Online Collections

Online collections are crucial resources nowadays as most of the information available online and can be access by anyone where the network available 24 hours. The library since the early of it's establishment in 1993 has adapted to information technology necessity where it is the first library in Malaysia owned a CD-Rom Journal Network System. Since then the library fully embrace the information dissemination through online platforms. Being an academic library and the important of information for studying, teaching and research activities, the library put vital efforts to subscribe a number of online databases which offers current information in various subjects taught in the university at the users finger tips. The library also develop its own local databases which covers most of the university publications such as theses, dissertation, conference papers, articles, research reports, research data etc.

Problem Accessing Online Resources

If you are have trouble accessing a particular online resource, the first thing to do is to ensure your login credentials are correct. If they are not, you will need to get that problem fixed before going any further.

Are you entitled?

You can access to thousands of resources via the Library with your login, but just because you see a link for certain article, journal or e-book on a website, this does not mean that you are entitled to access the full content. The Library may not have bought a subscription to that resource because we subscribe resources based on the suggestion or needs of academic requirement. In addition, for many websites our access is only partial, because the Library does not subscribe to everything on the site or does not subscribe to all years of a journal.

Are you using the correct login page for the resource?

Login credentials can change. You are advised to go to our resources via the Library web pages or Service Desk to check the correct and most up-to-date login credentials. Further more you may need different login credentials on some resources as they  uses different system platforms.

Is the resource restricted to use on the University Campus?

Most e-resources are available to you off-campus with your login. However some resources are only available from anywhere else with a password. Check the website or the Catalogue to see whether this applies to the resource you want and apply for a password if necessary. A very few resources are only available for searches on campus only.

Is there a problem at the resource website?

All websites need maintenance from time to time, although this is usually scheduled for weekends and night times. In the case of major services from any resource provider, the Library website will advertise down times notified. This page will also tell you if there are any disruptions to our network service.