Library Facilities & Tools

A Conducive Premises!

It is our responsibilities to ensure that our users can have a good environment while doing their activities. In doing so, the University has invested a large sum of allocation to equipped the Library with the up to date facilities and tools to support the learning, teaching and research objectives. In addition it is our  utmost believe that a good environment will stimulate more energetic educational activities and creative learning spectrum for our students. Furthermore, the facilities and tools provided were design to ensure a comfortable, safe, easy and pleasant environment throughout the library premises.

UUM Library Facilities & Tools
Areas for Reading & Study

To accommodate your studies need, the library provide a number of space and zone for users which could benefit their special requirement.

  • General Study Areas - Most of the library premises were equipped with general sitting for study and group discussion. They are located along the floor corridor or spaces and can be accommodate freely.

  • Learning Common - A special facility to accommodate users who wish to have a group discussion with the help of a TV screen or media equipment. Mostly can cover 4-6 persons for each block and are free to be seated.

  • Personal Carrel - Located at the 3rd Level (Second Floor) of PSB New Building cater for users who wish to have a quiet and personal study space environment.

  • Cozy Reading Areas - A set of soft couches to accommodate users who wish to have a relaxing easy reading or study; as well as taking a short nap after a stress academic session. It also provide leather couches specially design for users who like to have a talk or discussion in group or meeting on the go and located at a strategic location in library premises.