Organizational Chart

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Head of the UUM Library Department, Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah UUM

Chief Librarian

Salleh Hudin b Mustaffa


Norazianti bt Zakaria

Deputy Head of the UUM Library Department, Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah UUM

Deputy Chief Librarian

Razak b Siamin



Handle library administration and organizational service

Handle library development strategic planning

Handle library asset and maintenance

Handle in-house human resource training and library quality system management

Handle UUM KL Branch

Handle customer service and circulation process

Handle scholarly publication and information dissemination

Handle information consultation and hands-on training

Handle user education and information literacy

Handle information and research data service

Handle integrated library online system and services

Handle library portal development and user experience service

Handle smart tools services and maintenance

Handle library server and application

Handle archive materials & record management

Handle scholarly archive materials and service

Handle institutional repository collection and service

Handle media archive collection and service

Manage the general administration, services and coordinate quality research activities.

Coordinating information, descriptions using a variety of methods and tools for the purpose of reference, records, final processes (publications, reports, etc.)

Responsible for ensuring  the museum’s collections are in good condition, preserved, documented artifact repository for museum exhibits and publications

Planning and implementing services such as the department’s new museums exhibitions and renovation and upgrading works & Museum tour

Handle special collection and development

Handle library materials acquisition and development

Handle library collections arrangement and services

Handle library technical processing, metadata and indexing

Handle online databases and resources

Handle library and scholarly statistical data

Handle library corporate communication and relationship

Handle scholarly review and publication

Handle research and academic accreditation