Special Collection

The library Special Collections collects, preserves and provides access to rare, valuable, and delicate collections of books, manuscripts, and institutional records. These includes selected printed of:

  • UUM Researcher theses and dissertations (PhD and master's degree)
  • UUM Student Academic Exercise Papers
  • UUM Research Reports
  • UUM VC's Collections
  • Tun Dr Mahathir Collection
  • Banned Book Collection
  • Company Reports
  • Japanese Foundation Collection
  • Maps Collection etc.

Most of the items are rare and only available in this collection as a single copy, very valuable and limited in prints. Therefore, all users are advised to handle the items in proper manner and any markings are totally prohibited. Please use the photocopy machine provided in the collection area to make a copy of selected page/content.

The collection is located at the 3rd Floor (Level 2) PSB New building and can be access within the collection space area only. The items are not available to be borrowed and all users must register the selected items to refer at the collection desk. Please ask the staff on duty for any assistance on this matter.

Banned Book Collection

  • All banned items are for internal reference only at the Special Collection Division (SCD), Third Floor, PSB New building.
  • The collection is open strictly for UUM Academic staff and can be used solely for academic purposes.

**For further information, please contact:

  • Special Collection Development Unit, Knowledge Resource Division (Rahimah Ishak | 04-928 3663)
  • Collection Management Unit, Knowledge Resource Division (Abdul Hadi Hassan | 04-928 3621)


Collection Building

In order to develop a necessary standards of library materials for the purpose of study, learning and research in UUM, we strive to have a quality references in our collections. To do that the Library purchased the materials from recognized supplier or publishers from all around the globe. These high qualities of books, journal, audio visual etc were acquired with the involvement of faculty members as well the students in selecting the items accordingly. Onward the items will be processes by our Librarians in order to enable users an easy access to their required materials.

Help Us Build a Great Collections

Need Help?

For further information, contact :

  • Knowledge Resource Division (Rahimah Ishak | 04-928 3663)
  • User Service Division (Mazyana Hashim | 04-928 3636)
  • University Archive Division (Hasma Hj Harun | 04-928 3647)