Read@Uni Reading Novels Campaign

The Reading Novels Campaign

The Read@Uni Reading Novels Campaign is open to all UUM patrons (staff and students) from 1st December 2018 until 31st December 2019. The campaign will focused on enriching the reading habits among UUM patrons as well as helping them to improve their health and well being.

Join the campaign today and take care of yourself!

What You Get During the Campaign?

i. 5 extra novels (fiction books)
ii. One month period of loan to all users
iii. Open to all UUM patrons that reach their loans limitation

Note : Do not use Shelf Check machine to check out the items, please proceed to the Circulation One Stop Center Desk.


Reading Reduces Stress

"Reading was proved :
• 68% better at reducing stress levels than listening to music;
• 100% more effective than drinking a cup of tea;
• 300% better than going for a walk and
• 700% more than playing video games.
• Reading for as little as 6 minutes is sufficient to reduce stress levels by 60%, slowing heart beat, easing muscle tension and altering the state of mind." — Dr. David Lewis, 'Galaxy Stress Research,' Mindlab International, Sussex University (2009).

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