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The official report of the debates and other proceedings in the Selangor Legislative Assembly.

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Why is the tea-room entrance, or nijiriguchi, so narrow? How did the practice of “passing the bowl,” or mawashinomi, come about? And what hidden meaning...

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Author: Kentaro Serita This Open Access book carefully examines the legal and historical bases of the territory of Japan as a modern State from the...

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Authors: Naoyuki Agawa Copyright Information: Kreab K.K. 2023 This book is open access, which means that you have free and unlimited access. It is the...

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Applied History Journal of Merong Mahawangsa (AHJMM) is a refereed journal published yearly (July) by Universiti Utara Malaysia for the School of Languages, Civilisation and...

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RENTAS: Jurnal Bahasa, Sastera dan Budaya ialah jurnal yang merentasi ketiga-tiga bidang, iaitu bahasa, sastera dan budaya yang memberi tumpuan kepada aspek isu pengurusan bahasa berkaitan...

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Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRSs) are issued by the MASB in respect of its application in Malaysia.

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MyAgric is a portal that contains information of Malaysian agricultural science and technology, including forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, food science, environmental science and natural resources....

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Malaysian AGRIS is a database that contains bibliographic records of agricultural science and technology, including forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, food science and environmental science; covering...

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This book is a translation of Kokusai seiji: Kyōfu to kibō Kaihan (Chūōkōron Shinsha, 2017), the revised edition of the original published in 1966. English...

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Editors: Masayuki Yamauchi & Yuichi Hosoya; Translated by: Keith Krulak Publisher: Springer Singapore Written by 14 leading Japanese historians Highlights the importance of linking historical...

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Editors: Shōichi Saeki, Tōru Haga ; Translated by: Takiro Terasihta Publisher: Springer Singapore It contains 41 articles and 42 discourses on Japan seen through the...

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Authors: Takeo Kikkawa; Translated by: M.S. Murphy & Kazuya Hirai Publisher: Springer Singapore The book provides insights into over 20 leading innovative entrepreneurs in Japan,...

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Authors: Satoshi Machidori; Translated by: Tobias S. Harris Publisher: Springer Singapore This book provides a comprehensive analysis of political reforms in Japan since the 1990s....

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JFRM publishes theoretical and applied papers in Financial Risk Management area. The JFRM is an international journal with the goal of advancing the knowledge and...

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