Library Website Customer Satisfaction Survey Assessment

In order to improve our services, we continuously conduct studies on user satisfaction towards our library website/portal. Due to that, we started the effort from January to December 2020 and concluded the assessment as described below.


1. Total of Respondents : 250

2. Accuracy of Information

Based on the data, it shows that most of the information provided in library website pages were accurate and these were observed from the level of satisfaction among the respondents which covers a total of 180 out of 250 (72%).

3. Satisfaction Level

The survey showed that the level of satisfaction was quite high with an average of 200 out of 250 (80%) respondents satisfied with the performance of library website.

4. User's Attachment

The survey indicated that most of the user's visited library website regularly as describe from the data below :

Frequency of Visits Total
1. Several times per week 64
2. First visit 56
3. Several times per month 39
4. About once a week 39
5. Everyday 32
6. Once per month or less 20

5. User-friendly

The survey indicated that most of respondents found that the library website was easy to navigated based on the tools/services below.

Very Difficult Difficult Not Bad Easy Very Easy
LibSearch 2 15 49 138 47
Guidance Tools - How Do I? 1 10 57 144 39
Library Orientation Guide 2 14 64 138 33
Quick Links 1 14 46 128 62
Subject Guides 3 21 4
FAQ's 4 23 1
Events Calendar 1 3 23 1


Survey Governance


The survey was held to explore four main targets :

  • to observe user opinion on the accuracy of information provided
  • to identify user satisfaction level on library website services
  • to detect the behavior of user attachment to library website pages
  • to ascertain whether library website is user-friendly enough to be used


The assessment here is inclusive for library homepage or portal only which domain is : and does not include other library websites which facilitate other services such as Library System - Sierra, eResources, Repository, eThesis, Past Exam Papers etc.

Period of Survey

The survey covered from January to December on each targeted years.

Data Acquisition

The data were harvested through online survey tool which can be access by link at : here or automatically generated by the system as a popup message.