Library Regulations

The objectives of the Library are to support teaching, learning and research activities in the University. Rules and regulations are required by the Library to achieve its objectives. Every Library member is subjected to these rules. Action will be taken against anyone who does not abide by these rules.

  1. Only registered users and those who is approved by the Chief Librarian are allowed to use the Library.
  2. The registered users shall use his/her own smart metric card to produce passage at the pedestrian barrier in the Library and to display that smart member's card upon request of the library staff when instructed.
  3. The registered users are prohibited from bringing in any food and/or drinks into the Library except for mineral water or plain water, smoking including conventional or electronic cigarettes, making noise, sleep or doing such other thing that may interfere the learning environment in the Library.
  4. Defacing, damaging or destroying any Library properties or any action which would result in the destruction to the said item is an offense. The said library users shall be liable to recompense the Library double the actual cost of the destruction property.
  5. The library users must abide by the Library rules and regulations.
  6. Every library users have to abide by the dress code of the University.
  7. The library users are prohibited to use any electronic devices/appliances such as hand-phone, walk-man, camera or others which may disturb other users.
  8. The library users shall obey the regulations on the limits of books borrowed and shall be responsible to return same on the scheduled date therein.
  9. Fine will be imposed on late return of materials borrowed.
  10. The borrower shall be responsible on the items/materials borrowed. For any losses incurred, the borrower shall be charged double the price for the lost item. However the borrower may substitute the lost books which is similar or of the latest edition of the substituted items/materials thereof. In case of non-substitution, Chief Librarian may decide on the reasonable price to make good or to recompense for the lost items/materials now not available.
  11. The library staff reserve the rights to inspect bags, handbags, folders, files or other property of users before they leave/exit the library.
  12. Any changes of the users address must be immediately notified to the Library.
  13. Reservation of seats is not permitted. Any items left on the table more than 30 minutes unattended will be taken away by the library staff. The Library will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any users personal items.
  14. The library users is solely responsible for the safety of their own belongings brought into the Library.
  15. All counter services within the Library shall be closed 15 minutes in advance of Library closing time. The alarm bell will be rung twice to intimate the closing time. Library users shall vacate the library promptly at closing time.
  16. The library staffs shall have the right to instruct the uses to leave the Library for any infractions of the Library or the University's regulations.
  17. Users who bring out/in their possession any Library materials outwith post/past the electronic alarm without proof of receipt of any borrowing or without the sanction of the Chief Librarian shall be subject to disciplinary action by the University/The University Authorities.

(as approved by the Library committee on 17 November 1985 with amendments on 29 September 1999, 2 June 2005 and 22 January 2017)