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Why the Need for Plagiarism Checker for Your Works?

In order to maintain a very quality academic work and publications, the University has implement a strict procedure for academic staffs and post graduates student to provide their Articles, Proposal, Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper for plagiarism detection. This effort was taken to ensure all academic publication by UUM academic patrons were free of plagiarism deeds which may affect the university rank or rating if not taken seriously. For that purpose, the Library provide the plagiarism detection tool called Turnitin which can be access through our website.

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(Turnitin is a 3rd party platform that provide a tool to detect and check your work against their database, and if there are instances where your writing is similar to, or matches against, one of their sources, a Similarity Report will  be produced for action or review. It does not have any relationship with the library in any ways except it was subscribed to handled the task)


What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an electronic text matching system that compares text in a student assignment against a database of sources. The database contains copies of electronic text on the Internet, in published works, on commercial databases, and in assignments previously submitted to Turnitin by students in universities all over the world, including assignments obtained from internet sites that sell student papers.

Turnitin provides an Originality Report in which 'matched' text is underlined, colour coded, and linked to either the original source or a similar document on its database. The report also provides an indication of the proportion of the submitted work that matches other sources, this is the Similarity Index.

Turnitin Account

a. Academic Staff
Administrator’s account is administered by Reference and Information Services Division at Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah. Faculty members can contact them to access the Turnitin. Once added to UUM account, faculty members will receive an activation email from Turnitin with login instructions. Kindly RESET THE TURNITIN PASSWORD if you are not sure either your email address has registered for Turnitin or not.

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For account request, please contact:

Reference and Information Services Divisions,
Level 1, New Building,
Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah.
604 – 928 3635 / 3636 / 3638 / 3639

b. Students
The library does not provide Turnitin account for students. Your supervisor or lecturer will either enroll you or will provide you with Turnitin class ID and enrollment password to register.

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If you forgot your password, click “Login” button then click “Forgot Your Password?” link from Turnitin website. To reset the password, please enter the info as shown below:

Academic, Administrative Staff  Full UUM email address. If it doesn’t work, please try info as below:

Your staff number

If the current number doesn’t work, try with the previous staff number.

(Enter the symbol only) 

Students As registered with Turnitin Your last name or family name.


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Important Note

The information's and contents on Verification of Plagiarism Checking (VPC) for UUM Postgraduates were provided by the Reference and Information Service Division. For any queries or information related, please contact :

Reference and Information Service Division,
Level 1, New Building,
Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah.
604 – 928 3635 / 3636 / 3638 / 3639

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