Services for Users With Disabilities

Accessibility Matters!

The library strives to provide equitable access for all users including those with either a temporary or permanent disability to services and resources in the library. As part of the university community, you have the same privileges in accessing library collections and information as your wish. In order to do that, we have structured the best environment in the library to facilitate users with disabilities including the physical facilities and online accessibility. Please let us know what support you require and we will assist you in any way possible. You are always welcome to ask any staff at the services desk or task force desks for help that you may need. We hope that the efforts will help them to getting an equal learning experience while in the library as well as other normal UUM patrons.

UUM Library Services for Disabled User

Users with disabilities who need special assistance accessing library services or materials are encouraged to contact us to make arrangements in advance. The Library will assign a staff for Assistance if necessary to manage your needs related to the resources, services or tools that available. Please contact the persons in charge below at least 3 days during office hours before the visiting date.

For further information, please contact : Customer Service Unit, Sultanah Bahiyah Library, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah | Phone (Ms Mazyana Hashim : 049283636 / Mrs Asmaniza Mansor : 04-9283615 )

To make your visiting to the library is smooth and accessible by any tool you use, we have taken it into consideration in our building plan and manage to setup an appropriate facilities to cope with the situations.

  • Main Building Access - The Main Library premise can be accessed from Ground Floor using a special ramp or inclined plane for wheelchair or applicable which located at the right side of the front foyer entrance. (Beside a Smart Reading Room & Auditorium 1). From here you can reach the glass door near the Auditorium 1 and take a lift that provides access to all levels.
  • New Building Access - The same facilities also available if you access at the New Building from the Ground floor. Just follow the inclined path until you reach the entrance door. A lift that provides access to all levels is available for your convenience.
  • Study Seating's - All study desk or carrel that available in the library premises are adapted to the needs of disability users and can be used accordingly.
  • Toilets - All toilets in the New Library building have been specially made to adjust with the disability  users as the special toilets are available in every levels.
  • Tactile Floors Paving - For the users who hare visually impaired difficulties, a tactile paving or yellow truncated domes lines are available along the inclined plane and straight to the library entrance at the Ground Floor of the main building.
  • Lift's - As mentioned earlier there are lift's available in both library buildings and can be used or access easily by any users. But it is important to mentioned that the lift at the main building is quite small or compact in space size compared to the lift at the new building.
  • Study Room - A special study room for disabled person especially for those who have visually impaired difficulty is available at the main building, third level and can be used or accommodate  almost immediately if the user wish to.
  • Parking - A special parking space for disabled users also available at both library buildings where you can park your vehicles and reached the entrance easily in close distanced.

Library collections which consist of various type of materials are placed and arranged in strategic location to help the students to retrieve them in easy and accurate manners. This policy also emphasize to the needs of disabled users where certain approached were taken into consideration.

  • General Collection Location ~ As it is the major collection in the library that received highest number of users, it was placed at the Ground Floor of PSB New Building for an easy access from either directions. It is also easy to reach as there are wide stairs and lift to help the users to go at every level they wished for. The same idea was also implemented at other collections with clear and accurate signboard as guidance.
  • Arrangement of the Shelves ~ If you noticed, the arrangement of the library books shelves were designed to ensure the users will have a pleasant and ample space while browsing to search for books or library materials. Most of the shelves were arranged at 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length between them so that any users including the disabled person with a wheelchair or stick can easily maneuver without any distraction. There also a Step Stools to help the user to reach books which located at the top level of the shelf.

As you have noticed, there is an icon which called W3C Accessibility on the right side of this website and was deliberately created to assist those who have a visual difficulties in certain condition while accessing or browsing the Internet. It is a compilation of navigation tools to assist you so that it will match your needs and does not hinder you from gathering information from our website. Please use the tools by clicking on them and the web interface will change accordingly to your choice. Your browser view  will back to normal condition if you click on Reset link provided.

You can have a full understanding of W3C Accessibility effort in our compatibility statement here


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