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Research Streamline!

Doing a research is not a simple process as you need all the support you can get from every corner of resources and services available especially from the library. In PSB UUM, we strive to provides useful information and support services to help you throughout your research journey. We support all level of research users and the stages of the research process; from advice on literature searching and sourcing of hard-to-find materials, streamline the research process,  guidance on plagiarism issues, citation management, open access and grow your research profiles. In addition to this, we also assist you on emerging and established tools that can aid in information finding and research. In fact we’re here to help you with all of your research needs at any stage of the process, period!

UUM Library Services for Researcher
B. Research Supports - Get the Materials / Information You Need!

The library offers many resources and services to support your research endeavor and you might confuse on what there are for or where it is available. The details on every services or tolls below should clarify their functionality.

  • In Person Consultation - A special one to one personal consultation with our Reference librarians that can guide you in resource or materials identification, research Information, website navigation, library search tools etc.
  • Subject Guides - A recommended resources tool that the library has to offer for your area of study which covers subjects area, resources available and type of materials. You can choose between subject area, resources available or types of material, or combination between either terms to specify your needs.
  • Datastream - A global financial and macroeconomic data platform of over 10 million economic time series for 162 markets with comparable data so you can build insightful charts and analysis. You can access the database using library terminal at Level 2 (First Floor), New Library Building.
  • Open Access Resources - A recommended resources that free to access for all users and handled by third party organization on multi disciplines and materials.
  • Plagiarism Detection - Remember to check your academic work for plagiarism detection as it is a mandatory for those who done with their Proposal, Thesis, Dissertation and Research Paper.
  • UUM eTheses and Dissertation - A compilation of UUM digital eTheses and Dissertation that can be access by UUM patrons with a downloadable full text eligibility.
  • UUM Repository - A digital materials of UUM Repository which cover publication of journal articles, conference papers, research reports, book chapters and newspaper articles by UUM staff and students.
  • Malaysia Open Data - The portal serves as an online one-service-center to access and download the open government data. You can get other data set globally if you use the Subject Guides tool to specify your specific need or Click Here!
  • Research Information Service - Handled by the Reference & Information Service that help you to search and gain the articles related to you topic but at a cost which is RM30 per topic for a maximum of 10 articles. Additional articles will be charged RM5.00 per item. The search also limited to the resources available in the library only. Contact the Information Desk for any inquiries.
  • eResources - A compilation of online subscribe databases which offers current information in various subjects taught in the university especially eBooks and eJournals.
  • Library Collections - The core and traditional collections of various materials in different subjects such as books, reports, theses, proceedings, serials, archive etc.
  • Information & Resources Workshop - From time to time the Reference & Information Service division will handle a workshop on certain topics especially on how to use or guide to topics. You can enrolled into the workshop when the event is informed through our website.
  • Inter Library Loan - Books, periodicals and other library materials which are not available in our collection can be obtained from other libraries.
  • Google Scholar - It provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature, whether online or in libraries; across many disciplines and sources such as articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. It indexes all these items including selected Web pages that are deemed to be 'scholarly'.