Past Exam Papers Collection

The Past Exam Papers Collection is an online UUM past exam papers collection comprises titles digitized from print holdings on various subjects taught in UUM that were received by the Library since 2008. The exam papers content is freely available for UUM patrons only and each items can be access in .pdf format (full text) through eResources platform. Currently the collection holds over 12,900 titles of exam papers.

📚 How Can I Access Digital Past Exam Papers?

It can be access only by UUM patrons with a combination of Username and Password through eResources platform.

You can access eResources from here.


If the exam paper you want is not in the collection, this can be because:

  • There was no exam for the paper: Not all courses are assessed by examination.
  • The exam paper has not been processed yet: It can take 2-3 months after an exam period finishes for all papers to be processed and made available on the website.
  • The Library has not received a copy from the school: A faculty may not have sent exam papers to the Library. Sometimes specific papers are embargoed to make further use of some questions.
  • The lecturer has requested that the exam paper not be available. Sometimes specific lecturers request that we take down or do not upload specific papers for whatever reason.

In each of the above cases you will need to get in touch directly with your particular school or lecturer.

For any queries related to the service such as Past Exam Paper website, contents or problems in accessing, please contact :

Institution Repository Unit
Ku Safina Ku Ismail (04-928 3660)