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Verifikasi Pengesanan Plagiat (VPC) adalah satu bentuk permohonan rasmi untuk pelajar sarjana melakukan verifikasi terhadap Kertas Penyelidikan, Proposal atau Tesis mereka sebelum dilanjutkan untuk proses Mempertahankan Proposal, VIVA, Pre-VIVA atau Pembetulan setelah VIVA. Keperluan ini diwajibkan kepada pelajar sekolah sarjana UUM .

Bermula 1hb Januari 2020, pelajar sarjana terlibat perlu memohon melalui Portal UUM. Sebarang permohonan menerusi kaunter atau emel tidak akan dilayan lagi setelah tarikh kuat kuasa..

Pihak Perpustakaan akan bertindak sebagai pihak ketiga didalam memaklumkan keputusan semakan rasmi yang dilakukan. Ini adalah untuk mengelak keputusan yang berbentuk bias (Indeks Kesamaan). Oleh itu, kami telah membuat tetapan terhadap dokumen untuk tujuan semakan seperti senarai berikut:

  1. YA – Mengecualikan bahan rujukan dari Indeks Kesamaan.
  2. YA – Mengecualikan bahan yang dipetik dari Indeks Kesamaan.
  3. YA – Mengecualikan pengiraan kesamaan kecil dari 5 perkataan.
  4. Pilihan penyerahan kertas adalah tanpa repositori.
  5. Pilihan pencarian termasuklah:
    • Bahan Repositori pelajar.
    • Bahan Repositori Institusi.
    • Maklumat Internet semasa dan arkib.
    • Bahan berkala, jernal dan penerbitan


1. Panduan Permohonan

The following guidelines are based on library requirements for VPC application. Supervisors and students are encouraged to follow these guidelines to avoid being rejected at the library level.

  1. The inspection is limited for:
    • PhD Students - Mempertahankan Proposal, Pre-VIVA, VIVA, Correction Done After VIVA.
    • Master Students - Project Paper and Research Paper.
  1. The application must be made by postgraduate students through UUM Portal
  1. Library did not perform plagiarism inspection for journal publication, book chapters, conference paper etc. Supervisors are responsible for doing inspections on student document using their respective Turnitin accounts.
  1. The application will be processed within 3 hari berkerja after it has been endorsed by the Supervisor.
  1. Ensure the document meet the following requirements:
    • Compile the cover page, chapters and reference list in one document file (.doc/.docx).
    • Remove preliminary pages such as table of content, permission to use, abstract and etc, and appendices.
    • Finalize and remove review tracking.
    • File did not exceed than 40MB.
    • Document file did not exceed than 400 muka surat. If it happens, please reduce font size or spacing.
    • The file format is in Microsoft Word. Allowed file types are .doc and .docx only.
    • Named the file by combining student name and matric number.

Contoh: marshitah_901010.docx

  1. Check and make sure the document did not contain the following tricks to deceive the Similarity Index:
    • Misused of quotation mark (“…”) in the document.
    • Purposely spelled wrong word in the document.
    • Remove some content, table or diagram from the document.
    • Any tricks and attempts to deceive the Similarity Index.
  1. Exclusion is limited only to the student publication. Oleh itu, the supervisor is responsible to insert the list in remarks section. To avoid missing information, students are advised to provide their list of publication(s) to the supervisor. Any notification by email or phone call will not be entertained.


1. Submitted to – 15%. The press as a watchdog for accounting fraud. 2. Submitted to – 4%. Faculty Supervise and Mentor Pre-Service Teachers: Implications for Principal Supervision of Novice Teachers.

Nota: Data as above may be obtained, if the supervisor does the early inspection.

  1. Upon approval of the supervisor, if there is additional information regarding student publication, the student need to re-apply. Kindly ensure the supervisor has Ditolak the previous submission before the student request a new submission.
  1. For student who wish to re-apply, kindly ensure the previous application has been rejected either by the supervisor nor the librarian or the application status was completed.


  • Any technical error due to “Standard Paper Repository” setting like saved into another institution’s account or UUM’s account, it is mandatorily prohibited to be excluded. Please deal with the institution Turnitin Administrator to delete the paper permanently.
  • The result will be notified through UUM Portal. Please check the result after 3 working days after it has been endorsed by the supervisor.
  • The library reserved the right to cancel the application if did not meet the requirements. We are not responsible for any eventuality.
2. Mengakses Turnitin melalui Portal UUM

a. Untuk Penyelia/Staf Akademik

b. Untuk Pelajar

Excluding sources mean remove individual sources matched with our document. Excluding a source will adjust the Similarity Index accordingly. Sebagai contoh, exclude specific websites or publications.

Bagaimanapun, in VPC process of excluding sources are limited to student publication(s) sahaja. Oleh itu, the supervisors are compulsory to list all the student’s publication in remark section after they click on approve button.

Any technical error due to “standard paper repository” setting like saved into another institution’s account or UUM’s account, it is mandatorily prohibited to be excluded. Please deal with the institution Turnitin Administrator to delete the paper permanently.

Upon approval of the supervisor, if there is additional information regarding student publication, the student need to re-apply.

Paper deletion means a submitted paper can be permanently deleted from the Turnitin database so that it cannot longer be a searchable source. To delete a paper from the Turnitin database please adhere to the following guidance:


1. Paper removal requests are done on a case-by-case basis.

2. Paper deletion from Turnitin’s Repository was limited for matched source from “Submitted to Universiti Utara Malaysia” sahaja.

3. Only instructor (Turnitin account owner) can request from UUM Turnitin Administrator (UTA) to paper delete/remove from Turnitin. Students need to contact their instructors if they intend to do this.

4. Email your request to . Staff are mandatory to provide details as below to the UTA:

  • Staff number.
  • Contact number; office and mobile number.
  • Paper ID(s).

5. UTA does not has access to the files (the respective paper IDs) nor does UTA perform the removal directly. UTA must send the request to the Turnitin. This process might take several days.

Kindly ensure you are referring the latest Originality Report before taking an actions as below. Here are tips for you.



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