UUM Resources

UUM Resources is a custom digital and physical collections that has been compiled, written, published, created, preserved etc by UUM patrons such as academic staffs or post graduates students. The collections consist of theses and dissertation, archive materials, repository, past exam papers, management museum and journals.

It is a growing collection of post graduates theses produced by UUM researchers. The collection comprises titles digitized from print holdings and items first submitted electronically from 1986 in various subject taught in the university.

Most of the full text is made available only by contacting the author or responsible authority of the item from the link provided in each of the items detail entitled : Request a Copy (where applicable).

For printed collection, you can obtain the material from the Special Collection at Level 3 (Floor 2), New Library building.

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It is a repository collection that collect, preserve and disseminate digital materials of scholarly works from the University. It showcases the collection of online publication repository of articles, documents, conference papers, research reports, book chapters and newspaper articles  pertaining to research by students and staffs of the university.

Most of the full text of publications is made available only for UUM staff by using UUM email ID as username and staff number as password. Other users can obtain the access by contacting the author or responsible authority of the publication from the link provided in each of the items detail entitled : Request a Copy (where applicable).

The Past Exam Papers Collection is an online UUM past exam papers collection comprises titles digitized from print holdings on various subjects taught in UUM that were received by the Library since 2008.

The exam papers content is freely available for UUM patrons only and each items can be access in .pdf format (full text) through eResources platform. Currently the collection holds over 12,900 titles of exam papers.

UUM eJournals is a collection of published academic journals in various topic by UUM faculties or school. The journals covers many topics taught in the University and served as a platform for UUM patrons to highlight their thought or current discovery in their research. You can access freely and download the materials.

University Archives cover any materials in written or other form setting out facts or events or recording information, includes in the form of papers, documents, registers, printed materials, books, maps, plans, drawings, photographs, microfilms, cinematography films, sound recordings, electronically produces records, regardless of physical form characteristics and any copy created by UUM since its establishment in 1984.

The collection also include University gazettes, Journal articles, Research reports, Photographs, Conference/seminar papers, Books, Book chapters, News, Awards / medals etc. All UUM patrons are welcome to submit any materials that considered valuable in terms of scholarly references, historical values, biography profiles, correspondence records or  events manuscripts.

University Archives can be accessed by requesting directly (during office hours) from Scholarly Archive Unit staff, at the fifth floor of PSB Main Building (Closed Access Service).

UUM Management Museum is a specialize museum on management discipline and serve as a reference center for various party in obtaining a past lessons in administration, public figures who affecting the management field in Malaysia, selected exhibition, history of the university itself, etc.

You can visit the museum during office hours personally or set a group for more educating tour.