Quality Statement

We promise to offer information services that meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders

This shall only be materialized through the utilization of every resources, continuous improvement activities and the attainment of the following objectives :

  1. To deliver accurate and effective information services as required by the users
  2. To accelerate the information literacy through user education programs
  3. To provide conducive infrastructure so that the use of library could be optimized
  4. To ensure that the information resources is easily accessed and well preserved
  5. To ensure the efficiency of the library system through timely maintenance of computer hardware and software
  6. To strive in the development of information resources in all formats in order to support the learning, instructional, research, and consultancy programs of the university
  7. To ensure that all information resources is efficiently processed and conforms with the quality standard stipulated for ease of access
  8. To ensure the total implementation of quality management system as per stipulated standard
  9. To strive in enhancing human resources competency in order to deliver quality services
  10. To ensure that the financial system, human resources and administration meet the needs of the organization