • Auditorium 1 - Can accommodate about 70-80 persons at one time and located outside the Main library building near the Smart Reading Room, ground library foyer. Fully equipped with audio visual facilities.

  • Auditorium 2 - A much bigger space compared to Auditorium 1 which can accommodate about 100-120 persons at one time and located at Level 4 (Third Floor) of PSB New Building. Also fully equipped with audio visual equipment and a foyer for any side activities such as group assembly, dining hall, performance etc.

For both auditoriums, you can book or reserve manually the facilities at the Special and Media Collection Division, Third Level (Second Floor) of PSB New Building. To download a manual form to reserve the auditorium,  Click HERE!

Status : Public Use

Carrel Room is personal carrel room for those who wish to have a personal study space, quite and without any disturbance. Currently the Library provide a total of 50 carrel rooms in its premises especially at the Main Building. The size of the rooms are approximately 5 x 7 feet in length and can accommodate 1 person at one time.

Status : Internal Use

Currently the library has 2 (two) computer labs, located at the Second Floor of the New Building. Each labs can accommodate approximately 60-80 persons at one time and usually used for training, workshop and briefing.

Computer Lab 1 -

Status : Public Use

Facilitate to those who wish to have a personal group session in a room without disturbing other users. It can be use within stipulated time, in group only and have to be book before use.

Status : Public Use


Status : Internal Use

Status : Public Use

Reserve A Space!

Library Space Reservation or LibSpace is a reservation platform for users to reserve a space for studying or academic sessions such as talks, seminars, meetings or social gathering in the Library premises. Find the right space for your needs and reserve a space today.


General Information

Reservation must be made at least 5 days before the actual event, first come first serve basis, for educational purposes only, library activities will be taken into priorities first and must be recommended or support by lectures or schools representative.

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