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Anybody is Welcome!

As an academic library which focuses on delivering materials that support academic learning, teaching and research to UUM patrons, we also welcome community of the public's, secondary education institution such as schools, matriculation centers, vocational, training centers etc, government or private departments, higher education institution, children's and also interest person's to the library. Everyone is welcome to visit Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah, UUM Campus and use our books, journals and most other materials for your study, reference or research needs. You can refer to most of our collections (depend on your eligibility) and resources with a top notch facilities that not to be ignored. We hope you will have a pleasant visit and we will, however, do our best to make you welcome and make the best use of the library.

UUM Library Services for Alumni or Visitors
Category of Visitors

We welcome any individual or group from any institution or organization to the Library especially UUM alumni and retired staff. We will arrange a guided tour session if necessary by our staff for large number of visitors (in a group).

  • Personal or Group Visitors (Official) ~ Please address an official letter to the Chief Librarian, Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah to inform your intention with following details : Your Organization details, Date & Time of Visit, Numbers of Person, Official Representative Personal, Purpose of Visits and Special Requirement (if any). Send the application at least 2-3 weeks before arrival so that we can arrange necessary feed back or staff for the guided tour in advance.
  • Walk In Visitors ~ This include alumni members, retired staff, Malaysian & Foreign Students from Malaysia Public Universities (PERPUN Members) or Private Universities (Non PERPUN Members).
  1. Alumni & Retired Staff Members : A day visitor pass gives reference access to the Library for the day of issue and are issued during office hours only
  2. Malaysian & Foreign Students from Malaysia Public Universities (PERPUN Members) : Free of charges to visits and verified by your official Institutional Reference Letters or Students/Staffs Card ID. You are subject to UUM dress code while your presence in the Library premises or UUM campus. As for eligibility, you can only refer to the printed library collection, photocopy services and reference advisory service at Infodesk.
  3. Foreigner & Foreign Students from Malaysia Private Universities (Non PERPUN Members) : You have to pay RM30 for each day of your visits and verified by your official Students Card ID or Passport. You are subject to UUM dress code while your presence in the Library premises or UUM campus. As for eligibility, you can only refer to the printed library collection, limited access to online databases, photocopy services and reference advisory service at Infodesk.
  • Children's ~ Children's are welcome to the Library but limited to a section called Children Corner. If they are part of the group visitors, the parents or guardians shall responsible for any disturbance occurs during the tour. We require that they closely supervise their children all times, as the Library is an adult environment and it is not an appropriate venue for young children for a prolonged period. Library staff may have to ask them to leave if they feel that their children are disturbing other users or are not adequately supervised. see Children Corner's section below.

Even though you are limited from borrowing our collections or resources while in the library, you still can used almost every services or facilities available.

  • Access to resources: most materials in all collections are readily accessible within the Library premises. Please show your visitor/student/staff card at all time or when asked by our staffs for security reason. Unless prohibited, you are allowed to use the resources or materials without limit.
  • Plan your visit: During Semester session the Library is very busy particularly between 11:00a.m - 15:00 p.m, Sunday - Thursday especially on exam week. As the study spaces are limited, if possible please visit outside of these times.
  • Rules & Regulation : All Library visitors are required to comply with the Library rules and regulations especially with the UUM Dress Code regulation.

Children's are welcome to the Library but limited to a section called Children Corner which is a community project by Universiti Utara Malaysia especially for UUM Patrons children in UUM Campus and surrounding areas  It was opened in 1987 and avails children's materials such as fiction books, general collections, encyclopaedia and magazines.

  • Objectives
  1. To provide guidance to children in knowledge development through reading and library activities.
  2. To encourage reading habits among children through various activities and programs.
  3. To nurture children's creativity through activities such as storytelling, quiz, reading, discussion, colouring, etc.
  • Regulations
  1. Open to children age from 6 to 13 years old.
  2. Members are required to fill in the Registration Form
  3. Submit 2cm x 3cm photo [2]
  4. Pay annual fees of RM5.00
  5. Pay annual borrowing deposit of RM10.00 for each book.
  • Annual Fees ~ Starting from March 1999, every children's will have to pay an annual fees of RM5.00 only.
  • Opening Hours

During Semester Session

Day Opening Hours
Monday 8.30 am-5.00 pm
Friday/Saturday/Public Holidays CLOSED
School Holiday & During Semester Break
Sunday-Thursday 8.30 am-5.00 pm
Friday/Saturday/Public Holidays CLOSED
  • Activities ~ PSB will organized activities every month such as :
  1. Reading competition
  2. Story Telling
  3. Quiz/Games
  4. Coloring contest
  5. Puppet Show
  6. Singing and Nursery Rhymes
  7. Computer Lessons
  8. Video Shows

For further information, please contact : Customer Service Unit, Sultanah Bahiyah Library, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah | Phone (Ms Mazyana Hashim : 049283636 / Mrs Asmaniza Mansor : 04-9283615 )

The Library will organize an exhibition at the library premises regularly based on National Celebration or on interest topics/issues that needs to be highlighted such as Independence Day, UUM Open Day, Books Exhibition, Natural Disaster Tragedy etc. All visitors are welcome to visit to these exhibitions whether as a person or in groups.

Even though we strained our self with a responsibilities to assists UUM Patrons with gathering information and academic materials, we also put ourselves to involve in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program from time to time. This program usually will be organize by our staffs club called Badan Kebajikan dan Amal Kakitangan Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah UUM (BAKAL).

  • Objectives
  1. To maintain a good relationship and reputation between us and other organization/personal especially those who in needs.
  2. To help others under social concern theme such as helping those who are unfortunate, assist those displaced by natural disasters, involve in local community projects and educating people on environmental consciousness.
  3. To educate and increase employee awareness on their responsibilities to the surrounding community and abroad.

We welcome every staffs, students or visitors who are interested to join our forces in this efforts. We will inform every CSR program activities in our website events list section.


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