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The Library has a lot to offer – from an extensive collection of books or monographs in different subject to an online resources that are available to every UUM students, researchers or lecturers. We also provide a diversity of services and tools to support your awesome journey in gaining information for your study or research.On top of that the library facilities are designed to match the needs of different types of ability and age of our users so that everyone can have a smooth library experience along their academic journey. This guide intent to help you organize your approach with the library services, resources or tools so that you can have a successful transaction and meet your required needs, not only for students but also other category of users as well.

UUM Library Services for Students

Online Catalogue – LibSearch

Use LibSearch (Online Catalogue) to find books, journal titles, media resources etc available in the library. It provides users with important access points such as call number, item status and location. You can search by author, title, keywords or combination of selected fields. Please note down the title & call number and retrieve the materials from the shelves.

Other Resources

Besides printed materials, there are also an online resources such as Subscribe Journals Databases, eBooks, micro materials etc that can be an added finding to your references. see Online Collections

How to Retrieve Materials from the Shelves?

Books on shelves are arranged by call number according to Library of Congress Classification System and grouped by type of item. Search the required items according to the call number that match the shelf signboard and the books arrangement.

Even though you can find them mostly from General Collection at the Ground Level (PSB New Building), they can also be detected at different collections based on their subjects, types of material or according to the necessity of academic programme. Be sure to take note of the location of the material when you do a search query using the LibSearch tool. See Library Collections

Unable to locate items on shelf

Users are encouraged to ask for assistance at the Customer One Stop Centre if unable to locate available status items in the WebOPAC. Library staff will search for the items and users will be notified about the items status within 3 working days.

Your staff/student ID card is also your library card, and you can borrow books and other items yourself using the Self Check Machines located at strategic location. Alternatively, simply take the book to any counter available and you can manage your borrowing process with the help of our friendly staffs.

What are Your Loan Eligibility?

User CategoryItemsNo. of copiesDurations
Undergraduate StudentsBooks (General Collection)1014 days
Books (Northern Triangle Collection)12 hours
Cassette and Kits*153 hours
Diskette*514 days
CD-ROM*53 hours
Transparency*53 hours
Video*53 hours
Off-Campus StudentsBooks (General Collection)1030 days
Books (Northern Triangle Collection)12 hours
Cassette and Kits*153 hours
Diskette*514 days
CD-ROM*514 days
Transparency*53 hours
Video*52 hours
Postgraduate StudentsBooks (General Collection)2030 days
Books (Northern Triangle Collection)114 days
Cassette and Kits*153 hours
Diskette*53 hours
CD-ROM*514 days
Transparency*53 hours
Video*53 hours


Reservation of books can be made through WebOPAC. Search the books in the WebOPAC, reserve or request the book if the book is circulated. Users can check the reservation status from eQuip. The status will be ready to pickup if the item is available. An email will be sent to user as notification. The items will be reserved to user for 4 days only and can be taken from the Customer One Stop Center. If it’s not been collected on time, the item will be put back on the shelves.


Borrowed books can be returned to the book drop machine or Customer One Stop Center. Users are responsible to return the items before or on the due date to avoid fine. An email will be send automatically by the system 2 weeks before the due date as a reminder.

Overdue Fines

Every overdue item will be fined as stated below :

Collection CategoryFine
General Collection20 cents per day
Serial CollectionRM 1.00 per day
Closed Access CollectionRM 1.00 for the 1st 15 minutes & RM 2.00 for the 2nd 15 minutes
Media Collection20 cents per items per day

If overdue, borrowed books must be return for the fines to be checked into our system. Payment can be made after 24 hours the book returned via this link:

Lost Items

You are responsible for every item borrowed. You must report loss of Library materials to staff at the Customer One Stop Center immediately. You can pay the current replacement cost of the items or replace the lost items. For any item lost, you must pay double the cost of the item. Please pay at the Customer Service Unit or through salary deduction for UUM staff.

Renewing of Materials

You can renew your items in 2 ways :

Through Telephone [04-9283618/3628]

All members can use this service provided by the Customer Service Unit during office hours. All requests must be made 5 days before the due date. Please state your name, identification number, items accession number and title upon making the request. For media items, the service is limited to staff only. Please call Media Archive Unit [04-9283656] during working hours.

Through Online

Please proceed to login library accounts for online renewal . Enter your your name, then your student/staff ID and password (student/staff ID), click submit. When you enter your account, please click renew all or tick the box of the book that you wish to renew, then click renew button. Lastly click yes to proceed.

You can access and manage your library account through your library account.

The tool allow you to edit your account details, renew your loan items, making reservation, check your fines if applicable etc. Enter your your name, then your student/staff ID and password (student/staff ID), click submit. See Your Account.

Completing your assignments as required by your academic coursework or lecturer will be one of the critical task in every semester. In order to succeed the requirement, you must try to master the necessary skill in gathering information  using the resources and materials provided by the library. In order to help you understand the steps in doing so, you can get the rough ideas from the guide available in LibGuides

Study areas are available through out the library premises in every levels. The library has a range of different study spaces to suit your study style, whether you need a computer, carrel, a quiet study room or a group discussion area. Most of the study seats are available freely on first come first serve basis except for certain study area that need to be reserve in advance. This include Personal Carrel Room or Discussion Room. Please approach the Customer One Stop Center desk to reserve the room as it was based on first come first serve policy.

  • Post Graduate Learning Commons – A special space designed to accommodate UUM post graduate students where they can have a personal study or research carrel, group discussion or network point. Most of the study seats are available freely on first come first serve basis and located at the First Floor of PSB New Building.

Inter Library Loan

You may request Inter library Loan service to borrow non-available materials from other libraries. The library will locate items such as books, articles and proceedings available at other libraries in Malaysia or commercial suppliers. You can request inter library loan here.

Information Desk

Located at the center of the library , the Librarian is available to assist you on any problem related to the library resources or services.

librian helpdesk

In order to obtain a smooth experience when you visit the library, please follow the UUM dress code accordingly so that any conflict can be avoided. The staffs can rebuke for any violation of the regulation or misbehavior that can offended other users and ask you to exit from the library if necessary.

New to the Library?

Get a head start to your studies, research or teaching at UUM with the guidance in LibGuides. Discover how the Library can support your objectives by exploring our resources and facilities.