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PSB UUM Online Exhibition is an education meta-centres, web-based exhibitions resources that allow users especially UUM patrons to explore,investigate, compare and evaluate textual and pictorial information from reliable sources and collections. You will develop learning outcomes from the virtual exhibition which result in deeper conceptual understanding and affinity with the subject on exhibits. It might be in many forms such as textual exhibition, virtual exhibition, online gallery, cyber-exhibition etc. All exhibits will be display all around the year with regular update if necessary. Thank you for your support!

On Exhibits ~

"I shut my eyes in order to see" - Paul Gauguin

Merdeka - Malaysia Independence Day Exhibition

Merdeka Exhibition is a memorial exhibition about the history of Malaysia independence day moments. It started from the early days of the civilization in Malay peninsula until the day Malaysia was born.  Furthermore a progression of Malaysia since the independence in various field were also featured and covered.

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UUM Professors Corner - A Scholars Exhibition

It is a showcase profiles panel of the professors' from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) who contributed to the development of UUM in learning, teaching and research endeavor. The gallery display in depth biographies and list of publications in different subject related to their niche as well as academic profiles.

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PSB Gallery - A Candid Moments of Life Exhibition

It is a showcase gallery of  candid moments and event captured by a camera lens that showed the UUM patrons relationship in their endeavor of studying, researching, teaching, servicing, working, making friends, sharing and living. Most of the photos were captured in the library premises and during library activities in UUM campus.

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Covid-19 Pandemic : An Awareness Exhibition

Covid-19 pandemic will go down in history as one of the biggest medical crises affecting mankind. Based on the critical condition, this awareness exhibition promote information on Covid-19 pandemic from multi perspective including the pandemic history, the origin of Covid-19, statistical data, open access sources, current research etc.

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Universiti Utara Malaysia - A Memorial Exhibition

This exhibition is a memorial history of UUM and its insight story. Started from the day it was formed in 1983, the university evolved and became recognizable to the education community. You will also uncovered the history, passion and wisdom of the peoples involved with UUM throughout the exhibition showcase.

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