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“History has been made and achieved | We Preserve the legacy and what remains | Your goal to Rediscover what has been forgotten”


Archive Collection

University Archives cover any materials in written or other form setting out facts or events or recording information, includes in the form of papers, documents, registers, printed materials, books, maps, plans, drawings, photographs, microfilms, cinematography films, sound recordings, electronically produces records, regardless of physical form characteristics and any copy created by UUM since its establishment in 1984.

The collection also include University gazettes, Journal articles, Research reports, Photographs, Conference/seminar papers, Books, Book chapters, News, Awards / medals etc. All UUM patrons are welcome to submit any materials that considered valuable in terms of scholarly references, historical values, biography profiles, correspondence records or  events manuscripts.

Benefit for Researchers

Archive materials are very valuable items to some of the researcher especially on local historical topics or biographical scope on local leaders or managers. It contains a physical evident on certain issues, events or statement as well as psychological relationship that can provide or support your research questions or as a comparison to different behavior.

As mentioned by the King’s College, UK : “Archives are important because they provide evidence of activities and tell us more about individuals and institutions. They tell stories. They also increase our sense of identity and understanding of cultures. They can even ensure justice. Records weren’t usually created for the purpose of historical research so they often provide a less biased account of events than secondary sources“. (Source – http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/archive-centre/introduction-archives/definition/why-important.html)


Scholarly Archive

A collection of UUM scholarly references, historical values, biography profiles, correspondence records or events manuscripts.

Media Archive

An online collection of media materials such as photographs, video recordings, speeches, etc related to UUM since it was established in 1984.

UUM Professors' Corner

A showcase profiles panel of the professors' from UUM who contributed to the development of UUM in learning, teaching and research endeavor.

UUM Events Archive

A compilation of archive on events, news and press conference related to UUM and its subsidiary in a system called SURE.

Record Management

We might able to consult you in managing your department critical documents & records according to the archive S.O.P. and procedures.

University Archive Division

If you need further assistance, kindly contact:
+6049283681 | Record Management Unit
+6049283682 | Scholarly Archive Unit
+6049283652 | Media Archive Unit

University Archives can be accessed by requesting directly (during office hours) from Archives Unit staff, on the fifth floor of PSB Main Building (Closed Access Service).

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