Library Collections

Library's collections encompass a diversity of books or monographs, digital resources, archival items, journals or magazines, research reports etc and has long been known for its comprehensive collections in management and business studies. The Library holds over two hundred thousand volumes with over 100, 000 items circulated each year. Conversely, the Library's digital collection also continues to grow at a rapid pace which consist of more than 1 million titles including UUM Theses and Dissertation, Repository, eBooks etc.

General Collection

The General Collection is home to the vast collection of over 100 thousands printed materials such as academic and general books in various subject to facilitate the needs of learning, teaching and research activities in the university.

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Online Collection

The collection covers more than 200 thousands digital items such as subscribe article journal databases in various subjects, repository items, digital eThesis & Dissertation, eBooks and Open Access Resources which accessible to all UUM patrons.

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Special Collection

Special Collections houses the Library's most valuable and vulnerable publications, including Rare books, UUM Theses & Dissertation, Students Academic Exercise, Research Reports, UUM VC's Collection, Tun Dr. Mahathir Collection, Company Reports etc.

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Micro's Collection

Mostly covers a collection of microfilm which consist of an archival content of a newspapers clipping, journals articles, proceedings, researches, etc and a collection of ERIC microfiche which covers the years of 1953-2001 (no. ED000001 - ED458352).

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Archive Collection

The Archive Collection was initiated to preserve the recorded memory of the University captured in images, written and verbal since the founding of the University in 1984. It contains records of the University activities, committees, boards, faculties, staff or students as well as a vast collection of images.

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Serials Collection

Serials Collection covers printed or online publications which published periodically such as annually, monthly, weekly, daily etc. The items include local magazines, journals, newspapers, annuals (such as reports, yearbooks and directories) in various titles and subjects.

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Children's Collection

The Children's Corner is a community project by the Library especially for children in the UUM campus and surrounding areas.  It was opened in 1987 and the collection consist of children's materials such as fiction books, general collections, encyclopedia and magazines.

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Reference Collection

The Reference Collection is a non-circulating selection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, directories, atlases, gazetteers, standards and bibliographies, and similar materials, chosen with an emphasis on providing ready access to information on disciplines taught at UUM.

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Law Collection

It is a comprehensive collection of legislation, court reports and applicable administrative material which covers Anglo-American, foreign, local, comparative and international law such as from the jurisdictions of U.S, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Europe, and most Asian countries.

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Red Spot Collection

It consists of faculty members private or recommended copies of academic text books, rare monographs, class notes, research questionnaire etc for their students reference. Most of the materials are for short loan period such as overnight loan or hourly basis.

Media Collection

The collection serves as an additional formats of academic enrichment and recreational needs of students, faculty, and staff. It consists of variety of audio visual formats such as DVD, CD-Rom, audio cassette and CD. For in-house viewing and equipment is not provided for most formats.

Light Reading Collection

It encompass a collection of light reading fiction or leisurely items such as paperback best sellers novel, short stories, graphic novels, bound comics etc. It serve as a brain relaxation stimulation alternative for the students, staffs or faculty members.

Past Exam Papers Collection

The Past Exam Papers collection is an online UUM past exam papers collection comprises titles digitized from print holdings on various subjects taught in UUM that were received by the Library since 2008. The exam papers content is available for UUM patrons only which can be access through eResources platform.

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UUM Professors' Corner

A showcase profiles panel of the professors' from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) who contributed to the development of UUM in learning, teaching and research endeavor. The gallery display in depth biographies and list of publications in different subject related to their niche as well as academic profiles.

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