Rules and Regulation for the use of PSB Services

You’re allowed to choose the location of Auditorium/Media Service Room but it will be based on ‘first come first serve’ policy, slots/times availability and types of activities. Separate reservations must be made for each use. The facilities include the auditorium/media service room, stage, balcony, lobby, vvip room and restrooms.

  1. Use of auditorium/media service room will be subjected to approval by the Special and Media Collection Division following receipt and review of a completed Use of Auditoriums request form located at Level 2 of our office.
  2. Application to use the Auditorium/Media Service Room can be submitted to Special and Media Collection Division in 30 days prior to scheduled date. Any application submitted more than the stipulated days will not be entertain.
  3. Any delay or cancellation must be informed immediately to Special and Media Collection Division at least 2 days prior to scheduled date.
  4. Service hour for Auditorium/Media Service Room:
Day Time
Ahad – Rabu Khamis Jumaat - Sabtu 8.30 – 4.30 p.m 8.30 – 3.00 p.m Close
  1. Organizer/applicant shall be responsible for any activities performed and also further communication with Special and Media Collection Division.
  2. Organizer/applicant shall be responsible for leaving all areas clean and equipment in proper order.
  3. The Library and University shall not be liable directly or indirectly for personal injury, loss, and/or damage to personal property of a guest, guarantor, legal guardian, and visitor or caused by fire, theft, or any other cause, whether such personal injury, loss, or damage occurs in the Auditorium/Media Service Room
  4. In the case of loss, theft or damage of equipment, the organizer/applicant will be held responsible and the Library shall claim a compensation that will be decided by the management.
  5. Organizer/applicant shall stop any activities in the Auditorium/Media Service Room as scheduled
  6. No material of any kind (i.e., signs, decorations, posters, etc.) shall be tacked, posted or fastened to walls or woodwork on the premises. If notice boards are available, those may be used for signs, posters or decorations. If whiteboards are available, use only the dry-erase markers.
  7. Background installation (back drop) must be based on the use of banner, streamer or on screen display only.
  8. Organizer/applicant shall not allow their Committee, Staff or Participant inside the Control Room at any time of the events
  9. The Special and Media Collection Division shall be allowed to take pictures or making a video recording of any events/activities for the purpose of promotion or for library collection.
  10. You are not allowed to pass this approval to any party without consent from us
  11. The privilege of using the Auditorium/Media Service Room may be rescinded for reasons of (but not limited to) disregard of the rules, creation of a disturbance, or willful damage to the building or facilities.
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