Library Facilities & Tools

A Conducive Premises!

It is our responsibilities to ensure that our users can have a good environment while doing their activities. In doing so, the University has invested a large sum of allocation to equipped the Library with the up to date facilities and tools to support the learning, teaching and research objectives. In addition it is our  utmost believe that a good environment will stimulate more energetic educational activities and creative learning spectrum for our students. Furthermore, the facilities and tools provided were design to ensure a comfortable, safe, easy and pleasant environment throughout the library premises.

UUM Library Facilities & Tools

To ensure a fast, reliable and easy approach in using or getting library materials, services or resources, the Library provides automated tools around the premises and also online. These tools include :

  • Self Check Machines ~ Use these machines to borrow library books and check your current account which located at the strategic location in library premises.

  • Computer Terminals ~ Computer terminals for public use were provided for users who needs to browse the Internet or doing their academic work. They are located at the Learning Common, Level 2 (First Floor) PSB New Building and based on first come first serve basis.

  • Book Drop Box/Machines ~ You can use this machines to return your books which is located at Level 2 (First Floor) PSB New Building, Level 1, PSB Main Building (Near Auditorium 1) and at your faculties.

For further information, please contact : Information System Division, Sultanah Bahiyah Library, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah | Phone (Mr Norhardi Saad : 049283604 / Mr Mohd Shazwan Nabil Shukor : 04-9283676 )

Areas for Reading & Study

To accommodate your studies need, the library provide a number of space and zone for users which could benefit their special requirement.

  • General Study Areas - Most of the library premises were equipped with general sitting for study and group discussion. They are located along the floor corridor or spaces and can be accommodate freely.

  • Learning Common - A special facility to accommodate users who wish to have a group discussion with the help of a TV screen or media equipment. Mostly can cover 4-6 persons for each block and are free to be seated.

  • Personal Carrel - Located at the 3rd Level (Second Floor) of PSB New Building cater for users who wish to have a quiet and personal study space environment.

  • Cozy Reading Areas - A set of soft couches to accommodate users who wish to have a relaxing easy reading or study; as well as taking a short nap after a stress academic session. It also provide leather couches specially design for users who like to have a talk or discussion in group or meeting on the go and located at a strategic location in library premises.

A special space or room also available for users who need a separate area without any disturbance from general study areas and can serve their academic needs at anytime or anywhere.

  • Smart Reading Room - Available 24 hours for every users at any time they need which located at the low level of library foyer, outside PSB Main Building near Auditorium 1. It can accommodate more than 150 users at one time and a popular study room for students during exam weeks, weekends, during public holidays or outside regular library opening hours.

  • Discussion Room - Facilitate to those who wish to have a personal group session in a room without disturbing other users. It can be use within stipulated time, in group only and have to be book before use. To book the room, please approach Customer Service Unit, PSB Main Building.
  • Carrel Room - A personal carrel room for those who wish to have a personal study space, quite and without any disturbance. To book the room, please approach Customer Service Unit, PSB Main Building.
  • Post Graduate Learning Commons - A special space designed to accommodate UUM post graduate students where they can have a personal study or research carrel, group discussion or network point. Most of the study seats are available freely on first come first serve basis and located at the Second Level (First Floor) of PSB New Building.

  • 24 Hours Study Room - Located near the Main Library entrance and Locker room, it can facilitate for users who wish to study at odd hours and can be access 24 hours, every days. Also a popular study room for students during exam weeks, weekends, during public holidays or outside regular library opening hours.

Currently the library has 2 (two) auditoriums that facilitate activities such as seminars, talks, briefings, yearly meeting, lecturers etc for all UUM patrons.

  • Auditorium 1 - Can accommodate about 70-80 persons at one time and located outside the Main library building near the Smart Reading Room, ground library foyer. Fully equipped with audio visual facilities.

  • Auditorium 2 - A bit bigger compared to Auditorium 1 which can accommodate about 100-120 persons at one time and located at Level 4 (Third Floor) of PSB New Building. Also fully equipped with audio visual equipment and a foyer for any side activities such as group assembly, dining hall, performance etc.

For both auditoriums, you can book or reserve the facilities at the Media Archive Unit, Third Level (Second Floor) of PSB New Building.

Note : Reservation must be made at least 5 days before the actual event, first come first serve basis, for educational purposes only, library activities will be taken into priorities first and must be recommended or support by lectures or schools representative.

In order to facilitate you with quality printing service, the Library provide 2 (two) photocopy machines which are located at these area :

  • Serial Collection at Third Level of PSB Main Building
  • Special & Media Collection at Third Level (Second Floor) of New Building

Note : All users are required to buy a Reload Card at the USSB Shoppe (located at the PSB Main Building Foyer for RM10 each and can be use to handle the photocopy machines.

All part of library premises are wi-fi free and available for all UUM patrons as most of UUM campus areas are wifi free. You can access the network by using the guest account or your account using the UUM Portal identification.

Library users can also use the fixed line port for network at certain area to link to the Internet.

Note : The usage of WiFi network may disconnected from time to time due to the heavily used by users or network disrupted.  


Lockers are available for users who wish to safe guard their belonging in special cases during their visit to the library or attending classes nearby. It is located at the outside of PSB Main & New Building and can be use with personal key for safe keeping but must be return at the same locker case. It only cost you 20 cent per use.

Note  :The library shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage on users belonging while being kept in the lockers and entirely at your own risk.

  • Prayer Rooms for Muslim Users - Prayer room for Muslim users are available at 3rd and 4th Level of PSB Main Building and also at 2nd and 3rd Level at PSB New Building.
  • Cafeteria - The cafeteria is located outside of the main entrance of PSB New Building where local and international foods/drinks are served. You can always visit the nearest cafeteria (Hijau Kuning Cafeteria) which is bigger and have lots of food stall to choose.
  • Electrical Connection - Most of the reading seats are accompanied by an electric power socket so that you can recharge your laptop or cell phone. You can use others electric power socket in the library premises freely if available at your area. Please use the socket wisely as it is dangerous to misuse the connectors because you might get electrocuted. Note : Malaysia standard voltage is 240 Volt and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Parking Zones - Area surrounding the library is fully equipped with parking space and you are free to park at the designated area if you wish. Do not park your vehicles at the non parking area or obstruct the public route or you might be compound by the Security Personnel or worse your vehicle got clamped.
  • Security Cameras - Library premises are fully equipped with security cameras which record every activities in the library. You should fully aware that your privacy is guaranteed as the recording is use only for necessity purposes or criminal indictment process.
  • Toilets - Toilets are available at every level of each library premises and can be use freely by all users. A special rest room for users with disabilities also available at the same site. Please take note on the maintenance hours as the workers will do their cleaning at stipulated time every day so please use other/nearest toilets available in your zone.
  • Emergency Assembly - In any case of emergency occurs such as earth quake, fire, building collapsing etc, you need to evacuate the premises as soon as possible using the available exit. Please follow the staff instruction in orderly order, try not to panic, avoid using the elevators and assemble at the nearest point. Leave your belonging in the library premises so that you can leave quickly without any distraction or burden that may hinder your evacuation.

Please keep your personal belongings secure when you are in the Library as items do get stolen from students in the Library. Laptops/netbooks/smart phones are highly desirable and easily taken. Additionally, if your laptop is stolen, you lose more than just a computer - you lose all the files on it especially your academic works!

Memory sticks

Please remember to take your memory sticks with you. These also often contain a lot of your work and a lot of personal information. Tips : Write a note to remind you to remove your memory stick as you leave a PC and Rename your memory stick with your initials

Laptop/Netbook security

The best possible advice for laptop security is: "do not leave your laptop/netbook unattended". It's also a good idea to back up your files on the network, particularly the most important ones. If you do leave your laptop/netbook unattended, then using a security cable is an inexpensive way of ensuring your laptop stays where you left it. You can buy laptop security cables in many shops malls such as UUM Varsity Mall and from online stores.

Please note if you leave items unattended for more than 30 minutes Library staff may remove your belongings to free up the study space for other users.

Mobile/Smart Phones

Keep your mobile/smart phones with you always. Do not leave the devices unattended even in short time as it is easily taken within second. Use a lanyard or a strap to attach the device on yourself. Install a GPS tracker application in your device in case it is stolen so that you or the authority can track it. Be alert of your surrounding.

Note : The Library shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred on your personal belongings in the library premises.


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