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Head of the UUM Library Department, Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah UUM

Mr Salleh Hudin Mustaffa



Mr Muhamad Mazlan Jalla

Also Head of Customer Service Department


To provide and give the best support services to all library staff and facilitate them to function in competent and efficient way; with the objective to:

> Provide support service and act as a facilitator for the Departments/Divisions/Units in PSBUUM.
> Ensure that all type of support services that has been channeled are fully optimize by the Departments/Divisions/Units in PSBUUM based on the guideline and working procedures as stipulated and also the safety aspect of the PSBUUM patrons, documentation, information, premises and properties (personal and government) are reserved and guaranteed.
> Implement and provide a necessary advisory service including support in managing and documentation of records, security system and library services.
> Provide an effective services in secretarial of meetings, welfare and sport.
> Planning and manage effective resources for PSB UUM including human resource, financial and other resources.
> Evaluate and take reasonable action for the purpose of operational and library services improvement.

Handle the library human resource, training & administration


Handle research accreditation, corporate communication and statistical data

Handle UUM Museum management

To develop, solidify and process library materials as well as providing quality service in support of learning, teaching and research effort; with the objective to :

> Develop and solidified library collections in various subject and format in parallel with the user requirement.
> Process and catalogue the library items according the standard.
> Provide library services in parallel with the user requirement and needs.
> Monitor and ensure the infrastructures provided were in good condition and fully optimize.

Handle library materials acquisition and development

Handle library materials cataloguing and arrangement

Handle library materials donation and exchange development

Handle serial acquisition and databases subscription

Handle archive materials and development

To provide and offer quality library services to support learning, teaching and research processes; with the objective to :

> Provide library services in parallel with the user requirement and needs.
> Planning, exercise and evaluate information skill program to users.
> Manage and maintained  related information resources in systematic way so that it can be detect and access easily.
> Monitor and ensure the infrastructures provided were in good condition and fully optimize.
> Promote library services to the users.

Handle library circulation and service desk

Handle rare collection and media materials

Handle information dissemination and reference service

UUM KL Branch

To plan, execute and ensure the optimization of computing activities to support library management and services; with the objective to :

> Manage and maintained the integrated library system including documentation, training and application management.
> Maintained and planning the development of computer hardware and software used.
> Manage and provide the infrastructure of the electronic library services.

Handle the integrated library online system and development

Handle the library server, application & maintenance tools

Handle the UUM Repository system and library website

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